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SEAS5 RM - 249 - Meet James Minchau! Realtor Extraordinaire by Day and Musical Maestro by Night! Learn How to Get the Most Out of Your Open House

December 21, 2023 | Posted by: Michele Cummins

SEAS5 RM - 249 - Meet James Minchau! Realtor Extraordinaire by Day and Musical Maestro  by Night! Learn How to Get the Most Out of Your Open House

Watch Segment One Here - Meet James Minchau! Realtor Extraordinaire by Day and Musical Maestro  by Night!

Watch Segment Two Here - Learn How to Get the Most Out of Your Open House

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Curtis Pope 0:38
It's another Saturday morning, I guess I need his time we have REMAX Magnolia show with Michelle Cummings and myself Curtis Pope. And of course, Michelle's got an extra special guest. And he's no stranger to the show, though. But I guess we'll let you do the big introduction, because that's kind of what you do. Actually.

Michele Cummins - PREC 0:52
You're right. He is no stranger to the show. He was on our show years ago. I'm talking like 2019 Even I think, yeah, I think it was

Curtis Pope 1:04
singing on the show, I think originally is when we had him on. Yeah,

James 1:06
yeah. And then when Michelle was away, perhaps you came in, took over in and took over?

Michele Cummins - PREC 1:12
Yeah, you've done some shows there. And then you've been on a couple others. You're no stranger to the show. Yeah, a great REMAX Sign to

Curtis Pope 1:22
Sign the one episode.

James 1:24
No stranger to the show.

Curtis Pope 1:27
Keith Whitley their legacy.

Michele Cummins - PREC 1:30
Okay, and exactly how he's going to introduce you James. This is James vincelli. Everyone and he's a Realtor with Remax Magnolia Of course. And he you'll find him singing not only on stages as the frontman of his band, but also singing right downtown mission is back office or here on the show. And while he's selling real estate, he was singing in your living room to

Curtis Pope 1:57
what can we get your back office? You wouldn't want him up front by the front window. Come on.

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:01
Well, it this acoustics

James 2:04
Yes. radiate through the entire place, like a like a almost like a like a? I don't know some kind of vocal chamber. Okay. Okay, that's cool then

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:14
so you'll find them on where? James and first first

James 2:18
and James first and James.

Curtis Pope 2:20
Oh, convenience now you can't move?

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:23
No, forever. I told them. I'm all oh my gosh, the building was meant for you. Just got his name written all over it and his hashtag Okay. is the best day ever, right? Best day ever. Ever. Yes. Hashtag best day ever. He's got a great one there.

James 2:40
It's pretty much every day is the best day ever.

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:42
Yeah, search for that. And you'll find James all over social media. So okay, so we're here today, our first segment and we're gonna get to know James minchas. So first, I've got some some. Where's some wets? And maybe a couple of wise for you, James. Okay, so where were you born? Where

James 3:00
I was born just miles away in Surrey. So I wasn't I wasn't really born anywhere. Like exotic. Like, I wasn't born in like, you know, across the sea. But I Surrey. I mean, I'm a I'm a local boy. Local

Michele Cummins - PREC 3:13
is good. Yeah. You know exactly what the Fraser Valley has to offer the Lower Mainland. Absolutely. All around. Yeah.

James 3:19
So where

Michele Cummins - PREC 3:20
did you like? What were Where did you go to get? Because you were born in Surrey. You were raised in Cloverdale. Surrey area Cloverdale Langley? Yeah. Hot Rod was like pretty much

James 3:33
rock backyard was great. Yeah, we were in all the same streets as as those those cool cats.

Michele Cummins - PREC 3:39
So with all the hustle and the bustle and the busyness of real estate life, and you know having you have a couple children, few children and you homeschool, you and your beautiful wonderful, awesome creative and full of character wife. And and so where do you go to get away from it to get some downtime? Like where do you get go to?

James 4:04
I only I have a soundproof Music Studio. And so I've conveniently placed my office, my home office in the in the soundproof Music Studio. So yeah, I climb up the stairs to my a sort of above garage room, where it's fully soundproofed and sound conditioned. And I close the door and I hear nothing. And so since I'm, we're homeschoolers, you'd think there'd be a lot of noise down there, but I get to go up there I can Xin the problem with having a office in your studio is that you're staring at the guitars and the drum kits and the microphones and you you really wish you were doing that but over the years I have steeled myself and and there's a imaginary glass wall between me and and the instruments. So, but that's that's where I go to get away as my music studio

Michele Cummins - PREC 4:54
and you built the studio.

James 4:55
I did. Yeah. I mean, I built all the bits. So The sound sound panels and the the even built the a desk and the speaker holders and yeah, and

Michele Cummins - PREC 5:07
I mean your talents go far because you also built the homes the whole basement you're awesome homeschooling area and artists studio. Amanda it's amazing you built that if

James 5:17
the girls don't find you handsome right least find your handy I think Red Green said said that that's the that's my not my quote of the day but that is a quote but yeah, yeah I mean you you do what it takes you know for years of being being broke you, you you you'll learn to you've learned over the years to be to be handy and get your get your get your work going. And so you know that that improves your your work ethic. So as you have to do something, you learn that you just can do something and that's

Michele Cummins - PREC 5:48
a nice thing is when you look at houses for your buyers, you whatever their goals are and their wants and their needs, you can kind of see it so you can go this isn't as hard as you think it's gonna be sure

James 6:00
to nothing. Yeah, nothing is as hard as you think it is. And nothing takes as long as you think it's going to be like almost nothing. Like anytime you you have that rental project that you want to do you think to yourself, ah, no, I'm not gonna do it. I'll do it next month. I'll do it next month. But when you get down to it and you start doing it, you realize nothing takes as long as you actually think it's gonna take you at all is that all it was? It's not overwhelming. Yeah, I've been putting that off for months, but literally that that took like three afternoons to get this, you know, flooring done in the in the master bathroom or something like this. So, I've learned over the years that you just get down to work and you do the work and when you do the work. The results happens though.

Michele Cummins - PREC 6:41
And now you're living in the Abbotsford area.

James 6:43
I am I love it here.

Michele Cummins - PREC 6:45
Yeah, I was gonna say what is your favorite thing about living in Abbotsford? Well, the traffic.

James 6:51
I lived in Langley for years and years. And so you've come to Abbotsford and it's a big place. It's a lot of people here. But yet the track I've never been like, like shaking my fist at the traffic. You know, you you'll drive from Abbotsford. Domitian there's never a traffic jam. You drive up Phil fraserway. You know, there's a couple of minutes of okay, maybe there's a few extra cars, but there's so many roads going east west that that you can get anywhere you want from end to end in Abbotsford. And all of the neighborhoods are easily accessible by either a freeway or or one of the large four lane roads. So I think whoever designed the roads here in Abbotsford did a great job. Kudos to them. Thanks, guys. Back Roads side roads. Yeah. Fine roads

Curtis Pope 7:39
in Chilliwack. And you're reminded how good we have it here because they just have the one main road.

James 7:44
Oh, boy. Yeah, I tend not to go to Chilliwack very often. I don't know why. And I guess I don't know a lot of people out there. But

Curtis Pope 7:50
I was out there earlier this week. And even then I'm like, why is it taking me so long on better roads to get somewhere? And I'm like, because there's really there's I mean, you can use the other roads and you might get stuck behind a train or the highway or Yeah, so everybody just uses Veter and it's like it gets chaotic. Yikes. Okay,

Michele Cummins - PREC 8:08
talking about food. Okay, I want to talk about food. Where's your favorite place to go out to eat?

James 8:15
In Abbotsford? Yeah, yeah, that's an easy one. No, it's not an easy one. It's like it's a toss up. But I'm gonna say bow and stern. I really liked Beto stern because I love seafood. But I also like Lou's grill. So

Michele Cummins - PREC 8:30
cool atmosphere. Yeah, cool atmosphere.

James 8:33
And Amanda and I sit at the bar. Sometimes and we just watch the people and there's always some shenanigans happening there. So so if we want like a nice intimate dinner, we'll go to balance turn. Otherwise, if we want fun, we'll go.

Michele Cummins - PREC 8:50
Okay, so that will take you out to 1881 district in Chilliwack. Downtown to Matt Allen Stern. Yes,

James 8:56
I haven't been to that one yet. But I haven't even been to the 1881 District yet.

Michele Cummins - PREC 9:01
Oh, you gotta go with all cool. Yeah, all the Christmas decorations and lights and everything. It's amazing. I should I should have to do that. What were you doing before real estate?

James 9:11
Well, I was selling the best darn laser engravers and laser cutters, known to man with Trotec laser. And I was probably 23 years selling robots and lasers. So everyone wants to strap a laser to a robot and do super cool things with it. So yeah, that's what I was doing. And I just found that, you know, real estate was calling to me and calling to me and calling to me, and I finally just had to answer. You listen to your gut. Oh, absolutely. 100% I mean, there were there were times when people were offering to send me down to Lhasa. Angeles to, to sell the lasers and to be the big kahuna there. But I don't know something in me went, nope, you don't belong there right now you have a new, you have a new love. So I did that. That

Michele Cummins - PREC 10:18
was my next question was was what attracted you to real estate from what you were doing before? Because I know you were number one not just locally or nationally. You were number one globally for what

James 10:32
it was number one. Yeah, but I mean, I was I was a maybe not number one in the, in the in the in the world, but definitely I knew what I was doing. And I really had a vast I still have a vast knowledge of that. And so you know that that's what you need. But it was it's, it's the people I felt like I was I was working too much with business and not enough with the actual people. And so I was really excited to work directly with people and helping people I felt I feel like like with, with working with real estate, you're actually helping somebody in in more than just making money. So there is that there, of course there's that part of it the investment properties and things like this, but you're doing more than just that you're helping, you know, helping people find something that will mold their lives that will help them get better in their lives and more fulfilling. So

Michele Cummins - PREC 11:34
so with that. I mean, it's the people, it's the connections, it's it's the relationship, it's a relationship business and and you love that part of it. And would you say because I, I wanted to ask, What's one of your favorite things about the business? What's one of the things that you love about it? Because you've already answered pretty much that it's the people but can you dive into it a little further? Yeah, favorite things you love.

James 11:58
I mean, it's so far. It's, it's showing up with with somebody and I did this earlier this year is showing up with with somebody after, after sort of helping them find all the information about their, their property. And then I was actually like a detective at one point, because there was some problems with with finding, you know, some insurance or something like this. And I was calling into different cities, people to try to find they're trying to find information on how this property was built, or how the how it was insured before and, and trying to put the pieces together. And in the end. Finally, having those pieces click and having the person go. Ah, you did it. You made that that happened. Thank you so much. And like it was just a it was it was a like a detective I guess, you know, it's sort of that the same thing. And then but having just the appreciation from from a person who's going to live there that's going to be their place of of life where they have a family or where they have their whole life is centered around and I had a part of that. So it's really helping in a in a more human way. I suppose unless of a robots and lasers weigh

Michele Cummins - PREC 13:22
all the behind the scenes that people don't really know work for me. I

James 13:26
didn't I know I didn't. It's like Oh, okay. Yes, here here. Let's let's not place Oh, it got so great. That was easy.

Michele Cummins - PREC 13:35
It was a couple of years there. Whereas like that,

Curtis Pope 13:38
that happens occasionally.

James 13:41
Oh, no, exactly. Like there is there's a lot to go over. And like that's what I found is like, like, you know, when you start seeing, okay, I think I'm gonna do this real estate thing. You'll learn something and then somebody piles on a new thing or a new thing. And you think, Oh, I've climbed the mountain. And then they're like, no, no, actually, you just made it to the bottom of the mountain now. Like, whoa, there's so much to learn. But it's it's fascinating. I love it. Yeah.

Michele Cummins - PREC 14:07
So the last question I have for you right now before we go on break and then we're gonna come back and and some exciting things that you have to share with our listeners. And is and I'm just going to step out but I was wondering, what is one of your your proudest maybe moment moments or proudest things in your life so far? I mean, you probably have a few but yes, what are what's one thing you could think of? A proudest

James 14:33
moment? Yeah. Wow. Okay, are most memorable? Yeah, I mean, a building of a little babies aside, because everyone's gonna say, say that we don't want it that's that's not as entertaining as you know, it's

Curtis Pope 14:49
kind of a given to.

James 14:52
Exactly yeah, always. Yeah, yeah. I mean, um Yeah. Gosh, Sorry, you got on you did. Yeah. No, no, but that's, that's, that's okay. I mean, actually, I'm getting my real estate license. I gotta say that was it was really, really tough and super fulfilling, and something that I can sort of hang on my wall and say, You know what I, I did that, you know, through through everything that I needed to do and like being a busy worker and a busy dad and musician and things like this. I got that done. And I did it. I went, wrote the test and got licensed. Yeah.

Michele Cummins - PREC 15:42
And you have you passed the first time and with really good percentage. I mean, most Realtors I mean, there's 30% Pass and just barely if the numbers are around there. And then so it's it's tough. It's the one of the toughest test is is our BC tests. And the California for all from North America. Yeah, we have the the hardest test. So kudos for you. Because yeah, you passed with flying colors. Yeah,

James 16:09
I mean that. I gotta say that was probably it. Was probably, yeah, it was one of them in anyway.

Curtis Pope 16:17
Nice. That seems like a fair, fair one, I think. I suppose so. Yeah. If it takes that if it's not hard to do the test? Certainly, it probably took me 10 or 12 times to get it right. So we should probably take a break here, Michelle. So if people want more information, they want to see your listings, see James's smiling face and a website? Where can they go?

Michele Cummins - PREC 16:37
You can come walk in the streets of downtown Michigan to see our listings in the window. Or you can actually quickly go online to REMAX Magnolia

Curtis Pope 16:48
All right, we're back with more right after this?

We are back to segment number two, Magnolia show, of course with normally with Michelle Cummings and myself Curtis Pope. But we're taking a bit of a turn here because James is going to continue on with the second half of the show. And we'll look at that there's a first for everything. No, we're gonna and we're gonna try to keep this on time, which will be the hard part. conversations in the past have been a little longer than like 12 minutes. They have

James 18:34
they have but Well, I think I think we can do it.

Curtis Pope 18:37
I think so. I've got a few questions for you too, because we've talked a bit before and we've talked a bit in the earlier segment about you being a musician. Yes. And you know, you're a multi instrumentalist the whole bit.

James 18:48
I can Yeah, I like to play. Yeah,

Curtis Pope 18:51
I totally. I'm just a drummer. I'm not even really a musician. I just hang out with musicians. Oh, well. I've heard all the jokes. Exactly. Yeah, there's a lot of drummer jokes, and a lot of them are accurate. It's true. It's true. I think my favorite is, you know, what's in between a large pizza and a drummer. What's that? Large pizza compete a family? Oh, oh, not

James 19:14
the drummer is the guy who hangs around with musicians. Yeah.

Curtis Pope 19:18
I'm a drummer too. So I see you've heard them all too. Yes. Of course, being a musician and being up performing in front of crowds and things like that. I mean, there must be a bit of a skill set that comes with that, that then will help you out in other parts of your life. Like being a real estate agent. Oh,

James 19:31
yeah. I mean, be not being afraid to to, you know, get in front of strangers and be able to connect with them. Because you have to you have to connect with your your crowd. You know, just as the crowd needs to connect with with you, right. So that's, that's definitely something that you know, as a, I don't know, 2530 year musician, this is this has helped me a lot in my professional career. career for sure.

Curtis Pope 20:01
No, absolutely. I mean, there's something to that even like, as a guy in the back of the drummer, the other guys that are all the frontman, they're on front. But they're still like, you know, there's an energy you get from a crowd when they're into it versus if people are indifferent, you're there.

James 20:13
Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, like, it's it, it crosses over a lot between, you know, real estate, as well, as, you know, being on stage like, somebody in front of you who's got the information or who has what you want. If you give them something, they give it back. So it's a it's a two way street, in, in performing. So if you're performing a gig, and everyone's just standing there cold, the performers are going to dial back, it's just it, it's just, it's not even noticeable. It just happens. And then when everyone gets up to dance, you notice all the the band strikes up, and then gets those people going. And that's the same when you're having like a professional relationship. If you're, let's say you're at an at an open house, and you walk in, and the agent who's attending the open house is there, and you they welcome you and you're like, No, that's fine, we'll just do our own thing. And they, you make it very clear that you're not interested in talking with them for some strange reason. Whatever reason that that is, but if you were to stand up and have that two minute conversation with them, it's like, suddenly, there's a synergy that bubbles up even if you have your own realtor, or even if you don't, you're even looking for a house, there's a synergy that will happen because this person knows this house really well they've they've taken you know, hours to study this house and to study the not just the house physical health, but the data on the house and the neighborhood, you can learn a lot from just having that conversation. And then you may actually want that person to take you through the house. Because now you've you've developed a rapport with them. And they can point out things you never would have, you never would have find it's kind of like being at a at a flea market, you walk past a pasty a booth and you see a you know a bunch of boxes full of stuff, you'll never get to know what's at the bottom of that box until you you get down there and you start digging through and you're like Ha, this hammer, I've been looking for this, this you know, wooden handle the hammer for years, you found that treasure and so it's really important to dig in, not just not just as a, as a, somebody watching a performance or not just somebody on the other side of a business transaction. But in your in your life. In general, when you're sitting down at a coffee shop, say hi to the person next to you, you'll be so thrilled they look like they're they have a grumpy face on but they're just, they're just thinking about something else. The minute you say hi, everything changes, doesn't it? Absolutely.

Curtis Pope 22:52
Yeah, totally. Well, now you've trans, you know, it's been a transfer, I guess from what you were doing before with with lasers and robots and stuff. Yeah, yes. to real estate, how's the transition been?

James 23:04
The transition has been great. I mean, it's there's, as I, as I mentioned earlier, there's a lot to know. So I spent 23 years learning everything there is to know about lasers and robots, and I didn't even learn half of what I could have learned, or maybe even more than half. But now you get into this. And as I said, you you learn and you learn and then there's more to learn more to learn. There's so many little idiosyncrasies to this, this whole thing. But it's, it's so much fun to learn the I'm I'm really into data, and I love to, to gather data and to share my findings so that you don't have to look through the data. It's, it's actually kind of one of my favorite parts is that I can boil down a whole bunch of really geeky data into a really nice looking sheet that you can look at, you see a map, you see a chart, you see a graph, ah, that's what you want to see. And then we go from there. So it's, I mean, the there's lots of skills that transfer over, of course, you know, personal personal skills. That's a big thing. But, you know, a lot of the technical skills don't transfer over because obviously I'm not cutting people in half with robot. This is not the industry to do that. I should have maybe if I got into like medicine or something I can cut cut people with rope and I

Curtis Pope 24:27
think you'd be in school a little longer to be using robots for medicine to be cutting into people with lasers. deed, yes. So you're in the stat you're in the data and stats, I can't wait to have you and Michelle do a stat show together. It'll take three weeks

James 24:40
that sounds fun. We're gonna do like a triple TO BE CONTINUED show. We're gonna need new stats by the time we finished with the old stat. It's funny,

Curtis Pope 24:48
reoccurring combs and she's so excited on stat day. She's always excited to go into the show. Stat day. She's just a whole other level. Like she's had three cups of espresso like she's just like,

James 24:59
I got that See, because it's so exciting. And it's like, I

Curtis Pope 25:03
just have to sit back for the static portion because I'm not getting the word in anyway. So because he's got so many steps to go through, and so much time, so she's going through 100 miles per hour and I just sit back and go for a coffee. Well,

James 25:12
it's it's hard to do a color commentary on on pure numbers. Yes.

Curtis Pope 25:18
It's very true. And but she's got that covered. Of course, once a month we do that. And obviously if she can't make it out, well, you know what she can send you? Yeah,

James 25:26
perfect. Well, I mean, there's a, there's a whole bunch of us down at Magnolia. So you know, we, we, there's one of us wealth will fill in for stats day one day. Good, cuz

Curtis Pope 25:37
she made me do it a few months ago. Not pretty. I'm trying to make heads or tails of all this. And I'm going through. I know what she looks I don't know what she focuses on. But it just, you know, it's that Matt, that comfort level, I know enough to be dangerous. The

James 25:52
show's called Curtis Pope saying words, that's kind

Curtis Pope 25:56
of what it turns into. At that point. It was Curtis throwing out random numbers. Doesn't sound like he knows what the hell he's talking about. No, he doesn't. That's right. That's why they go to experts like you and Michelle on the team at Magnolia. Yeah,

James 26:11
I mean, we've we're, that being able to define and, you know, work through those stats are what we're trained to do. And so that's, you know, that's also a big learning curve as well. And I'm so glad that I, I can look at those and say, Oh, I I know what that means now. And

Curtis Pope 26:30
so many being on the outside in for all these years and watching the you know, being from the Lower Mainland and probably like me, you were told in high school, all the prices are going to come down, there's no way they can keep going up. Are you surprised at all by how housing prices have held on here in the last few years? Yeah,

James 26:46
I mean, it's, I've obviously I'm, I'm new at this. But I actually am yeah, like I thought okay, well, you know, this is this is a this is a bubble or something like this, but no, now that I'm now that I'm in it, I understand why, like, you have to actually contact someone like Michele or myself, to find out why, you know, your neck and your next door, neighbors can tell you oh, they're just trying to, you know, get you to spend all your money. This is not the truth. There's a there's an actual physical, political, socio economic reason for these these things. And, you know, calling someone like us will, will actually, you'll be able to, like pop that, that myth bubble, and actually find out why things are like that. And we'd love to talk about it so

Curtis Pope 27:35
often comes down to just the basic supply and demand and goes on from there. Yeah, basically. Yeah, it's, it's starts there, for sure. Yeah. And then it goes off in a million different directions. Yes. And which is why prices are so all the baby boomers are gonna be selling their houses and you'll be able to afford a house no problem when you're, you know, sure. Yeah, that hasn't happened yet. As it's true. It's true,

James 27:54
but there are affordable ones out there. Definitely. And those are the ones that you know, that we're finding that a lot of people are kind of going for now is that there are affordable places to live out there. And you have to start somewhere. I I started with a $32,000 mobile home in Langley, I bought this mobile home and I thought, you know, all my friends were like, oh, mobile home, that's where you're living now this was and then but that transferred to something else and transferred to something else. And I live in a lovely house now. And it was just because I I got into it. You got to get in? Yes, it was a mobile home when all of my friends were, you know, renting condos and acting cool. No, I'm just kidding. But that's how I felt. That's how I felt not how they felt. But yeah, yet now you know, now I can I can say I actually got into the real estate market and that's what you have to do you you can't look at the $1.4 million home and say I don't have any money. How am I going to afford that? You go when you look at at you know, some of these? These listings like one I have

Curtis Pope 28:59
I was gonna say I believe you have a list. Let's have a look.

James 29:03
I do what a segue. I know earlier you are the segue master.

Curtis Pope 29:07
I thought it was you that was making the big segue I was gonna go oh, well, you know that's that's you my friend. You have to have you come in and co host from time to time to help me out.

James 29:14
Well, I would love to. Yeah, I have. Here's here's one that you can definitely afford. This is a really cool thing because it's it's a it's like a singles community in hope it's a it's a mobile home park where you know, there's a one person per mobile home. It's, it's on six to 780 flood Hope Road number 42. If you're driving through flood Hope Road, you'll see my sign out there. And then you give one of us a call and we can we can get you looking at this. It's $162,700 and it has 360 degree mountain views. I mean And I love this place because it's got this huge big deck to, you know to party on or it's got a sunroom and from every single window you see this beautiful mountain view. In the summertime, it's just absolutely stunning. In the wintertime you with the clouds hanging right next to the mountains gorgeous place. And at that kind of a price you actually can afford to be in the real estate game.

Curtis Pope 30:26
Absolutely. That's a pretty cool, pretty cool listing. Okay, well, I know Michelle likes to end the show with a quote, and I'm pretty sure she's probably got you to have one. So have you got a quote for it? Well,

James 30:37
she did. And I had, I had a couple of quotes, but we're gonna do one that's not quite a quote. It's something that you guys can quote, because I wrote it. But everyone seems to like this quote, and everyone I've told it to is like, it's thinking, Yeah, this is this is kind of nice. So Michelle said, I should probably use this one. So here it goes. This is concerning treats. Especially it's Christmas time, right? This is concerning treats. You go to a party and you see a platter of treats. What you can do is you can eat the treat, and feel fantastic that you've got to eat this amazing treat. Or you can skip the treats and feel amazing that you've skipped them. Because you're looking after your yourself. You've made that choice. Either way, you've made that choice. Just feel fantastic. Because going in between is just misery.

Curtis Pope 31:34
It's very true. Yeah, it's very true. And at this time, you got some great advice. It's

James 31:39
It's It's true. I use it constantly. Because like any will, it will literally stop me from eating treats, or it will or I will just feel good. I'll have one but it's really cut down the amount I have because before it was just like oh, to have this. Turn it. What am I doing? And literally now I don't do that because I'm like, well, if I'm going to feel bad I'm not even going to touch it.

Curtis Pope 32:05
That's brilliant, my friend.

James 32:07
There you go. We're gonna write a whole book about this. So any authors out there? Contact me I'll sign over the

Curtis Pope 32:13
right sounds like an excellent plan. Well, have you got the website memorized yet? If people want to see your listings, Michels listings and all that fun stuff.

James 32:21
I have my website. Sure.

Curtis Pope 32:25
That's all it matters.

James 32:26
It's really easy one if you can spell my last name, it's James Minch. So you better spell the last name Minc H AU. All right.

Curtis Pope 32:36
And otherwise people can go to REMAX Magnolia

James 32:41
That's correct.

Curtis Pope 32:42
I've got it memorized. You

James 32:43
are very good sometimes.

Curtis Pope 32:48
And join us again next week when we will talk real estate in order to unlock your real estate potential on the show real estate is maximized. Thanks for listening

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