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SEAS5 RM - 251 - Meet Neena Mann: Crafting Dreams, Forging Connections - Where Mortgages and Real Estate Intersect!

January 5, 2024 | Posted by: Michele Cummins

SEAS5 RM - 251 -  Meet Neena Mann: Crafting Dreams, Forging Connections - Where Mortgages and Real Estate Intersect!

Watch Segment One Here - Crafting Dreams, Forging Connections:

Watch Segment Two Here - Where Mortgages and Real Estate Intersect!

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Curtis Pope  0:34  
Well, here we are. It's another Saturday morning and while the last show of the year Michelle, can you believe it? Yes, it's three Max Magnolia show with myself Curtis Pope and of course the star of the show. Michelle Cummins,

Michele Cummins - PREC  0:45  
star of the show. I'm seeing stars right now. Maybe? No, I didn't hit my head or anything. It is the last of the year. I can't believe 2023 went by so

Curtis Pope  0:56  
fast. Incredibly fast. Yeah. And

Michele Cummins - PREC  0:58  
Christmas is over. Like where it what happens?

Curtis Pope  1:02  
I know we got it. Got it a hand. I mean, hey, the dough we say time flies when you're having fun. I just didn't know I was having this much fun.

Michele Cummins - PREC  1:08  
No. Okay, so this is a special episode, because we have one of our Realtors from Remax Magnolia here with us, Nina man. Here she is folks, and those that are listening. She's literally here. And it took a lot for her to get here. But she's all I am doing this thing. And I want to let people know who I am. Because I kind of made her to.

Curtis Pope  1:35  
Well, she was on an episode in the past. We had her and she and I hear when you were away. That's right. But we just chose to accidentally forget to hit record on the video that day. So we didn't have a video?

Michele Cummins - PREC  1:46  
Accidentally, huh? Yes,

Curtis Pope  1:49  
I have a face for radio. So when people say we don't need to video this, right. I'm always like, no, no, we don't. And you are videoing

Michele Cummins - PREC  1:55  
you? Yes. I am. Yeah. Perfect. Yes. So okay. So Nina is been it was she's been a realtor for how long? Two years? Three years. Okay. So realtor by day mortgage broker by night?

Speaker 1  2:12  
Yeah. I've been do mortgages for a lot longer. Yeah.

Michele Cummins - PREC  2:16  
So how long have you been doing mortgages,

Speaker 1  2:17  
I worked at TD Bank as a financial advisor. And I did mortgages there for about 1020 years, total 10 years in mortgages, and about 10 years. Before that, I did a lot of work with finance. And so now I'm into real estate as well.

Michele Cummins - PREC  2:33  
So what got you into real estate,

Speaker 1  2:35  
because I was making so many Realtors so wealthy by doing their mortgages and our four, I want to get, I want to have that fun too. Because I know with real estate, the work and compared to the work that I was doing in mortgages, it was completely different. And I thought you know what, I'm gonna go for both, and I've loved it. So

Michele Cummins - PREC  2:54  
what's been the biggest surprise in real estate being a realtor? You know, because the mortgage brokers that you have a lot of, there's some aspects that are of course the same, but there's a lot that is different. What's one of the biggest surprises that you didn't expect

Speaker 1  3:09  
in as a realtor? One of the biggest surprises arm, oh, blimey, I can't really think of a big enough surprise. But I've found that with looking at people's properties and going and do buyers tours and all that stuff, I didn't think I'd have to show like so many properties to people. And I realize the amount of work that Realtors actually put in before they get that sell. And on the other Sonos two mortgages, it just looks so simple and so easy. So I was like, blimey, I've been showing this person for months now. And he understood all like anything. And

Michele Cummins - PREC  3:47  
we talked about that before about just all that it takes to be a realtor in that, you know, people just don't no one understand if, you know, it looks all like diamonds, but there's a lot of behind the scenes and

Speaker 1  4:00  
work but that I couldn't see as a mortgage broker, and

Michele Cummins - PREC  4:05  
you say, you know, showing the properties for months, but showing properties is just a little bit of what you do for your buyers, all the work you do before you even get set up the tour and get them in that home and, and everything else. So I know what you mean when you say that, but it's Yeah, it really got to be in it to know I really.

Speaker 1  4:24  
And also when you have a listing appointment, it's, you know, you think, Okay, this is how to put a lot of money, a lot of marketing goes into it, a lot of time open house and stuff. And, you know, so stuff like that I started to realize and I started to think that you know what, there's so much work here as well. But the work is completely different to when you're a mortgage broker, you're sitting behind a desk and you're making numerous phone calls, you're getting that lender, you're doing an application. You're not really you're not really to be in front of people, whereas the mortgage, the real estate, so you're in front of people so you It says, but I'd love to both. See,

Michele Cummins - PREC  5:02  
see you've had a lot of good routes already established being a mortgage broker, which really helps even two years now into real estate. And typically, you know, about 30% or so passed the test and then another 30% or so don't you know, last they're after their first year. And then after the first three years, so you're you're two years into your three years. And after three years, you'll be good to go. You'll be like, clients, so you're on your on the trajectory of

Speaker 1  5:30  
the divorce deal I ever did was a commercial deal. I sold a shop and I walked in because I knew somebody. And this is Nina, we want that shop. We lost it the last time, but it doesn't look like we're doing too well. Can you go and find out? So I connected with the shop owners. And so yeah, we went out. I had the buyer, I had the seller of my first deal. I got a nice $40,000 Because I gave one end of it my manager.

Michele Cummins - PREC  5:55  
I love that stories, I guess a success story. Sure. That doesn't happen very often. Yeah, that is great. You did what it takes.

Speaker 1  6:03  
Oh, yeah, yeah, whatever it took, and you know what my client wanted it. And I know they wanted out. So it was just a perfect fit. It was a few bumps along the way, you know, we had to kind of recuperate that deal again and again, and again, because we lost it. But at the end, it all worked out. Well. That's good.

Michele Cummins - PREC  6:21  
That's a success story. That's awesome. Okay, that's a pretty special one. But what's another transaction or experience or something that's happened to you, in the last couple of years that really stands out that is a great story or just memorable.

Speaker 1  6:37  
I think a lot of my clients are just grateful and appreciative for the way I'm just real. And what they see is exactly how they're going to know me. Inside Out. I don't need to be anything but myself and my clientele have gravitated towards her. So anytime I got all my posts, all my deals have been from social media. I've closed deals with people that I've met just one time at a bar, where I've handed over my card and just had a natter with them, and then call me a year later. Oh, my girlfriend wants to buy a property. Can you help us out? Yeah, I couldn't do that

Michele Cummins - PREC  7:12  
and listen to this voice, folks. I mean, isn't this beautiful? I want to work with you do and that's why I am

Curtis Pope  7:20  
obviously she's from Southern California like you.

Unknown Speaker  7:25  
Bro me from England.

Curtis Pope  7:27  
Birmingham. Birmingham. Yes. Yeah, that's right. I was gonna ask Where were you born?

Speaker 1  7:31  
Born in Birmingham, right in Dudley Road hospital. Oh, oh, wow.

Michele Cummins - PREC  7:38  
Do you miss a miss it over there.

Speaker 1  7:40  
I miss my chip shop. Oh, yeah. I miss but I do miss it. I go back three, four times a year. I have property Vera as well. Nice. So I'm a half year half there.

Michele Cummins - PREC  7:50  
So you can help buyers who are thinking about buying internationally, then you kind of know that being

Speaker 1  7:56  
a part of REMAX now. Because they do have a REMAX office in England. Yes. So yeah, you know, my son wants to sell a property. So I'm just gonna make that connection and get one of our REMAX agents. So fantastic.

Michele Cummins - PREC  8:08  
Are we going to go together to the England conference next year? In September? Oh, yeah. Yes, go ahead. Oh, yes, I was supposed to go last year, but I did cancel. It was in London last year, they have it in a different area in your eyes every year. So do I do it? It's gonna be so fun. I can't wait. Okay, so what is one of the What's something exciting about 2024 that you're really looking forward to?

Speaker 1  8:37  
I'm looking forward to working on a few changes that I'm trying to make that makes me a bigger, better, stronger person. And I'm looking forward to implementing. And, you know, joining the team here, I want to see the team environment, how I can better my career, how I can connect with more people and do more deals. This year, I had a goal of closing one a month, I got to six completed and two on still on the works won't be able to do by the end of the year. Sorry. You know, the end of the year? Yes. It's already January,

Michele Cummins - PREC  9:12  
I'll push you to focus on what's in front of you now. And really, so

Speaker 1  9:16  
now I've got a new set of goals on this. This year, I knew I had to make a few changes, just so I can attain my goals. Change

Michele Cummins - PREC  9:22  
is so good for us every time it's the hardest thing to do the hardest change usually brings out the best result, but it's the hardest thing to do. Yeah. And so kudos for you for doing it.

Speaker 1  9:34  
I'm gonna adapt. Yeah, I can adapt to anybody you know, anyone that I'm here combined well, with the young ones, I can vibe well with people my own age, or combined well, with everybody I can adapt. And that's one of the things when it comes to change. I don't think I have a problem with it. I do have a lot of things that are embedded in me that I know is my personality. And it's just hard to break away from, you know, sometimes I don't think before I speak and so on Talking, talking talking then after the thick of it, oh, blimey,

Michele Cummins - PREC  10:02  
we all have things we're working through. The great thing is, is here you are working on it. And and and letting everyone know, hey, I'm not perfect. And that's so thank you for that. That's so refreshing because not enough people say it right? So like every day, if you're working on yourself, you're working to better your community and the people around you.

Speaker 1  10:27  
I have a problem with talking about things. I'm a good listener as well. You are Yeah. Oh, don't have a problem with it. Because what more can you do in it? If you're not fair to listen to people, and you can't express exactly how you're feeling? How are you going to get that feedback from the people that you're working with or working for? When you don't know what you're doing wrong? You know,

Michele Cummins - PREC  10:48  
it's the two ears and one mouth that

Speaker 1  10:51  
you know what, I'm always hungry for feedback from my clients from my management from everybody. Yeah, because I think that's what makes people

Michele Cummins - PREC  10:59  
and that that you're so strong, you're strong woman. But you're also humble. And that combination is so powerful, because you're open to growing and being better and better every day. No matter how good you are. There's always that list of

Unknown Speaker  11:15  
words. Always Yeah, yeah.

Michele Cummins - PREC  11:17  
Well, thank you so much. Is there any anything you want to tell our listeners about who Nina man is not really

Speaker 1  11:26  
a hobby that you love? I love listening to rap. I love music

Michele Cummins - PREC  11:31  
with all the musicians you have in your life now at REMAX Magnolia and here country one Oh 7.1 We're both here. You can do that

Speaker 1  11:40  
music video. They sent me some music emailed it to me.

Michele Cummins - PREC  11:45  
How about a country rap?

Curtis Pope  11:46  
Yeah, yeah, it happens.

Speaker 1  11:47  
It Yeah, you Oh, there were a couple of very good ol

Curtis Pope  11:50  
boy Troy with big and

Michele Cummins - PREC  11:52  
rich I'm sure you wrap that has to do something with real estate. Okay, so there you go.

Curtis Pope  11:58  
With that we should probably take a quick break here. Michelle, if people want more information about REMAX Magnolia, where can they go?

Michele Cummins - PREC  12:05  
REMAX Magnolia

Curtis Pope  12:07  
We're back with more right after this?

And we are back with segment two of the REMAX Magnolia show with myself Curtis Pope and normally Michelle comments but she has stepped aside because well Nina, you're gonna take over the second half of the show. And we're gonna talk a little bit about about you and what you do in real estate and things like that. Because you have a fascinating background to me having both the the mortgage broker and the real estate agent it must make for I guess I must make your job. Does it make one job easier for the other both kind of both ways?

Speaker 1  13:52  
Hands on hot, no, we're done. I my clients love it. They love it that they don't have to go back and forth, trying to get their pre approval sorted out. When they can just deal with me. They know what they want. I know what they want. I can guide them all through it right from the beginning to the end saying you know what, this is your income. This is your purchasing power. This is what you can buy. These are the areas where it's affordable. And they can right away start looking and when they find something, I can help them make that purchase to

Curtis Pope  14:20  
and right away and go nope, that's out of your price range. I just know it or you can say no, actually the euro. This is the range you're looking at. Yeah, I guess I wouldn't make things easier

Speaker 1  14:28  
in it. And a lot of my clients have two of my clients gave me excellent Google reviews. And both of them dealt with a different mortgage broker and they had their realtor and they just got declined and declined. Both of them. I got them both approved. And I've got no mortgage debt and I got them the property. And they were like absolutely one person was referred to me by a guy that I met and they followed me on Instagram and that was his girlfriend so I bought her place and she referred me to one of her best friends I also got their mortgage done. And I got them the property. So they already know that we all work differently. And we're all it took me one mortgage that I just recently did. It took me three days to get find a lender for them. Nobody wanted to mortgage their property because it was in Chilliwack in a commercial area right next to a Timo and with a residential property, and it's already rented out in it. So nobody would would finance it for me. Finally, I got a one yes, and he goes, I can do a 55% loan to value. And he says, Nina, I'm so grateful. It goes, When I bought this property, he goes, hand on heart, no delay, he says, I could not get a mortgage for it, I had to refinance my principal residence, and I had to buy. So I had to show those documents to this new lender. And I was able to give him half a million dollars. And now he's in the market to buy he's looking for a property with a subdividable land where he can you know, and he's got financials are ever so low. He's got two companies profitable. And yeah, so I've got quite a few success stories we've having, doing the financing, and then finding property at the same time. My clients absolutely love it.

Curtis Pope  16:19  
Very cool. Now we were talking the first segment about you being from Birmingham, which is kind of like smack dab in the middle of England, if I can remember my my geography. So I know it's very different. My brother in law is is from Norwich. So I know that, that in England property values don't escalate as quickly as they do here. How is the market different in England than it is here,

Speaker 1  16:42  
you know, all people, including like, my own son, that's what he does is they buy properties, and they rent them out, and they get that rent or passive income coming in. They don't buy to sell. So because it's such an old country, and there's so many houses that are new renovating, or what have you, so they just go in and they buy it, they'll fix it up, and I'll rent it out. And they have, you know, like people have huge portfolios of properties that are all just rented. And it's already interest only payments of properties don't go up and down like they do here that only go up with inflation.

Curtis Pope  17:16  
So like, for example, my old house, you know, I bought it for $325,000.14 years later I sold it for like 850 You don't see that kind of increase in England

Speaker 1  17:28  
you do see the increase? I mean, over that many years, but not like over here. Blimey, yeah, one year like last year, the properties have been down the year before that they were like 300 or 400,000 more. You don't see that happening in England.

Curtis Pope  17:44  
Now is that something that's kind of all the way through Europe? Or is that more England specific I

Speaker 1  17:48  
don't know about the rest of you, but England specifically I know I could go there tomorrow and a combined number property with $150,000 a nice place and I can hold me to somebody's family's gonna appreciate it they're going to live their expenses are going to be low. And you know what later on when you have the huge portfolio or the properties over income, you can sell it as a business. Yeah, you can't do that here.

Curtis Pope  18:11  
No. So for example, you know, my grandfather was born in Manchester so if I were to come to you tomorrow and say, You know what, I want to get myself a property and where my grandfather was born and you know, you could do that you could help me with that definitely

Speaker 1  18:25  
can help you especially being with REMAX we have agents in England as well. So anything that I wouldn't mind going down there and showing you myself,

Curtis Pope  18:34  
I've never been so

Speaker 1  18:37  
pubs that chip shop experience. Never could get a REMAX agent over there because REMAX is is everywhere No it's gonna hand you all that and we can help you out with that. But

Curtis Pope  18:48  
it must be very very good to to have that kind of a network because you know you having somebody like you with connections back in the old country as we like to say and you know, connections here you can enforce all across the US REMAX is huge and Canada must make make life a little bit easier because you know, you can really serve your clients that much better.

Speaker 1  19:06  
Oh, yeah, yeah, definitely. And it's and there's a lot of help from the government. I bought my daughter her first property and the government put in Oklahoma can't remember I think y'all put 5% They put 15% Oh, did it put I can't remember but gave my daughter 35,000 pound quid for five years. Absolutely interest free hand on heart nowhere to live,

Curtis Pope  19:29  
which is why so many $1,000 here, let's It's free

Speaker 1  19:32  
money. Wow. That's you don't have to pay it back until five years. So she's had it for three years now. By the time the five years I'm gonna pay. But right now it's kept her payments low. She's been able to finish school and she's been able to do a lot more with her money as opposed to having a larger mortgage payment. And once you know, the five years she's gonna do she's doing a master's degree. She's gonna have a high income, pay the government and now she can afford to have those higher mortgage payments and the Gotta help a lot of support

Curtis Pope  20:00  
something you need a little more of on this side of the pond. Yeah, you

Speaker 1  20:04  
know, all I have to backtrack a little bit, I think you can build a portfolio here to where you can buy, buy, buy, and you can rent out properties. But I've just find it's a lot easier in England. Yeah, because of the prices. Yeah, that's

Curtis Pope  20:16  
what I've heard as well from other people too, that it's it gets

Unknown Speaker  20:18  
to you need a lot of income.

Curtis Pope  20:22  
Ya know, and it's just, you know, and again, the just the, especially here in the Lower Mainland prices are so crazy. And like here in Toronto and some of the major markets, it's just, it's, it's hard to keep up with the price the cost of living. Yeah,

Speaker 1  20:35  
it is. All finding loads much, much cheaper, a lot of people go and say, Oh, the cost of living is so much more, because the pound is stronger. But you can get a loaf of bread for 50 P, which is less than $1. Here any, you can get six eggs, and you can literally hand on heart, no wood, or you could fill up your whole fleet with 20 pound. Well, your necessities and the food is much better. And it better for you too, because they don't use all these chemicals and stuff in it.

Curtis Pope  21:04  
That's my brother in law, he says but of course, he's usually telling me this well, he's got a beer in his hand. So it kind of counter counteracts what he's trying to say with everything being healthier. But you know, that's just the two lesson we're together. And

Speaker 1  21:16  
the other thing is when you buy a cauliflower from here it's massive huge overview in England the cauliflower is a very small because they've grown properly in it. Yeah, not like here, the size of vegetables here. Believe it

Curtis Pope  21:31  
well, it can be also like, you know, I like my I grew up in Richmond and my mom would have a garden in our backyard. And there's something about the soil there like you could grow zucchini that's going to be like, you know, three feet long and and like eight inches in diameter. There's something about the soil there and it would take over our garden. Mommy given zucchini stole my friends and my friends friends, take us home to your mom, because it would just do certain aspects. I mean, have you take this off you take exactly so certain aspects of the of the valley with some of the stuff we grow here too is it's just good fertile land. But I know just as a bit of a history buff I know that England has pretty good land too because during World War Two everybody had to make a garden everywhere they could because the boats weren't getting through. So yeah, obviously the lands pretty fertile there too.

Unknown Speaker  22:17  
It is it's

Curtis Pope  22:20  
but whereas actually not something I it's been off topic but where's the farmland outside because you know, you make centers there's London there's Sheffield. There's I only

Speaker 1  22:28  
know because I've got family in Huddersfield. It's all hilltops and green grass. And there's this farms everywhere. But I've got to think about it because we're whenever we're on the motorway driving we see farms were bred on a whim. Yeah,

Curtis Pope  22:43  
zero tour, though towards Wales or Scotland. Yeah. It's not

Speaker 1  22:47  
like here like you live in Abbotsford. And you look at the window up front of a farm like where I live?

Curtis Pope  22:51  
Yes. It's a bit different. Yeah, this this is a well, this was the value has been a very fertile farm area for a long, long, long, long time for sure. Well, it's, it's a pleasure always chatting with you need to because you do have, you know, some great insight and having the, you know, both sides between the mortgage broking and the real estate side, it really is interesting to get your take on things. Do you have any listings right now that you want to promote?

Speaker 1  23:16  
I'm working on listings and if anybody wants to list please give me a call. Okay. REMAX magnolia. Realty Nina man. list with Nina.

Curtis Pope  23:28  
All right now.

Speaker 1  23:29  
I got a handful of buyers that I'm working with because I got them mortgage deals.

Curtis Pope  23:33  
Right. Perfect. Okay, that makes sense. So if people want to if they're looking for a mortgage or if they're looking for real estate or both, you're the person to contact? Absolutely, yes. All right now. Michelle likes to end the show the court have you got one for us?

Speaker 1  23:46  
Oh my gosh, blimey, I was gonna read the one off my business card. No, I just know.

Curtis Pope  23:52  
Well, you know, what, all's well that ends well. There's a quote for you. It's the end of the year. We'll just go with that. I don't know who said that originally, but all's well that ends well. All right. Well, Nina, it's been a pleasure having you here and we'll chat with you again soon. I'm

Unknown Speaker  24:04  
sure. Respect to Robbie, thank

Curtis Pope  24:06  
you. And join us again next week and we will talk real estate in order to unlock your real estate potential on the show where real estate is maximized. Thanks for listening

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