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SEAS5 RM - 248 - RE/MAX Magnolia's First Christmas Party, Mission's Candlelight Parade and November Stats!

December 21, 2023 | Posted by: Michele Cummins

SEAS5 RM - 248 - RE/MAX Magnolia's First Christmas Party, Mission's Candlelight Parade and November Stats!

Watch Segment One Here - RE/MAX Magnolia's First Christmas Party and Mission's Candlelight Parade!

Watch Segment Two Here - Michele Has November 2023 Stats!

 “With seasonality and high interest rates continuing to dampen sales activity, we expect to see sales slow further into early 2024,” said FVREB CEO Baldev Gill. “However, even a slow market can present opportunities, and buyers would be well-advised to work with a knowledgeable, professional REALTOR® who can provide expert advice and guidance.” 

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Curtis Pope 0:30
Saturday morning. It's time for the REMAX Magnolia show even have a science you see that? Michelle come into chorus here at the start of the show and myself Curtis Pope. Good morning, Michelle.

Michele Cummins - PREC 0:40
Good morning Curtis Pope. How are you? I

Curtis Pope 0:42
am good. How are you doing today?

Michele Cummins - PREC 0:43
I'm doing excellent Jay, I have a great view with the REMAX balloon. Oh, and yourself too.

Curtis Pope 0:48
I'm not good part of that. And for those watching the video, I don't know what's going on my hair. It's only two inches higher than it normally is.

Michele Cummins - PREC 0:54
earlier. You were saying you were short.

Curtis Pope 0:56
So that's true. So I'll take it. I'm just not fighting the curls anymore. As I get older. I just don't care.

Michele Cummins - PREC 1:01
Why should you look at it I

Curtis Pope 1:02
fought looks great for most of my life.

Michele Cummins - PREC 1:05
You got natural curly hair. You know how many people would you know? Dance for that?

Curtis Pope 1:11
And how often do you straighten your hair?

Michele Cummins - PREC 1:13
Too many times?

Curtis Pope 1:15
I've seen you come under some pretty big hair your curls or I know you know what how I feel like exactly because

Michele Cummins - PREC 1:20
I do the 90s hair really good. Sometimes I got curly hair today too,

Curtis Pope 1:24
without even trying. I got it when you have curly hair. My it just yeah, it has a mind of its own sometimes. Yeah.

Michele Cummins - PREC 1:30
And you just got to let it be just let it be. Let it the Beatle song

Curtis Pope 1:35
and there you go. Yesterday was the anniversary yesterday, too.

Unknown Speaker 1:38
Oh my gosh. Can

Curtis Pope 1:39
you be in topical?

Michele Cummins - PREC 1:41
Oh my gosh. And I was I was right there where it happened actually in New York a few years ago when Richard had the audition for The Beatles live theater Broadway play. We went there and we hung out and that was my first time there at the hotel where he lived or what's it called? Yeah. Dakota.

Curtis Pope 1:59
That's it? Yes. Right. By by Central Park, right. Yes.

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:03
And that was we took a carriage ride through Central Park. Can you believe it was so amazing.

Curtis Pope 2:09
I've never been but some reason because I know my Beatles history. I knew all this stuff. I don't know why.

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:14
And that's the first time I had steak to tar steak to tar and

Curtis Pope 2:18
we knew that that was gonna come wrong. Kind of look like hamburger right?

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:20
Yeah. Yeah. I was a little nervous. Very nervous, actually. And, but I did it.

Curtis Pope 2:25
I was okay. Had bison tar tar one time.

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:28
Oh, we're at Montana. No,

Curtis Pope 2:30
it was in like the Okanagan. Oh, nice. It was really good. Was it good? Yes.

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:35
i There's a place in Banff where you can get like alligator stuff. And like the craziest meets craziest. Not me. Yeah, that's a little too crazy for me.

Curtis Pope 2:45
Alligators around Bamp.

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:48
Yeah, no,

Curtis Pope 2:50
I'm a little confused. I've had alligator before. I'll try anything once.

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:54
Yeah, there's the place in Agassi area district to Kent that has these really kangaroo burgers and they have another burger. What is it but it's really unique burgers. I

Curtis Pope 3:06
don't know if I can eat a kangaroo burger. I know. I have this thing about eating cute animals. So I know like I don't eat veal. I don't eat. I don't eat like Doc.

Michele Cummins - PREC 3:16
That calm fed only so good lamb but sad. I

Curtis Pope 3:20
know. I know. I just I can't eat cute animals. Even if it wasn't for bacon being so darn tasty. I don't think it'd be able to eat it. Because pigs are so cute. Especially ones. Yeah, so Yeah,

Michele Cummins - PREC 3:30
true. But don't even tell me what they do to horses. No.

Curtis Pope 3:33
I don't want to happen on a horse. Never not diver. Yeah,

Michele Cummins - PREC 3:37
I had when I was in Israel at 17 The only other country I've been in besides obviously the states. But in a little you know, Mexico but anyways, I yeah, I had fish with their eyeballs. Still looking at me. My Tinder was looking at me I couldn't eat it and who's starving? Well, not starving. I hadn't ate I mean I you know, but to me, I was starving.

Curtis Pope 4:00
I hear you. I mean, I don't really want my meal looking back at me. So

Michele Cummins - PREC 4:06
he was looking at me. Yeah.

Curtis Pope 4:09
Well, that's an interesting show. We can do. Okay, so back

Michele Cummins - PREC 4:12
because we're on target. Okay. So when we look

Curtis Pope 4:16
we saw something shiny and off we went. It's true. So

Michele Cummins - PREC 4:20
one week ago, today, a mission had the amazing downtown parade and it was so fun the candlelight parade and there was so many great floats and everyone comes out. Everyone's in a good mood and we at the office at REMAX Magnolia decided oh, what a great day Aren't we just took off the stickers that were on our window hiding everything. We left the course the REMAX balloon on it. And it was just like while I was like a great exp like it was so fun and we got to see we're right there downtown front. So we friends and we got to see everything. And it was it was a blast and the winner. So one of our Realtors actually I judged it as well. She was one of the judges. And the winner

Curtis Pope 5:03
has always been either miserable cold or just pouring rain. It was really good weather. Yeah. This year it worked out. I judged I think three times in the past. You know, when

Michele Cummins - PREC 5:13
I moved to Michigan, I wanted to live like Gilmore Girls, you know, like the TV show. I love that TV show. And I wanted to be Lorelai living in a Gilmore Girls town. So I moved to Michigan. And I'm like, Yes, I'm gonna live it. And so I was able to walk downtown to the library. I became a member of the Heritage Society and started work there. And I remember going what is snow the first candlelight parade I went to was that year and it snowed on the parade night on the candlelight parade. It was so beautiful and so magical. Oh, yeah, it was awesome. But I love downtown and the winner this year, it was really fun. They did a float, like the Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and the uncle when he's out with the green tube, you know and he's like I'm smoking a cigar and you know there's the shipper

Curtis Pope 6:04
and we but I know I know the line very well and he says the shipper yes that's true that's it we'll just replace a couple the consonants there Yes.

Speaker 1 6:13
And the company who did it is deadness holdings

Michele Cummins - PREC 6:18
if I'm saying that correct they are service actually ignition contractors and they you know, obviously do like sewers. septics all all that perfect. All that fun stuff.

Curtis Pope 6:29
It's a there's a connection there. Oh, it

Michele Cummins - PREC 6:30
was it was brilliant. It was so creative. So I'm like we are going to do a float next year. I don't know what we're going to do. But we got to start spinning our wheels right now and thinking of something very creative.

Curtis Pope 6:41
Well just go with Todd and Margo when they find that their stereo has been destroyed in that movie because they know oh yeah. Why is the fleur wet? I don't know. Margo.

Michele Cummins - PREC 6:51
Oh my gosh. That scene they do so good in that scene is hilarious. Oh, that beautiful movie. Oh, so good. I haven't watched it yet this year. Have you know

Curtis Pope 7:00
only Christmas movie I've watched and I'm pushing it so far. I watched Lethal Weapon. I was on TV the other night. It takes place at Christmas. That's your regular website? Sure. Yeah. Okay. diehards a Christmas movie and why world do you get home and his family on the whole it's

Michele Cummins - PREC 7:18
everywhere like different you put in Christmas movies in the search field? Christmas or holiday and that comes up by the

Curtis Pope 7:26
movie yesterday. Okay.

Michele Cummins - PREC 7:28
You have your will dial on that.

Curtis Pope 7:32
It is a Christmas movie, so very

Michele Cummins - PREC 7:34
Christmassy to on Thursday night I got to go and to the open house for mission hospice society. They had an open house and it was so fun to see everyone Pam Alexis was there who's been on our show and she's doing great work when she was just the mayor. Yes. Now her like I will talk to her about the things that she is really proud that has changed since she's been in office there and and what she's working on now and she's a delight. It was so great visiting with her and Councillor Jad Gill was there and he's so awesome. He's such a good guy. He he came in on Saturday and saw us at the office came back. We're making gingerbread houses. Realtors making gingerbread houses, it was actually quite funny and

Curtis Pope 8:16
you get a contractor to do that. Yes.

Michele Cummins - PREC 8:19
Okay, one of the gingerbread houses that I won't mention the two realtors that were there working two by twos. I won't mention the realtors who built it. But the roof was caving in so the photo I put out on social media and say Judge like judge which one is your favorite gingerbread? A contractor had said, I hope that one to the far right has insurance because the roof is caving in. pristine,

Curtis Pope 8:41
wasn't it? No, no, no. I just thought it did.

Michele Cummins - PREC 8:45
gasp Shanaya. No. Oh, well, it's two weeks and I had a Barbie one. She did a Barbie games. It's too easy to know. James actually had the Barbie one was Shanaya.

Curtis Pope 8:57
Of course he did.

Speaker 1 8:59
It was really cool. Okay, but I won't go on. I won't let you figure it out.

Curtis Pope 9:03
But yeah, I only got a name. People I know there's so.

Michele Cummins - PREC 9:09
So something I'm looking forward to this month talking about Christmas and it's December and I'm really excited to do something for the first time that I've done it and I don't know how many years they've done it. But have you heard of the mount Lehmann Hallmark Christmas movie tour?

Curtis Pope 9:27
I have heard about that. I believe it's is it new this year? Just last couple years, where you get to visit a bunch of the places that had been in the Hallmark movies? I

Michele Cummins - PREC 9:34
think so. I think so a great realtor. I know. His house has been used in so many Hallmark Christmas movies specifically. And yeah, there's over 50 movies being represented in these six or so houses that you actually get to walk through you get to tour through the homes. I'm so excited. I mean not like I see 1000 homes and walk through 1000 homes, but look at I still love seeing homes I haven't 20 years cuz I haven't stopped loving walking through homes. But you know, these are Christmas movie combs. So I'm pretty excited about that. So

Curtis Pope 10:08
Candace Cameron Bray might very well been in one of these. Oh, watch. I was one of those movies.

Michele Cummins - PREC 10:13
She's probably in 48 of the ones that were gonna say.

Curtis Pope 10:17
The other young lady that was not that young anymore. She was on Party of Five and she's, she's the other one. It's Yes, yeah, sister. Yeah, there's

Michele Cummins - PREC 10:25
about like, five main female. Remember last name? Yeah. Lacey

Curtis Pope 10:29
shop is something French. I think her last name? Oh, yes. But yeah, those two seem to star they alternate starring in those movies? That would seem Yeah.

Michele Cummins - PREC 10:37
And they do a pretty good job. There's a lady who I don't know know her name. She's one of like, the five main gals or whatnot that they use for these movies. And she reminds me she looks just like Sarah, who was my assistant. I don't know if you ever if you remember Shara Yeah, Sarah with an H and she's awesome. And she's actually who are working for the Chilliwack Real Estate Board now, because she moved out Chilliwack and stuff. Anyways, this actress is her doppelganger. And Mike's hysteric and acting, like that's how close she is. She's so looks like her. But anyways, okay, so, yeah, I'm really excited about that. And I'm bringing the whole office and we're gonna have fun touring the homes. So yeah, I think the, if you just Google if anybody's interested in viewing these homes, it's all Mt. Lehman. So just Google Mt. Lehman Hallmark Christmas movie tour, and you will find their website. And they have raised over $100,000 through the ticket sells only in the last so many few years or whatever, they've been doing it so not very long, and it's going to help people well, all that money goes that that the ticket money goes through for human trafficking. So it's a very good cause. Much needed trafficking, let's

Curtis Pope 11:48
say for human trafficking, for

Michele Cummins - PREC 11:50
against human trafficking, human trafficking. Thanks for correcting me, it's

Curtis Pope 11:54
just a subtle difference. You know, we're not supporting it. No, it's to stop it.

Unknown Speaker 11:59
Absolutely. Yes.

Michele Cummins - PREC 12:01
See, that's why you are the best co host ever.

Curtis Pope 12:05
I just want people to you know, I want to be clear on certain things, right? Yeah. Yeah.

Michele Cummins - PREC 12:09
We probably have to go on break and then we'll get back to some of the other hot topics and news I think, you know, that I have before this dad. All

Curtis Pope 12:17
right, well, probably good time to remind people where they can go to find all the information that you do have What's your website,

Michele Cummins - PREC 12:23
always REMAX Magnolia We're back with more right after this?

Curtis Pope 13:27
Then we're going to get into stocks, and a few other things to get to before you just run rampant and take control the show. Yes,

Michele Cummins - PREC 13:39
rampid. So dad wanted to make sure everyone knew not to forget to get into the contest. So REMAX is always having contests, lots of contests. And right now, just until tonight, there's a contest. It's called Get hyped in Miami contests. So are you ready to escape the cold and watch Kyle Lowry play in his house?

Curtis Pope 14:05

Michele Cummins - PREC 14:06
there you go. Then Then enter the REMAX con contest. It's only open until midnight tonight, actually 11:59pm. So don't wait too long.

Curtis Pope 14:15
Not like your western time. I just blew her mind. Good. Question.

I don't know. So would it be safe? Yes. Let's get it done by the hours earlier. Why 859 59? Yes, do it.

Michele Cummins - PREC 14:31
And don't forget also The Quest for Excellence Scholarship Program and that one you don't have to do by tonight. You have some time for that one for your kids and family members. And so this you can find them on the our social media, just the REMAX Magnolia social media. It's probably the easiest way to find these contests, because we have them pinned right up on top. So real estate news and announcement. Now I just it's more of a reminder. Well, first thing is they do didn't change the rates? Yay. Yeah, that was nice. Yes. On December 6, when the Bank of Canada met, it's stayed the same. So that is really

Curtis Pope 15:07
good. Nothing, start bringing it down. Now, it'd be nice,

Michele Cummins - PREC 15:10
probably mid next year to the last quarter.

Curtis Pope 15:14
Next year, it'll probably hold steady. They said, maybe get one more raise. But I'm thinking now, maybe not because they thought it was gonna get raised this time. Yeah. So hopefully we can start going the other direction. Exactly. But if you're waiting for 2%, again, it probably ain't happening. No, no, I

Michele Cummins - PREC 15:29
can't see that happening. No. So the prohibition on the purchase of the residential properties for non Canadians that went into play on January 1 of this year, right, do you remember no, no foreign buyers combined now in Canada for two years, they announced and it was huge news. Well, some people out there may forget, or they may not have known that. And now they're thinking about buying in Canada, and they're not a Canadian citizen. Well, this is against purchases of residential property in Canada, in the end of the mark is 12 months from now, one year, we got one more year and hopefully they don't think about extending it. Because, you know, I know some people that would like to buy here residential properties. And there's, you know, and so Anyways, hope, hopefully it doesn't, but that, you know, that's that's the rule, but they can still purchase commercial. Did you know, so I have the perfect commercial listing for an international buyer. And why? Well, it's a beauty. So listen up, and it's got a residential aspect to it, because it's got a bachelor suite attached to it. So this is in mission. And it's all Farms road, it's a very rare opportunity to purchase a gas station with the C store. So a whole store and a warehouse shop that isn't currently being used. So it's perfect for a mechanic shop right next to a gas station, who doesn't want that with gorgeous views of mountains around it. And it's fully fenced land that you can use for maybe a storing RVs or boats or recreational vehicles, you can actually rent it out a storage, the house or the I shouldn't say the house, the mini the mark. What market was built in 1948. It is freestanding, this space is 3400 to a 25 square feet, the property itself is almost 23,000 square feet in size. So it's like half an acre fenced with a patio in the back because on the weekend, like three days a week, they actually run it as a diner as well. So you got a market. You've got a diner, you've got the gas station, you've got

Curtis Pope 17:38
economics. I was driving through there a few years ago, and I saw sushi and I went Yep, I'm in the middle of nowhere. Yes. And there's a gas station that sells sushi, which are so many red flags there. But I want to stop. Do

Michele Cummins - PREC 17:51
you know that my dad his first Sushi was a Japanese restaurant attached to a gas station in a right in LA? And he said it was everyone knew it is the best sushi around you

Curtis Pope 18:03
the case? Small little pieces. Yeah, yeah. But just in my mind. I'm like, this is not the place where you know, I should be going but I didn't get a chance to appear. You're going somewhere. But

Michele Cummins - PREC 18:11
yeah. So this is off Farms Road and drew moot mission area. So like north of patsak Lake, and it's only 975. Wow, for half an acre under a million dollars. Wow. Yeah. So it's a scream of a deal. If I was ready for another investment, I would buy it. I would snatch it up. Richard

Curtis Pope 18:30
would just put cars there. But there's storage now. There we go. So

Michele Cummins - PREC 18:35
yeah, so that's the news. Just remember international buyers, if you want to buy in Canada, get your money in here. And and if you need a place to live, that's the type of place this is the place that you want. So call me. So okay, so short, short term rental changes. Now that's the next topic, I want to talk about short term rental changes in BC starting January 1. And they're saying no more write off. So you know, no more write offs for your Airbnbs. And of course, must be your primary residence if you haven't heard that yet. And that means you have to live in it for six months at or the exception to the primary residence rule is if it's a population under 10,000 people, or it's a resort zoned. I've got some information about a new resort that will be coming our way in a few years in our beautiful area. And I'm not gonna say anything about it right now, but I'm just saying it's gonna be amazing. So

Curtis Pope 19:30
long story short, if you have a place that Sasquatch for example. Oh, that's an Airbnb. Yes. So but if you have a place in North van not know you were correct. You were correct. If you have a place in Whistler, you're okay, you're okay.

Michele Cummins - PREC 19:48
But not in Squamish, but not in Squamish. So talking about Hemlock and Sasquatch resort sense. Those are perfect Airbnb sites and now because there's going to be a lot less Airbnb, more people who love Airbnb you're going to have less to choose from. And the people who want to invest or have an RV or vacation property are going to be more choosy about the locations that they buy the secondary properties in, such as Hemlock right in our hometown, and then you get to enjoy the outdoors Woods Park, the frisbee golf, the mountain of snow to ski and snowboard and the into the tubing and the snowshoeing and they're doing working on the mountain bike trails that will be up there like and everything else that's happening around it.

Curtis Pope 20:36
And it's pretty much a four season resort or will be very, very soon. Yes. And it's right

Michele Cummins - PREC 20:40
there. Just 15 minutes away from Harrison River. We're also tons of summer of activities, ATV mountain dirt bike, that whole mountain a whole area. There's so much Sandpiper Golf Resort Exactly. So much. So I have a listing right there in Hemlock right at the ski hill. It is off Edel wise drive, it's 599,888. And that is a beauty and that's for sale. It's adorable corner unit log home. And that is a perfect short term rental location or primary residence. But this one you are good to go. So that mountain is just hopping. It's gorgeous. I saw photos of it earlier this morning. I was sent photos of my place up there and there's snow it's snow and it's just beautiful. So anyways, this is a gorgeous log corner townhouse. It's a large home and yeah 599888 So going back to these rules. I oh and you know if you want to Airbnb and check out the area, just look up all seasons cabin. Mine's on Airbnb, that site and all seasons cabin, and you can you can rent it. That's That's my cabin. And it's so beautiful wood burning fireplace and the hot tub and a sauna, and a pool table and all the goods. So okay, good. I'm getting on to the stats, because you know what, this is called the Stock Show. And I want to get onto that. So let's do that today.

Curtis Pope 22:11
And we probably should. So

Michele Cummins - PREC 22:13
have you heard anything so far, Curtis about what's kind of happening.

Curtis Pope 22:17
I've just been hearing little bits here and there that we've we've kind of dropped the view a little bit in some municipalities and and it kind of flattened others. Yeah,

Michele Cummins - PREC 22:26
yeah. So December 4, the Real Estate Board, Fraser Valley real estate board that is came out with the stats. And it said that the markets continuing to cool heading into the holiday season, which is typical. And the Fraser Valley board, the transactions in November dropped 8%. So that's not too bad, but it's still a drop in November. And that's representing the ninth slowest November in a decade. And yeah, so the new listings fell as well a decreasing by 20% from October and 43% Since peaking in May. And as we head into the holiday seasons, buyers and sellers are busy with all their priorities and will most likely continue to wait on the sidelines as what ninja beans have said the chair of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board. And he continues to say we anticipated his this holding pattern. I'm defined by slow sales and declining new listings will continue through the winter months until we see a downward movement in interest rates. Well. Also, though, take in mind, he's talking about the overall market. But if you have something unique, something different, something that's not on the market right now the wintertime is the perfect time to list because because the buyers are desperate usually in the winter, who wants to buy in the winter unless you actually need to you're you've already sold or you're kicked out of your rental or your job transfer. There's reasons why people have to buy in the winter. And if you're the one that's available, and there's no other competition, you will actually get more for your home. Then in the crazy competition months of of May, May, June, I'm sorry, of April and May right. So it all depends on what you have to sell. If you have something unique, then winter is a really good time. And people tend to feel really nice and happy and joyful during the holiday season when they're out shopping for a home. They're hopeful. It seems like I've sold a lot of homes in the holiday during the holidays. And that tends to be the type of buyer that's out there. They're hopeful to find that right place. And then when there's just a slight amount of Christmas cheer like a Christmas tree and it's like Christmas music and the smells of Christmas in the home that they're viewing that tends to actually help as well. So let's get on with the benchmark prices. So overall in the Fraser Valley, the benchmark prices for detached homes are at just under 1.5 million at 1,489,000 townhouses are at 837,000 and apartments are at 545,000. So that's just rounding it down or up, and now municipality by municipality. Abbotsford first is detached benchmark prices at 1,161,600 and that is up 5.8% from last year and down 1.5% from the month before so not bad townhouses are at 648,500 that went up point 9% from last year and it's down only point 2% from the month before and apartments at 442,400. That is up 3.9% from last year. And it's actually up point 9%. From last month than mission for detached benchmark prices at 991,900. That's up 4.6% from last year and down just 1.3% from the month before townhouses at 671,500 which is up 4.1% from last year. And it's actually up 1% from last month. Apartments at 452,300. That's up point 9% from last year. But down point 1% from the month before and White Rock South Surrey detached benchmark $1,950,800 And that's up 5.8% from last year and up point 2% from the month before townhouses 971,800. So almost the same price as a detached admission. And those townhouses have gone up 6.1% from last year, and they stayed the same from October to November. Apartments are at 647,000. That's up a whopping 11.2% from last year and up point 7% from the month before laying the detached prices. And I wouldn't say these ones are in high point but most of other places. $1,622,000 and that's up 7.4% from last year and down slightly point 6% from last month, townhouses are at 862,800 and Langley and that's 4.3% higher than last year. But down point 8% from the month before apartments at 604,900. Up 4.8% from last year and down point 8% from last month. And then delta detached 1,363,500 And that is up 7.2% from last year but down slightly at point 8% from the month before townhouses and delta 916,000. That's up 9.3% from last year but down 4.4% from the month before apartments 576,000. That is 4.2% up higher than last year. But down point 4% from the month before and then all of Surrey, detached prices are currently at $1,627,000. That's up 6% from last year but down point are 1.2%. From October to November. Townhouses 867,200. That's up 5.9% from last year, but down 1% from last month, apartments at 535,000. That's up 4.5% from last year, and it stayed the same month to month. So you see when you look at municipality by municipality, it really does change things. And then you just look into it further. And you go to sub areas of those areas. And then product like I said high point, there's no way you're going to find anything in High Point under 4 million right now you're lucky to find that. So you know all depending on the different areas that you're looking at as well. So definitely call your realtor or call me in my office. And we will help you with your neighborhood and sub area and everything else in between to make sure you're knowledgeable of your market today and what's been happening and oh, this these stats are so good. And I wish we had more time but we don't. I've got the full full board stats, so call me or email me for them. I'm happy to email them to you. They're really there's some good stuff in here like pages of great stats. All right, yeah. We're in a balanced market, just so you know. And so a quote to end our nio dude, want to talk about a couple more listings if I have time. Oh, why not just bump that other song? Why not? Pump the next song. Sorry, but I have to explain. I've got this 37 over 37 acre house property. It's subdividable property, the OCP. It looks like it'll allow eight to nine lots at it's off sabko Street in Michigan. And it is a beauty. So call me on that. It's not even listed yet. It's going to be listed probably Monday. So that is subdivided property. 2,779,030 acre, almost

Curtis Pope 29:29
40 acres. That's a lot of property. And

Michele Cummins - PREC 29:33
there's four huge works, like storage sheds on it. And the garage has a huge height and has all the nice power and it's like a big carriage house. The house is big, but it's above the garage. Yeah, it's really interesting. It's gated. It's private. It's subdividable needs

Curtis Pope 29:48
I know are you gonna keep all his cards there.

Speaker 1 29:52
No, no, no, no, not really. So

Michele Cummins - PREC 29:58
be 303 this you In it off Seventh Avenue in the muse, if you know Michigan, you know this is the best apartment complex in all of Michigan bar none. This is a penthouse. It's got the vaulted huge ceilings, it's a two bedroom, two bathroom, it just listed, and it's at 720,000. The beauty of this thing is it's in Building B, as I said, B 303. And if you know there's the two buildings, and you know, this is the best building, and this is the best location in the building, not only is the penthouse, but it has all the mountain views, all the valley views all the Heritage Park Heritage Park is voted the third best Park in all of Canada. The third best Park the wall had the trails there. I mean, this is where they have all the great, you know, fireworks that Canada Day and, and the car show at father's day in the park. I mean, this complex and this unit is so beautiful, it shows it shows like a show home, definitely go on and see my virtual tour of it. Its beauty, it's 728,000. And if you're looking for an amazing place, that's it for you, oh my quote of the week, no matter where you go, there you are. No matter where you go, there you are. And that's actually by Hewitt Tracy, which is a colleague realtor of mine, and it caught my ear and I'm like I'm writing that down and I'm gonna quote it on the radio show. And so seek to be the best version of you that you can be every day no matter where you're at, or what's happening to you or what's happened to you or your circumstances if you could remember that you know you are where you're at and for for peace and if you could be a good person and and have be faithful and be kind and and have love be love and you know what? Things

Curtis Pope 31:46
go our power really deep here at the end of the show FlowerPower some time eventually. All right. Well, if people want to see the status, they want to see your listings, all that fun stuff. They see the staff that work with work and they go

Michele Cummins - PREC 32:01
REMAX Magnolia And

Curtis Pope 32:04
join us again next week and we will talk real estate in order to unlock your real estate potential on the show where real estate is maximized. Thanks for listening

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