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COVID-19 Series #4 Real Estate Weekly update: The Easter message: Hope, New Beginnings and Sacrifice

Posted by Andy Boldt on April 16, 2020
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Warning! ;) This is a digitally automated transcript of the show so there will be mistakes throughout - including the spelling of Michele's name! 

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Speaker 1: (00:00)
It's Saturday morning. It's eight o'clock. It is time for the Cummins real estate groups.

Speaker 1: (00:25)
Oh, here we are. It was the Easter long weekend, but no rest for the wicked. And I am no by no means calling you wicked Michelle. But it is time for the Cummins real estate group show with Michelle, oneL and me, Curtis Pope. How are you and Michelle?

Speaker 3: (00:39)
Hi Curtis Pope. How are you?

Speaker 1: (00:41)
I am doing well. I mean I, when I said no rest for the wicked, I actually thought I'm making a little Broadway joke about a certain production about a pair of witches, but I thought that's going to lead me down a road where I'm going to get my butt kicked by Michelle. So it's not,

Speaker 3: (00:53)
yeah. The next time we see each other I'm going to have my pointed cowboy cow girl boots.

Speaker 1: (00:59)
You'd be the good witch anyway.

Speaker 3: (01:01)
No. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (01:04)
Are you this morning? I am doing well. You know, all things considered. I mean it's a, it's been in the new normal is far from normal, but uh, we're all getting by the best we can.

Speaker 3: (01:15)
What type of activities are you and your family doing?

Speaker 1: (01:18)
Uh, well, a lot of those little things on the honey do list that I just haven't had time to do. I now have time to do and my wife is pointing that out, so I'm getting things done around the house.

Speaker 3: (01:28)
Oh, that's great. Are you, are you, is she adding more to the honey to list as you're doing it, as you're crossing them out?

Speaker 1: (01:34)
Oh, she, she adds to the honey do list before I've even gotten to it. Um,

Speaker 3: (01:38)
that must be a really long list then.

Speaker 1: (01:40)
It's, well, it kind of lists, you could actually write on a roll of toilet paper if you had any extra kicking around.

Speaker 3: (01:46)
Oh, you better hurry up and get through that. Listen, there's not much around.

Speaker 1: (01:49)
No. Uh, no. She's, she's always adding to. But yeah, we've had some things done. Like we've uh, uh, you know, like for example, over the years, Cody practicing his hockey shot, he's destroyed the fence and my car port, so I went and rebuilt the sections. He's destroyed with two by fours, so he can't destroy that. It is solid and then you know, a few other things like a painted Cassidy's room and things like that. So yeah, we're getting a few things on off that list.

Speaker 3: (02:13)
I can't tell you how many places I sold, especially in the East Abbotsford where the inside of the garage is just, just scattered with hockey, puck, dents and Mark from practicing in the garage.

Speaker 1: (02:25)
Yeah. See we don't have a garage. We have a car port. And the, uh, the damage was all done to the fence as he's gotten older. I mean, he's completely split and knocked out boards and the old fence. So this time around it's two by fours now. He misses the net. It sounds like you're in a hockey rink. So,

Speaker 3: (02:40)
Oh my gosh. As if they, did he have the, the, the acting bug now because that video that you and Cody did for Todd, Richard's video stick on the ice. That was so awesome. Is he, does he have that acting bug now?

Speaker 1: (02:57)
Um, no, not really. I mean, he really enjoyed the experience. He was all nervous to do it. And, uh, after we were done filming, you went, you know what dad that was, that was kind of fun. I actually got an alien that was, you know, it kind of cool. It was easy cause for him especially, he didn't have to act much cause the directors just kept saying, you know, do what you would normally do. Okay, now do it from this angle. Hey, throw him some tape in the locker room. So it was really, he was, he was reacting and doing what he would normally do more than he was acting. So

Speaker 3: (03:23)
yeah, it was so natural. It was really good. He was really good. And so were you a drum player?

Speaker 1: (03:27)
Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (03:29)
Three different parts in that stuff.

Speaker 1: (03:31)
Yeah. I'm the coach, I'm the dad and I'm the drummer. Yeah, it will. Todd phoned me up and he said, uh, for the band mid part of the video, I don't have a drummer. Do you want to come play the drums? And I went, well that means they're going have to learn the song, but okay, sure.

Speaker 3: (03:46)
That's a great way for you to get to know the song.

Speaker 1: (03:48)
Yeah. Well, I and I must have, you know, added at least a thousand spins to his Spotify, uh, you know, spin. So

Speaker 3: (03:54)
yeah. That's awesome. That's so great.

Speaker 1: (03:56)
So how are you handling all this extra time on your hands there, on your palatial estate? Out in the, the, uh, the area of Agassi.

Speaker 3: (04:04)
I've been enjoying it. I've been taking lots of Watts and using the bikes and uh, just trying to enjoy the time at the beavers are out now though. I just noticed a few days ago as I'm walking there just wreaking havoc on the trees along the slew and the creeks, it's amazing. They're really out with a vengeance this year. So the bee, I don't know if they like drop off beavers, you know, in our slew in our area. And that's where like when they find them cause they're like a protected species. Right. So, uh, you know, there are the, what the motto or whatever for Canada, you know, the Beaver, right. So, uh, they are, they're out. And I just noticed the other night cause it's been such amazing full moons and like the pink mean and everything this week. His bats are starting to fly around at dusk. Uh, cause of the bugs are out now.

Speaker 1: (04:56)

Speaker 3: (04:56)
Warmer and warmer. So it's interesting how every day things changed lightly. Yeah, go ahead.

Speaker 1: (05:04)
No, I was going to say, and bats and funny enough, my, my, my son Cody, who's fearless, the hockey player, he has one fear. He does not like bats.

Speaker 3: (05:12)
Oh, okay. Yeah. You got a doctor. Not they're bad. You know, you never, Oh yeah. Richard freaks out. Cause when I have my hair down, like right now it's in a bun because it's morning and I've got my, uh, PJ's on with my moose PJ's with the moose on it. But when my hair's down, uh, and we're outside on the deck, especially in the spring and summer, if there's little bats at the, at that desk, if you have a light on outside, sometimes they come and they swoop. They're trying to get the bugs by the light and we're just like Michelle that he freaked out that they're going to land in my hair.

Speaker 1: (05:46)
Well that would just be entertainment. So

Speaker 3: (05:50)
is doing still practicing or playing? I should say the guitar.

Speaker 1: (05:54)
Oh yeah, that's it. He, Dylan has been, you know, the one really been training his entire life for the self isolation because he can lock himself in his bedroom and just play his guitar and play video games and do all this stuff that he loves to do anyway. I mean, he could go, you know, years though, leaving the house and be fine with that.

Speaker 3: (06:13)
Yeah. And you would probably learn and grow so much anyways because he would put his time to use something.

Speaker 1: (06:18)
Yeah. So he is, he's been putting his time to good use, uh, you know, sitting there on his guitar. Yeah. He's keeping busy.

Speaker 3: (06:24)
Hmm. Well the total like, um, Oh, if they want, we've got a coloring contest by the way. Um, Remax, a little local. We have a cultural contest. You guys want to go on, go to my blog or my website or social media and it, uh, if you have time this weekend, it's a long weekend, so I'm not that you, that you'd be on your home anyways, but yeah, fill out, do, do a coloring contest. It'd be funny if you got, if one of you guys want it,

Speaker 1: (06:52)
I they'd have to keep in the lines. My kids are not known for their coloring ability.

Speaker 3: (06:56)
Even they can use like something new, something like not crayons or markers, but like chock or, I don't know. It could be creative. And your daughter, she's maybe like a pint of panic. Pineapple stamps.

Speaker 1: (07:08)
Yeah. There you go.

Speaker 3: (07:09)
The whole company thing was pineapple.

Speaker 1: (07:11)
Well, and she is the, actually the artist of the group, that's for sure. Like when it comes to coloring and doing stuff like that. So yeah, maybe there's something there. I'll have to, I'll have to tell her about that when I get home.

Speaker 3: (07:20)
Yeah, do it. So now, four weeks. Can you believe it? It's been four weeks. We haven't seen each other. So, um, I know that your hair is probably like totally long.

Speaker 1: (07:30)
It's getting long. I'm starting to look a little hippie like,

Speaker 3: (07:33)
yeah. Or rock star, like,

Speaker 1: (07:35)
yeah. Yeah. I uh, you know, I, well right now I'm kind of at hockey player level.

Speaker 3: (07:40)
Oh, that's good. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (07:42)
Yeah. We're at hockey here right now, but we'll, we'll move past that soon. Enough.

Speaker 3: (07:47)
Is talking here like hell, the tear, is that what that means?

Speaker 1: (07:50)
Well, you know, hockey here is, you know the, is the hockey where you have the, the curls and the hair cut out of the back of the helmet, you know, and I've got that, you know, it's like, cause it's down. Probably do about my color at the back right now.

Speaker 3: (08:02)
Oh no. Cutting that yourself then.

Speaker 1: (08:04)
Uh, no, no. I only trust professionals with my hair cause I don't need, you know, I, I, I, I have a full head of hair still, even at my age and I like to keep it that way and I don't want to do anything. Screw it up.

Speaker 3: (08:16)
It will be great to see Kelly like cut your hair on, on Instagram that during that whole haircutting challenge.

Speaker 1: (08:21)
Yeah, no, that, that's, that's not happening.

Speaker 3: (08:25)
Oh, well, uh, later in the show we're going to talk about, uh, the big shifts in the real estate market that's been happening and how, what sales are happening in our whole area here. And last week we talked about the March statistics and they came out and they were fresh and we chatted about how fantastic March was showing strength in the market and the economy, uh, but seeing the shift towards the last week of March. And so now it's been flipped and all in the past week. So we're gonna really have insight of specifically on the last seven days and hard stats are coming up later in this show. Wanted to let everyone know because there's black Swan, they call it the Kogan 19. It is the black salon. Nobody expected it. It just came out of the blue. Um, but I first wanted to talk about Easter weekend because I wanted to talk about, uh, you know, right now we're in the long weekend, but what, what does it mean in the reflecting and we all are reflecting even more nowadays than, than usual. Uh, but Curtis, what are some of your traditions that you do for Easter? I'd be interested in finding out,

Speaker 1: (09:26)
you know, we, they do, I wouldn't say we a had a lot of huge traditions. I mean it was always of course the Easter egg hunt and stuff like that. And usually the big thing actually is, especially my wife's side of the family is always a big family Easter dinner, which obviously we aren't going to be having this year.

Speaker 3: (09:42)
Are you going to do like a Skype video with your family during dinner?

Speaker 1: (09:46)
We're been thinking about doing something like that. I know we're supposed to get together later today for a, uh, for a, uh, a zoom or Skype meeting or something. Um, cause you know, Kelly's sister is in Australia too and, and in a very small apartment so she gets a little cooped up and needs to talk to other people.

Speaker 3: (10:02)
That would be really good to do. Cause yeah, there's that whole, you get together with your friends and family, especially for Easter dinner or breakfast or you know, sometimes like tonight, Saturday night, um, some people have it or, or Sunday night. But yeah, that, that really, um, is a change in usually humans. We don't like change that much. But actually change is usually really good for us. Uh, and this weekend and brings a lot of like focus on hope and new life and new chances and you know, love and service and just being able to, to share it in different ways, going to be quite interesting. And I'm, um, you know, so trying to look at all of that and I just, I know you and Chris, we've been talking about, um, nurses and doctors and people on the front line and, and we know, um, ones personally.

Speaker 3: (10:51)
And I've got so many clients that are nurses and doctors and, uh, you know, they've reached out to me. I've reached out to them. I've got one in the midst of, of, um, purchasing something right now. And there's just a lot that they're doing. And they are so showing that service and that, that love to all of us. And it's their jobs. A lot of them are, it's my job. That's what I do. That's what I want to cause I've loved servicing and helping and you know, that's in their heart and to do what they do. It does take that special person, um, sacrifice and, and too low for other human beings. And, and, and so just wanted to do a shout out and thank all the nurses and doctors and front liners completely, wholeheartedly and me, you'd be protected and God bless you all for your hearts and what you do for all of us.

Speaker 3: (11:39)
So I, and please reach out. I also want to say to reach out to me and let me know if I could be of help in any way. If I can't, I definitely will be. So definitely reach out to me. Seven, seven eight eight eight five four six five nine or my email or shall come in. Um, and, and I would love to help in any way I can. So wanted to just say that to all our listeners, if a and L are listeners too, if you need help all of our listeners, please reach out to us so we can help us. We can if we can. So please, we wanted to say that.

Speaker 1: (12:10)
All right, well I think with that we should take a quick break and we'll come back and just a bet. And you've given your contact information so I can't do the usual pay. Michelle, how do they get ahold of you? You, you've thrown me a curve ball here.

Speaker 3: (12:22)
I love it. Okay. Not a hockey ball, but a curve ball.

Speaker 1: (12:25)
Yeah, you threw a curve ball at me and I was never good at hitting curve balls.

Speaker 2: (12:28)
I like baseball. Okay, we'll see. We'll talk to you after the break.

Speaker 1: (12:31)
All right, we'll take a quick break and we'll be back right after this. And we are back with segment number two of the Cummins real estate group show. And I'm Michelle. Before we went to break, you asked me about my Easter traditions and I didn't get a chance to ask you what you and your 27 siblings do during Easter.

Speaker 3: (12:47)
Oh my gosh. Well, ever since I was a child, uh, we had, or my parents, the Easter bunny would lay out jelly beans from our bedroom, like our bed and all the way out down the stairs, around the corner to each one of our baskets. So our trail, uh, led to our basket and Oh my gosh, it was so fun. And you think, okay, well I grew up in California. So number one, you don't, you didn't take your shoes off in California, in the house. So now thinking of it as an adult and you're going around and you're eating these jelly beans that are on the ground, which everyone walks around with their shoes from outside and just like, Ooh, but you know what, maybe that's why I hardly ever get sick. I have a great immune system. So, but that's pretty much the biggest thing I remember is just the trail of jellybeans first thing in the morning. It was those, so always so exciting. And then that Easter basket with fun goodies in it. And then of course, always fun. Uh, finding the eggs. And once, I remember one year we didn't find all the eggs and this was one year where they hit them inside instead of in the backyard. And there was one stock for six months.

Speaker 2: (13:56)

Speaker 3: (13:57)
it was six months later. Half a year later we finally found the rotten egg.

Speaker 1: (14:02)
Oh wow. Yeah, yeah,

Speaker 2: (14:06)
yeah. I know. He was pretty gross.

Speaker 1: (14:07)
Yeah, that would be for sure. No doubt. Um, but,

Speaker 3: (14:11)
uh, it just being a child and just having just the vision of children. And just like the other day when I was riding my bike, this little girl was on the side of the road with her parents and they were, uh, riding on the, or ready to ride on the dike. Anyways, I drive by and shoot, she's just so excited. She has the same bike as you and she's all excited. And I'm like, Oh, just that, that excitement that children have about every new thing in life that they see and learn and just Ugh. So that brings me to talk about lug way of bringing attributes to others and helping others, um, is giving to children. So children from the children's miracle network and you know that I'm a huge supporter of, of them and give out of every single one of my transactions, whether lines only doesn't matter.

Speaker 3: (14:59)
Um, and there's just, these children are hurting and need help. They're helpless. And, uh, giving them hope by our actions is so important now, even more than ever. So, um, and actually this week is children's miracle network week. Um, and so I just wanted to encourage if anybody can, um, it, you know, or if you do have to sell her pie right now, if you do three meals, obviously us, I give a portion of all my commissions to them, but, um, uh, to the hell freeze freezer health in it, two here in Abbotsford. So it goes to the children's, uh, you here in Abbotsford. So I give a portion to them and to our local BC children's miracle network. So I know, um, a lot of people need help nowadays, but just, just, uh, children are our future and I want to keep it that way.

Speaker 3: (15:46)
So, uh, but more hope, talking about hope going, uh, about BC, our area. And it is amazing. Um, the how we have, uh, instantly got on the self isolation and we really nipped it in the bed, uh, regarding it because we're already like, uh, the curve has flattened and it's starting to curve in the right way again. So, uh, wanting to, it's time to change this. So much fear out there, changing the fear into facts because if you keep it, facts don't, you know, then then, then you don't have the fear. Right, right. And having that hope so BC is flattening. Um, so that's really good. And you know, when you study Asia and you study the other areas, who, when it really started, when it really got bad and when they started to flatten their in curves in the right way, they're curved. Um, it's usually about a month or so. So I mean, I'm looking, we're going to get into the stat, the weekly stats here. We can see where we're at right now, but literally, I don't know, will it be May 1st that they start kind of slowly lifting the, um, self, the isolation a stay at home? Or will it be June? I don't know, but we'll try to do everything we can and just go day to day, um, and enjoy our relationships with people and um, you know, just stop eating so much. She's candy Michelle. I keep on telling him, my said,

Speaker 3: (17:03)
I have these, these candies. I had it in the freezer. I took out a box and I've been, uh, emotionally eating last week. Let's just say, uh, my see's chocolate. So, uh, and, and, and, and I have, uh, it's been interesting every week watching this new Netflix show. And I have to say, uh, my family tried to organize a Netflix watch party or a movie last this week and I just configured it out. I took almost an hour trying to

Speaker 2: (17:31)
how to join in and I just couldn't do it.

Speaker 3: (17:34)
Richard goes, that's the longest time I've ever seen you try to like, do I usually give him to help me with this technology stuff. But, um, I did try for almost an hour and I finally gave up. And I've got, I'm watching, I'm watching this Dolly Parton, the only party that has this theories, her made into one hour mini movies. So it's like a series of, I think [inaudible] mini movies, like an hour long. They're so good, Curtis. I was crying. I was in tears. If anyone has Netflix and they want to watch it, it's called, I think I'll have my heartstrings. It's the only partner. And they are so good. The everything's good about it, like everything. And I was in every single one. My tears. I couldn't help but fall my eyes out literally. But it's good. It's a good thing. Um, but yeah, that's a good show.

Speaker 3: (18:20)
So, uh, and, and last week I got to speak to my office. Uh, it's so interesting just the communication that we're having with each other. So like about, um, we had an office meeting, uh, and it was zoom of course a week. They asked me to talk about best practices on how to help work with buyers during this health crisis that we're having and still isolation. Um, so that was really, really neat to hear from everyone. And, and, and just being able to talk with everyone and that kind of, um, atmosphere. So, and seeing where everyone else in the office is hundreds of realtors are at, but the local businesses, I wanted to really shout out to a really great couple who are both in the IGT and financing. Um, so Tom, Tom, Shannon Olsen and I have the contact information if anybody needs it, but really important to make sure all of our financial, uh, you know, that we're in a good place with our finances.

Speaker 3: (19:12)
Always being prepared for changes in our lives. Like this change we're going through. And I can't say it enough how important it is to have advisors helping you and advising you. They really helped. They know they're stuff that professionals and Todd and Shannon Olsen are amazing. So I'm a shout out to them for, um, uh, the show, uh, but also getting into the, the breakdown. I know everyone's excited about that. So a little say weekly reviews. We're down to last week in March, I'd roughly almost 50% just these online, uh, for, uh, real estate, but, uh, the weekly, the weekly market report. Okay. So last a week again, we have the whole market, uh, for March bats. Um, but do, I'm going to go through many areas of our, of our area. Uh, so let's see how sellers are feeling in the heart of this as well as the confidence of buyers over the past seven days for all types of residential real estate sales, including lops acreages, single family homes and strata.

Speaker 3: (20:14)
So just anything to do with residential type of real estate for the last seven days. I'm going to break it down into a whole bunch of areas in our area. So Surrey, they have 128 new listings in the last seven days and three registered is sold in the last seven days, only three out of all three. That's white rock. Every area of the three. Last week they had three, two souls. So this week, only three. Last week was 32 so mainly had 87 new listings. Zero registered as newly sold last week. Zero sold, 12 sold the week before. So zero from 12 zero Abbotsford, 45 new listings and two sold last this last seven days. The week before 13 sold in that same seven day period. Mission has 17 new less things last this last seven days, zero have sold. But the week before four had sold. Mabel Ridge has 38 new listings class seven days only two have sold, but the week before nine sold.

Speaker 3: (21:20)
And then chillax 14 new listings, two sold this last seven days and five sold the week before. So sales are dropping like flies right now. But I did expect this to happen about this amount of time in because when you, uh, you know, when it first started, this whole sales isolation about mid-March, let's call it, Oh, there were already offers in play and a lot of people did get, didn't do the self isolation. Two a week later, you know, it was just kind of starting in our area. And, uh, so it takes about a week or two for buyers to do all the due diligence as in the subject phase before they remove their subjects. And that's when it's marked as firm. So the first two weeks getting into it, so right up until last week, really we can, a half ago, uh, every, everyone was removing centers on things they already bought. But now, now this last week, and that's why I'm getting it down to this weekly report now because it's this last week that really shows how people are asking in the heart and in the middle of this whole, um, pandemic that we're in.

Speaker 3: (22:21)
So, um, and I wanted to let everyone know that everyone knows that this is not, the market is not like 2008 this is different. The economy is doing great and employment is, is that an all time low? Um, like it has been a good market. The economy has been very strong. It was very strong in March. And this is, this is just pause. So the market is, the economy is just on pause right now due to the sickness, but it's strong. Um, and the economy will, will demand and come back very strong. Um, when we get out of this, uh, it's going to actually be hotter than it was before because if there's going to be a 10, 10 step demand, um, and there's, cause there's strength in the economy. This is just health that's happening and uh, the demand for housing is going to be totally temped up to, I mean we just, it's, it's supply and demand and we don't have enough construction happening in housing.

Speaker 3: (23:14)
So, um, that all is going to mean that we're going to have a great housing market, uh, at, towards, you know, our spring market's gonna probably be late summer and fall market type of thing. So it's just pushing it out at that. But you know, back in 2008, they had the, what they call them liar loans. So I mean, mortgages and they gave money away. You didn't have to prove what you did or how much you made, like, you know, that you, they just gave, gave, gave. And so that, that was an economy thing back then. That was due to that. But this is due to health. So, um, you know, some effects that happen obviously, but really they're saying it's just that the economy is on hold. It's not that it's gonna destroy it. So just keep that in mind. Um, so I wanted to say coming next week I have a rancher with a basement.

Speaker 3: (23:58)
So we off Matt just stick in West Abbotsford and we're going to be listening to that about eight 25. So that's an upcoming I'm listing for next week. I want to dimension, it's anybody's leaving a home with the suite in West Abby. And then also I have a detach character home, a fully renovated with a suite as well, coming up on fourth Avenue in mission. So it's walking distance to the West coast express and downtown mission. Um, so wanted to mention that and also, you know, uplifting. I've got a couple of pending deals right now happening that, um, just came together this last week. So even though we're seeing tons of like huge, um, amount of sales that has fallen, there's still activities while we, it's just a lot slower. So that's what's happening right now. And I want it to also mention again, I'm still doing, if you have to sell it or buy it cause version of central service, um, and you, you want help, uh, I'm happy to help you with a code one Oh seven one for free moving class to help you as a seller and the buyer. Uh, I'm totally doing sanitization and cleaning of the home before you move in through gypsy carpet cleaning and deodorizing services. So I'm offering that that you can go on my Facebook business page and claim that right there on the homepage or, and these stats will be on my website as well at Michelle Cummins. Dot.

Speaker 4: (25:16)
Excellent. All right, Michelle. Well, I guess that's probably it for this week. We'll chat again next week. Okay. Have a great week everyone. You stay safe. Be sure to listen to next week and we will talk more real estate in order to unlock your real estate potential on a show where real estate is maximized. Thanks for listening.