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SEAS5 RM - 247 - Get to Know Shania Duggal as She Unlocks Homeownership - The Ultimate Guide for First-Time Buyers!

December 15, 2023 | Posted by: Michele Cummins

SEAS5 RM - 247 - Get to Know Shania Duggal as She Unlocks Homeownership - The Ultimate Guide for First-Time Buyers!

Watch Segment One Here - Get to Know Shania Duggal: 

Watch Segment Two Here - Shania Duggal  Unlocks Homeownership - The Ultimate Guide for First-Time Buyers!

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Curtis Pope  0:38  
Right here we are another Saturday morning. That means it's time for the REMAX Magnolia show with the shell come unto myself Curtis Pope and of course, Michelle is bringing in the guests like crazy lately because it's all from Magnolia right. So we have Shanaya here as well. Good morning, ladies.

Unknown Speaker  0:51  
Good morning.

Michele Cummins - PREC  0:52  
Good morning, Curtis.

Curtis Pope  0:53  
All right. Well, here we are. So we've we've had tonight before, man, you're back for returning gaygent already?

Michele Cummins - PREC  0:58  
Yes. It Well, no, I'm just kidding. Again, I was just talking to my dentist at Heritage Dental. And he's like, Oh, I've been listening and he heard your, your your show the other day. And his he was telling me about his brother just buying a property and how he was using his funds for it and this and that. And anyways, he said that is I said, first time homebuyer he was yep, I said, That's what ChinaI is going to be talking about. So they're gonna have their years on,

Curtis Pope  1:27  
no pressure at all.

Michele Cummins - PREC  1:32  
All the incentives and all the great things that are happening you so that's a great segment after the break, be sure to listeners to hang out. But this first segment, we want to get to know who is should I do go?

Speaker 1  1:43  
So not 2008 People

Curtis Pope  1:47  
know a lot about Shania Twain. So we'll concentrate on you. Yeah. So

Michele Cummins - PREC  1:53  
we had her before where your name came from, which was really cool. What's the meaning of it? I taught her that. Yeah, that's not sunshine. I was I was hoping she'd remember.

Speaker 1  2:02  
It's on the way or on my way on my wife. Yeah.

Michele Cummins - PREC  2:07  
Didn't Shanaya Twain write a song like that?

Curtis Pope  2:10  
I believe. So. Something along those lines. That would be neat,

Michele Cummins - PREC  2:14  
right. Oh, she's starting to write a song right now.

Curtis Pope  2:18  
She's listening going.

Unknown Speaker  2:19  
Wait a minute. I think that no, I'm just kidding.

Michele Cummins - PREC  2:23  
There is karaoke. It's Aussies and Agassi on Thursdays. Yeah, maybe Thursday. We should go and karaoke yet. Okay, we digress. So Shanaya where were you born?

Speaker 1  2:34  
Abbotsford? Yes. And technically couldn't be born in Michigan because they didn't have a maternity thing. So I was born in Abbotsford. And then I was raised with Michigan,

Michele Cummins - PREC  2:42  
Ohio. And what have you loved about Michigan? Some of the aspects everything here it is a great place, isn't it? Yeah.

Speaker 1  2:49  
And it's growing. And I'm super thrilled. So that's super exciting to see what it was before. I know what it's becoming. So yeah.

Michele Cummins - PREC  2:55  
We're so excited to have you at REMAX magnolia. It's so awesome. Okay, so for those that don't know, Shanaya started at REMAX, the REMAX that I was at. And that's where I first met her and she has a heart of gold. She's very empathetic, she understands her clients. She loves people. And she really goes the extra mile. I've seen her when when I was away at my beach house. And somewhere else I was away somewhere probably again at the beach house. And she says

Curtis Pope  3:28  
it like everybody has a beach beach house.

Michele Cummins - PREC  3:33  
Well, everyone can have mine. It's on Airbnb. But she really took care of my clients like she was just on it. Like every time anybody needs help or anything like she's always there, she makes it work work for her clients. In fact, she she showed yesterday she's like, I gotta be ready at a certain time because I got to show a property before dark and so she's really committed to her work and we'll get a little bit more into her work ethic. But what made you get into real estate,

Speaker 1  4:07  
I thought it was a interesting choice for me because initially I was going to go into pharmacy, and then I'm like, then I worked at a pharmacy then I'm like, I feel bad for them. Maybe I won't go into this field. And then I was gonna do accounting and then I'm still technically in school, I just took like a gap year, but I was gonna do human resources. And then I'm like, I need to do something that like you know, fulfills me in a way so like helping people find a home showing properties. And just like make sure like you know, they're well off paying for the home as well like you know, like financing and etc. So I felt like that was interesting. So that kind of lured me in and then they can go out and just like to see how it goes and then obviously went really well then obviously joined your team. I'm like I'm never quitting this field. This is my career now. So I'm really happy where I'm at now.

Michele Cummins - PREC  4:58  
It's interesting you say to helping your clients find financing and making sure they're good that way you connect that with that because you are a mortgage licensed mortgage brokers,

Speaker 1  5:09  
what exactly I'm with the Westmont lending, see that like,

Michele Cummins - PREC  5:12  
it's really great because you can really take care of your clients in so many ways. You know, from the beginning when they first contact a realtor, the first question is always Are you pre approved? Have you seen financial advisor, mortgage broker or bank? And you can, you can help them with that.

Speaker 1  5:28  
So a one stop shop, so they don't have to, like, it's more clear communication. Right? So they know like, I'm gonna do the best I can to make sure the deal goes through. Right. So did

Michele Cummins - PREC  5:39  
you know you were going to be a realtor when you got your mortgage broker license? And

Speaker 1  5:43  
yeah, actually, no, I didn't even know how everything just fell into place. So I did the real estate exam. And next thing you know, three months later, I'm doing the mortgage exam. And then three months later, I'm doing the strata exam. I'm like, Oh, this is cool. But I did it to the licensing for strata. But then I'm like, oh, no, I'm licensed. I'm like, I'm gonna make something and I'm here happier than ever. So we're just you

Michele Cummins - PREC  6:05  
love training and hearing that it's like you just you love learning you love education. And so I've seen that in everything that I've thrown at you and that I've seen you do is that you really dive in you'd like you want to know what what you what you don't know and so you've got a life achievement of just constant growth which I love you have a passion for that. What are your personal hobbies interest you know when you're not working because you're workaholic? Like me? When and what do you like doing? What are some of your hobbies? It's not

Speaker 1  6:38  
the weather for it now, but I love golf. I guess it is the weather but like I get cold too easily. So I'm just like, you know, don't want to tense up in the middle but I absolutely love golf. I took golf lessons couple months ago. So that was really fun. And then after that I just went to the range like every single day, you know, nine holes 18 holes, tried a couple of golf courses. So that was really fun. Um, yeah, that's what I used to like to love to do in my downtime.

Michele Cummins - PREC  7:01  
Have you ever been to the Sandpiper? I was gonna go there

Speaker 1  7:04  
next, my brother and my dad went there and they have like, some I guess like things luck like cards left. So I'm like, we're gonna go there as soon as it warms down in March. Oh, say

Michele Cummins - PREC  7:13  
hi to Ted Swain. For me. He's the manager there. And he's amazing. And oh, it's so great that that Oh, you're gonna love it and eat at Rwanda's the restaurant there. It's really nice. So you've got gotten yourself into a high stress, high intense career that you love. Because

Curtis Pope  7:34  
he's working with James. I know I promised I wasn't gonna make fun of him today. I actually knew that and I just came right in and did it.

Michele Cummins - PREC  7:43  
You knew we're gonna throw that in. So I kind of

Curtis Pope  7:45  
feel bad. No, no, never. I know he's gonna be on the show later this month but still like he's gonna just be like really targeted get into your system. Now come on Pope I can go.

Michele Cummins - PREC  7:58  
So with that stress, like how do you deal with with the stress? Like how do you overcome it?

Speaker 1  8:04  
I tried to separate it from my personal life. Honestly, just like you know, work separate personal life separate. And then if I'm not doing real estate, I just focus on myself like, otherwise I go to the gym in the morning. I go, Oh, gosh, I just watched like, you know, some sitcoms to like, make me happy. My favorite ones like, you know, Brooklyn, nine, nine Modern Family. Oh, gosh, there's so many. Like, those are like my two ones that I just like, you know, go back and forth for him. So I just watched those. And then I just like, totally forget about, you know, like, work, right. And then obviously, you know, when it's nine o'clock then like, you know, gotta go back at it. And then you just clock out. As soon as you can honestly, even though like in a client's so message you at 11pm Just message accordingly. Like, you know, just give yourself some downtime.

Michele Cummins - PREC  8:44  
That's so important that you recognize that and that you actually do it. Because if you don't, then you get overwhelmed. And then you get burnout. You know, they always say,

Curtis Pope  8:53  
as Michelle who will text you back, no matter when time you text me to any time of the day gotten Texas word from her like 1130 at night, or like at 730 in the morning, like, like, do you ever sleep 24/7

Michele Cummins - PREC  9:06  
I don't think you sleep you live one shorter life who has time for sleeping? Although we should know it's really good for your health. I know you you go to the gym, and that is a big de stressor that is amazing. So it's a you got to take care of yourself in order to be able to take care of your loved ones and your clients and everything. So I see that you flourish in your career. Because I believe that well the more some of the things that you really care about, which I want to talk about as well is what are some of the values that are most important to you? And how do they guide your decision making?

Unknown Speaker  9:46  
Like a deer in headlights right now?

Curtis Pope  9:47  
Well, you know, that was a pretty deep question actually.

Michele Cummins - PREC  9:50  
Once in a while I can get pretty deep. So like some of the things that are most important for values in your life that you live Have by that, that you feel actually help with your clients and in your job.

Speaker 1  10:08  
Again, deer in headlights. Um, I feel like honesty and loyalty, like, as long as like, you know, you tell me what you need and like what you have, like, you know, some clients are not entirely honest and upfront with you. And they just feel like, you know, they can't be honest with you like that. So I feel like, you know, this, like, put everything aside, like, I have like zero judgment, honestly, like, I could care, like, I care a lot, right? But like, you don't have to feel that you have to hide so much from me when it comes to like, you know, with real estate business or even personal life, right? Just be open and honest. And that will help me help you. Right? So that's at the end of the day, right? You want to make sure your client is cared for. And that's really important to me, too. Right. So like, you know, if I find out something, you were hiding something and after the transaction that affects, you know, our transaction, like it's not gonna it will feel crappy, right? So you can't be open and honest with me because, you know, we're just, I feel like Yeah,

Michele Cummins - PREC  11:02  
and you are somebody that is personable and, and I feel comfortable around you. And I think that you portray that, that people do feel comfortable with you, which is so important because they we really need our clients to be transparent to us so that we can really help them. Yeah, there's so much at stake because

Speaker 1  11:21  
it's not like, you know, it's not just commission. It's not just about business, right? It's about your life. Your next step, you know, and then we just want to like grow with you. That's like the most important thing right, so yeah, I mean, I would just really appreciate open and honesty.

Michele Cummins - PREC  11:35  
What's your favorite color? or non color?

Speaker 1  11:40  
Black? Absolutely. Even this, Blazers have too much color. I love it. You

Michele Cummins - PREC  11:47  
have the best blazers. I don't know where you get them, but I love them. They're always so fun.

Speaker 1  11:52  
Like a Michelangelo thing I'm like, I feel the skills. It's like if mission ever had a renaissance thing. I have like a Van Gogh sunflower blazer like a Mona Lisa.

Michele Cummins - PREC  12:03  
Like trying to get that going. Do you think we could do that Curtis?

Unknown Speaker  12:06  
Oh, historic downtown. Oh, that'd be so cool. Can

Curtis Pope  12:07  
you spell Renaissance to

Michele Cummins - PREC  12:10  
help us get that going? Let's start getting it out in the air and you

Curtis Pope  12:14  
look at me and you think renaissance man

Michele Cummins - PREC  12:18  
really somehow you can help with this? I think it would be really fun.

Speaker 1  12:22  
Oh my gosh, we can dress up as like the Ninja Turtles because they're named after Renaissance people like

Michele Cummins - PREC  12:28  
turtles so larious never would have thought of that.

Curtis Pope  12:35  
Turtles I'm good I'm now I'm now I'm back on board. We got

Unknown Speaker  12:41  
to keep everybody included right?

Curtis Pope  12:42  
Well, you know what, that we should probably take a quick break. Yeah. If people are more information about what you guys do is as realtors and see your listings and things like that. Where can they go Michelle

Michele Cummins - PREC  12:53  
REMAX Magnolia

Curtis Pope  12:56  
And we're back for more right after this?

We're back to segment two of the REMAX Magnolia show now we kicked Michelle out. Well not really she just kind of sitting off the wings. But we're gonna continue on with she and I and we're going to talk a bit about I guess first time homebuyers today. Yeah,

Speaker 1  14:23  
so um, you know, there's a lot of young couples trying to get into the market. So I feel like some of them don't really know what the incentives are. So obviously the first one, I would say one of like, the main ones are definitely the homebuyers plan. It's like you know, qualifying homebuyers can withdraw up to $35,000 couples up to $70,000 from their our SPS for a downpayment. Although they have to repay it within 15 years. Another one would be the first time first home savings account qualifying first time buyers can contribute up to 8000 yearly to a max above around $40,000 towards a down payment. They are tax deductible and capital gains and interest are tax free and can be used together by together with the homebuyers plan. Another one is CMHC first time homebuyers incentive. Qualifying first time homebuyers with annual household incomes less than $120,000 and a 5% downpayment, a 10% Shared Equity mortgage for a newly constructed home, or a 5% Shared Equity mortgage for an existing home. So buyers repay the incentive later or at resale main purpose of this incentive is to reduce the amount of monthly mortgage payments. Let's see what's another one, the GST HST new housing rebate. So that one is basically new homebuyers can apply for a rebate for 5% GST of the purchase price is $350,000 or less, the rebate is equal to 36% of GST to a maximum rebate of $6,300. There was a proportional GST rebate for new homes costing between 350,450 1000 There is no rebate for home's price more than 450,000. So you'd probably be buying a presale condo, that's, that's what's probably a good one.

Curtis Pope  16:25  
So with all these different options out there, from your experience, also as a mortgage broker, because you've got both sides of the fence covered there. So if people come to you and they go, I'm pre approved for this much, then you start looking at these as options for them to where they can kind of you know, work and get their best options going. Exactly.

Speaker 1  16:41  
So I normally like for first time buyers, I suggest pre sales just because I can have your mortgage doesn't start until it's completed. And they have like, you know, enough time to like, you know, save the money. And they're not like stressing too much. And obviously, you don't have to pay for strata. Yeah, and then you just like, if they don't want a pre sale, then just I just put them on, like on an automatic search and just send them whatever fits their criteria. Yeah.

Curtis Pope  17:05  
Okay, so there's definitely options out there. I mean, that's one of things we've heard a lot on the show over the years is that, you know, you know, how do I get into the market, I can't get in the market, it's too difficult. And you know, I don't have the money or I can't do this or that. But there are many, many ways to get into the market.

Speaker 1  17:20  
Oh, 100%. Like, my main one would be definitely a pre sale. Just start small, right? You don't need to buy a house or a townhouse. Just start small. Just get your foot in the door, then like you know, later on when it's completed, just exchange it right to sell it, or upgrade if you want to, or do whatever you want with it. Right, but at least have something. Right?

Curtis Pope  17:40  
I mean, it's a start, right? It's getting that foot in the door, as you said. I mean, even sometimes no one Michels had some of the listings here, even some of those mobile homes have been quite inexpensive to get any need. Sometimes you can get a little bit of property with them. Yeah,

Speaker 1  17:53  
financing, those are a bit difficult, just because like, you know, they're not, quote unquote, fixed to the land. But otherwise, if you have the right lender, you can get approved and yeah, that's definitely you know, a good area to start, right. Yeah. So you have I mean, it's not as expensive as a condo for sure. And it's like, what half the price, so it's good.

Curtis Pope  18:15  
And we don't have a lot of tornadoes around here. Yeah. Exactly. I'm gonna be going to hell for that joke. I feel bad. But no, there's there's lots of options out there. And it can be tough to take that first step. And having somebody with your experience and your background, both in the the financing part. And the real estate part must make it that much easier probably for you and your clients.

Speaker 1  18:37  
Know exactly. I actually have a it's a very unique property. It's not on the market yet. It's going to be sometime in 2020 for early New Year. I feel like it's a great, great buy for first time homebuyers or investors even because I work a lot a lot with investors as well. It's a half duplex. It's an admission core really good area accessible to pretty much people are just pretty much right there are schools, middle schools, shopping centers. It's really unique because there aren't any comparables to it. So it's half duplex, half of its newly renovated the rest the other half, probably not. So the renovated parts probably good for first time homebuyer, the other parts probably better for an investor. But yeah, I would definitely recommend that because it's not as expensive as like duplexes around Michigan that are currently up for sale because it's older, right? Yeah.

Curtis Pope  19:32  
So if you had a first time homebuyer coming to you right this minute they're coming to they're a couple they've been married for a year they're 27 years of age, and they're like we want to get in the market. How do we start What's your kind of first step with them?

Speaker 1  19:44  
Definitely a pre approval just like an uncle over their income statements. How much down payment do they have? How much can they afford? Like mostly payments and do they have any like, you know, expected expenses like if they're gonna have a kid or like a growing family etc. So

Curtis Pope  20:00  
not to buy a new car, right? Well, they're do

Speaker 1  20:02  
exactly. Don't do that. Don't you dare

Curtis Pope  20:06  
I've heard that a few times as a client. That's right. Heard that a few times. There's you know, why would you buy a new car when you're trying to buy?

Speaker 1  20:12  
I'm sorry, that was that took that one from like, monotone fight.

Curtis Pope  20:17  
I know it's a bit of a pet peeve for a lot of real estate agents. And it gets it must happen a lot, because it seems to set you guys off,

Speaker 1  20:24  
because then your deal doesn't go through. I've heard so many deals like oh, they just ended up buying a Mercedes. Like why do you need a Mercedes?

Curtis Pope  20:30  
Don't ever Park?

Unknown Speaker  20:33  
Exactly. You're not gonna have a house to park it at anymore?

Curtis Pope  20:38  
Yeah, so yeah, that's, that's one of the challenges that you deal with, obviously, exactly.

Speaker 1  20:42  
Yeah. So yeah, everybody don't do don't don't find Starbucks, just, you know, use your beans again. And again. save as much money as you can until you know, possession completions. So yeah. Okay.

Curtis Pope  20:55  
That's good information to have. I like that. No, do we have any listings you got to talk about at all or anything like that? Do you want to tell us all about I'm

Speaker 1  21:02  
just said half duplex for now, I have a couple of other things coming up. But that's in 2024. Okay, I'm just gonna work on and talk about, about more of them then.

Curtis Pope  21:12  
Okay. Yeah. I don't know Michelle's like, sign something and like we can understand. It's like, she's here. She could come on and just say, what about this, but no, she wants to write it out and try to pretend that she's not here. And even though I've called her out on that she's still pretending she's not here. I tell you, the people

they're still trying to figure this communicating through telepathy now. And it's not working too well. Oh, yes. I'm glad I can be here. Do the play by play for you, because Michelle refuses to get back on the mic. Alright, so now you've had a little pep talk. Because that mic is broken. Shall broke that mic. I'm blaming her? I don't think she did. But so now that you've confirmed with Michelle, you've had a little, you know, sidebar, what are we going to talk about? Instead

Speaker 1  22:07  
of waiting until 2024, like everybody else, I would say definitely right now is a great time to buy, buy and sell. Right? Because your property definitely stands out. You know, it's a buyers market, they'll literally pay anything, right? Because they're more serious buyers have the pre approval, they need a place. It's the holidays, right? They're not joking around. So like, honestly, if you can even like even if you want to spare like a free home evaluation, I'm more than happy to do that for you just to see what you can get for your home. And then with the right buyer, you're probably get the right price. So like, I don't know, if you wait until the springtime, like everybody else says you don't know what you will be getting could probably be getting the same now. And the same time. So I mean,

Curtis Pope  22:51  
we sold our house in November in like 2020. And we bought in December 2020. And I was petrified. is selling and buying then yeah, but my my agent talked me through it. She was very good. Michelle, difficult in some ways, but she was she was really good at calming my nerves. But, yeah, I mean, it is a bit of it is it seems like you're going against every bit of logic buying and selling at this time of year. But in fact, like you said, there's actually a lot of benefits. Yes,

Speaker 1  23:24  
it'll be probably in your best interest. Like even if you don't want to listen to all this kind of valuation, I see what you can go for. And then just like, you know, you could have a potential buyer right now who desperately needs a home like I have a couple of people, what's on the market right now isn't fitting their needs. So they just want to buy whatever is not on the market to like, hoping that you know, it comes on the market so they can like get to potentially see it, buy it and do a quick completion. Yeah.

Curtis Pope  23:52  
All right. Well, we get a little bit close to the end of our time here. Now I know that the show likes and have a quote to end the show, and I'm pretty sure you have one. So let's hear what your quote of the day is.

Speaker 1  24:02  
My quote is very good. I'm gonna find it now. Okay, so selling real estate is easy. It's like juggling cats, while riding a unicycle on a high wire over a shark infested moat.

Curtis Pope  24:19  
That sounds like all kinds of fun Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  24:22  
Especially when you're climbing Pfizer Mercedes. That's

Curtis Pope  24:25  
one more thing I got to ask you about those you keep flushing those nails?

Speaker 1  24:29  
Yes. Yes. There's like my one signature thing that's your signatures that you got it. Exactly. I can't work without them for like there's so long but I'm like, if one breaks I am booking that appointment right away like an emergency appointment like beautiful. You please get me and now

Curtis Pope  24:45  
you're like my 17 year old daughter. Yeah, her nails done to and sometimes watching you're trying to. I mean thanks, rotary phones anymore. You'd never be able to dial

Speaker 1  24:57  
using that it was an absolute nightmare. Like how do you Is it amusing my neck Calls and tips and then my nails are bending. I'm like, I'm just gonna use a pencil. That's right. You know?

Curtis Pope  25:08  
Alright. Well it's been great chatting with you here and learning more about you and if people want to learn more about, about you and everybody else at the REMAX Magnolia, where do they have to go?

Speaker 1  25:18  
REMAX Magnolia nails Ami. Love

Curtis Pope  25:23  
it and join us again next week when we will talk real estate in order to unlock your real estate potential on the show real estate is maximized. Thanks for listening

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