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SEAS5 RM - 246 - Meet Christine Allan! She Unveils The Power of Community & Connection

November 30, 2023 | Posted by: Michele Cummins

SEAS5 RM - 246 - Meet Christine Allan! She Unveils The Power of Community & Connection

Watch Segment One Here - Meet Christine Allan!

Watch Segment Two Here - Christine Unveils The Power of Community & Connection

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Curtis Pope  0:31  
Well, here we are. It's a Saturday morning. You know what that means? It's time for the REMAX Magnolia show with Michelle Collins and myself Curtis Pope. Good morning, Michelle.

Michele Cummins - PREC  0:38  
Good morning, Curtis. How are you today?

Curtis Pope  0:40  
I am good now. It's good to have you back. You were away last week you were vacationing in Oregon.

Michele Cummins - PREC  0:46  
Every day is a vacation when you love what you do.

Curtis Pope  0:48  
That is true. That is very true. But having a retreat on the Oregon coast is a nice plus to helps. Yeah, last

Michele Cummins - PREC  0:55  
year, right. It's like being on vacation. Every day. I'm there.

Curtis Pope  1:01  
That's right now that's what a vacation is. I know you're gonna take a lot of them. But it was so sunny

Michele Cummins - PREC  1:05  
all week. It was such nice weather. And the Oregon coast is always different every day. Every time you're there. There's something different on the on the beach. Yeah, high tide was really high when it was high, really low and it was low. It's so much

Curtis Pope  1:16  
fun. Very, very cool. Well, we have a special guest in studio and you are world famous world renowned for your exclusive introduction.

Michele Cummins - PREC  1:26  
And she knows what I'm talking about because she's been there to the belly of the well in Oregon. Perfect, beautiful, amazing Christine Allen. She's so fun to go on vacation with and she's fun to work with.

Curtis Pope  1:35  

Michele Cummins - PREC  1:37  
Thank you. And today we are here to get to know you. Well, who is Christine Allen. Okay, so I have known Christine for years, we actually met at a coffee shop in Michigan for the first time. She was working at a mortgage for a mortgage company. And I happened to win the free coffee that day. So thank you, Christine. I love my coffee. And so that's where we first met and we've just built this relationship and she has such a hard her work ethic is amazing. She's a hard worker. She loves community. She loves people she loves connecting with people. And she truly is one of those people that if you're lucky enough to know her. And if you're even more lucky enough to be her friend. Hold on to that. So tried and true. This is Christine Allen. Christine, welcome. Hi, happy Saturday.

Curtis Pope  2:27  
Happy Saturday, you just just one month till Santa is big day. I don't want to bring that up. But so

Unknown Speaker  2:32  
exciting. And you've already

Michele Cummins - PREC  2:34  
decorated for Christmas. Yes,

Speaker 1  2:35  
I've already decorated because I have a busy schedule coming up. So I just wanted to make sure that we were good to go time management. She

Michele Cummins - PREC  2:41  
does that well. So Christine, we want to know about you and the listeners of this radio show. Who is Christine Allen. So can you please start with maybe like where you were born, where you've lived, and some of your aspirations in life and the things you love?

Curtis Pope  2:59  
So we're going right back to birth to now. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 1  3:05  
We only have so much time so quickly. I was born in Langley, BC. And then I guess I grew up in my childhood life in Burnaby. And then my early adult life in Cloverdale. And then eight years ago, I made my way to Michigan. And how do you love Michigan? I really love Michigan. It's really nice. We actually are moving a bit further though. We're moving out to Agassi and the next couple months. So looking forward to that right

Michele Cummins - PREC  3:30  
over the border of Michigan actually Harrison River Bridge out there to the beauty of the surrounding eagles and mountains and it's beautiful out there. I know. So what in the world got you into real estate? Well, I

Speaker 1  3:47  
was in the childcare industry for about 20 years. My last six years being involved in the Abbotsford school district I was strong start teacher and EAA. Then I went through a transition in my life went through separate divorce. And I thought well, you know, I need to be making a lot more money. And so I always liked real estate and wanting to get involved in real estate but I always stayed home. I always had a job where I could be home with my children after school and take them to wherever they needed to be at. And then I had my job, the Abbotsford school district to kind of supplement your income as a family and then after the separation I thought well I only have myself and I need to make sure I'm I'm okay so I just went for it and I did my mortgage license first and then real estate and I really enjoy real estate. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner.

Michele Cummins - PREC  4:47  
Yeah, it's one of those things where once you get in it you're like oh my gosh, what should you be can't look at the past and it's always the welcoming of the future. You have two girls and a boy. Yeah. And what are their ages?

Speaker 1  4:59  
Is he Uh oh, sorry. Maddie is 14 is 17. And Jeff is 29. Who is the big three? Oh, in January? Oh my gosh, yeah.

Michele Cummins - PREC  5:08  
Yay. Okay, what are some of the aspects of real estate that you love the most? I

Speaker 1  5:14  
love working with my clients. I love getting to know my clients and being a part of their journey. And I love really networking with the community and getting and giving back. I really enjoy doing that as

Michele Cummins - PREC  5:26  
well. You're a big people, person and community supporter. Yes,

Speaker 1  5:30  
I'm part of the rotary and mission and I absolutely love it. And the reason why I joined rotary was because they are huge supporters of the starfish backpack program. So I that is what drew me to to rotary.

Michele Cummins - PREC  5:47  
And how long have you been doing that for?

Unknown Speaker  5:51  
About a year and a half? I would say no.

Michele Cummins - PREC  5:54  
There's some amazing things about rotary that nobody knows. Okay, in this second segment, we're going to get a bit more into specifically these community events and organizations and the things that you do, which is really exciting. And but right now, I want to know, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

Speaker 1  6:14  
I'm not I think I probably would have stayed in my teaching job.

Michele Cummins - PREC  6:19  
It was one of my three things. Yeah, I

Speaker 1  6:21  
think I would have probably stay I love doing strong start. I think it's really fun. It's it's pair participation or your nanny or whoever brings your child in, but it's just nice. And then you're and because I'm a people person. I've other adults in the classroom as well. And I love doing arts and crafts. So it was always fun doing those sorts of things. So I yeah, I think I would have just stayed doing that. Well, actually,

Michele Cummins - PREC  6:41  
you do do it still because you teach a lot. You're you teach your clients about real estate, you give them advice, you're giving them tips, you're actually you're teaching the rules and regulations. And you do a lot of that and you do a lot of that for your colleagues. Christine is somebody who she just dives into whatever she gets into. And she's such a giver, she is always there the first person to help any realtor brand new realtor, whatever anybody needs. I see her always jump in first. And she's always there to support no matter what and so great personality and a great, great person and colleague to have. And

Curtis Pope  7:15  
of course, that training you have from working with the young kids probably helps you deal with Michelle. Yes,

Speaker 1  7:21  
with her tardiness or tardy? Yeah.

Michele Cummins - PREC  7:26  
It's called fashionably late. And real estate, you know, you just never know how long you're gonna be. Yes,

Curtis Pope  7:33  
exactly. I will give you that. Absolutely. I've known a few real estate agents over the over the years. But I will say this. Christine was early this morning. I have

Michele Cummins - PREC  7:39  
to say, Christine, when she many years ago when she was helping me with open houses and such. She's always the first one anywhere, really. And she's really on time. She's before time. She's really good at that. She I've I've learned a lot from her that way,

Curtis Pope  7:56  
except on how to be on time.

Michele Cummins - PREC  7:59  
She tries when she's on time when I'm not gonna

Curtis Pope  8:02  
just gotten much better today. She was only like, a couple minutes late. On time for her. She knew you were here. Yes.

Michele Cummins - PREC  8:07  
So folks, whenever there's an appointment with me just know it's around dish. Yes. And with Christine, it's early 730

Curtis Pope  8:15  
Ish. Ish. Yeah, for sure.

Michele Cummins - PREC  8:19  
So what are some of the aspects of real estate you didn't expect?

Speaker 1  8:25  
I would say, rejection has been hard for me, I think because it just carries on from my past. And then I brought it like then rejection with people in the business. And it's really toughened me up, and I'm just starting to just not care as much. You know, if I get rejected, then oh, well, then I move on to the next. And that's just what happens because it used to really hurt my feelings. I'd get really upset about it. But I think I've grown a lot. It's

Michele Cummins - PREC  8:52  
hard, because this is a profession that we're in. But also, it's personal. Because these are mostly residential housing. It's personal lives, and you are working with relationships and people and it's not just cut and dry. It's not just, you know, words on a paper. It's it's it's people, it's humans we're working with in a lot of customer relations and service. And so you do you care, you have empathy. And so to it's hot, that is one of the It's interesting you say that, because that is one of the hardest things I would say is separation. Yeah, yeah. So what are some things you're really looking forward to in your career in your next year, five years, 10 years, 50 years. I

Speaker 1  9:37  
just love learning and growing and just seeing where I'm gonna end up. I don't know, right now. We just are at your new brokerage. Our new brokerage, you know, like, we're all there, right. It's exciting. And so I'm excited about that. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I just want to keep working hard and, and go from there. Yeah. So Well,

Michele Cummins - PREC  10:00  
Christine, what is your favorite color? Yellow?

Unknown Speaker  10:04  
Or yellow today? Versus

Michele Cummins - PREC  10:05  
yellow and your iPhone. There we go. And what's one of your favorite hobbies? hobbies?

Speaker 1  10:11  
I like to paddleboard and I like going out on my motorcycle. Shawn I got motorcycles together actually I remember that Yeah. And just hanging out you know with friends and family. I love doing that. Yeah

Michele Cummins - PREC  10:27  
and you got a nice little place on the lake you can go with your kit. That's a great meeting spot.

Speaker 1  10:32  
Yes that has it lake we have a trailer there and the kids love it. It's close to home easy. Everything's already set up ready to go. Just got to bring food and clothes. Easy

Michele Cummins - PREC  10:41  
peasy. Easy peasy. Yep. Anything else you would like to share? With everyone out who is Christine? I

Speaker 1  10:49  
just love what I do. And I like to build relationships off of being genuine. And that's me. What's your favorite food? Oh, I knew you're gonna ask me that. Your potatoes. I love. Really? Yeah. Okay. I thought it was good. They're not good for me, but

Michele Cummins - PREC  11:06  
I thought it was gonna be an Italian dish.

Speaker 1  11:08  
No. Maybe the bulk of Chinese salad. I love that too. Nice. Yeah. Well, it's

Michele Cummins - PREC  11:15  
been great to get to know you. Yes. Thank you.

Curtis Pope  11:17  
All right with that we should probably take a break. Now Michelle, people want more information about what you do at Magnolia. REMAX Magnolia, where can they go?

Michele Cummins - PREC  11:26  
That is REMAX Magnolia And

Curtis Pope  11:29  
we're back with more right after this?

And we're back to segment two of the rematch bag showing. Well, Michelle was taken off. I don't know where she went. She's not here to bother us. So now it's Me and Christine. We're going to talk to Christine Allen here a bit about well, I guess we're going to call this segment. Christine's community, corner and connections. There's a whole lot of alliteration going on. We'll figure it's a work in progress. Yes. Well, we'll leave it at that. But we want to talk a bit about community and your involvement in the community. Because you've been very heavily involved in various various community groups over your career, I understand. Yes,

Speaker 1  13:06  
I am involved in Rotary. I'm part of the chambers. I just try and get involved in anything that needs to be involved in in the community. Okay,

Curtis Pope  13:17  
so tell me about some YouTube example. Let's let's talk about your involvement with Rotary because we touched on that a little bit in the first segment about the starfish program and things like the backpack program and things like that. So let's talk a bit about your involvement, nuttin and why you felt that was such an important thing to be involved with.

Speaker 1  13:32  
I thought it was something for me to be involved in because it kept me I felt involved with the children. You know, I was giving back still but doing it with the children. We pack 110 backpacks, a every week, and that goes home to families. It's to 14 schools in Michigan. So we all get together on Thursdays or Wednesdays to pack everything up, Save On Foods brings all the food and we just sent home. It actually started in Abbotsford is where it started. And now, so many communities around the Lower Mainland are involved in doing this. It's a pretty amazing thing to do. I just did a fundraiser at our local brewery and mission hubco And we did a paint party and that was pretty successful. So we raised some money for that. We raised lots of money within rotary as well. That goes to starfish and many other different charities as well.

Curtis Pope  14:31  
Okay, very cool. Now, a lot of people probably don't really know that rotary does a whole lot in the community and it's a lot of business leaders in that coming together. So what other programs does rotary have in around the valley? So they're

Speaker 1  14:43  
part of Shelterbox and they are part of they work with Mission hospice as well. Together we will do stuff together with them. We also have the little interact group, they will call All new tracks, my daughter is actually in them. And they raise money for different stuff as well. They're actually doing a fundraiser. It's called Santa Paws, December 9 11, to 12. And its minimum donation is $10. And whatever. And so you bring your little pets in and get photos, and they are raising money for children in Gaza. And yeah, so it's pretty exciting. Yeah. Okay,

Curtis Pope  15:25  
well, that's, you know, that's good to know. And, of course, no, it's something that I find a lot of realtors, they feel the need to give back, which is fantastic. But there's, you know, it seems to be almost an occupational hazard that I'm now doing this, I'm selling homes, I'm doing this in the community, I'm going to be involved with the community, and I'm going to take on a pet charity and things like that. Is it just something that just seems natural with the job?

Speaker 1  15:47  
I just feel if you're working in a community, you should get back and do stuff in the community as well. I I just enjoy, I enjoy doing that. And I like doing the work too. I don't just here's a check. And there you go. I was just asked yesterday about being a judge for the Christmas parade in Michigan that we're having on December 2. So that's pretty exciting. And I'm a sponsor for that. I just sponsor things all over the community. And then I go and I show up and I do the work today. Even for the realtors, we collected donations for warm clothes. And I went and helped today to sort that all out and put it to the proper places that it needed to go to. So I just really enjoy it. I feel it just gives me a sense of appreciation. I guess I just Yeah, I just really like it.

Curtis Pope  16:38  
Have you ever judged the parade before? No,

Speaker 1  16:40  
I was supposed to Okay, and then it got canceled because of the weather. And that was last year, I

Curtis Pope  16:45  
believe I was gonna say I've done it two or three times. And that three times twice. It was subzero with the wind howling and we were freezing. Like it was we had a real cold snap. And once it poured rain on us the whole time, so I haven't had a lot of luck judging it. I've been either freezing or completely damp from head to toe. But it's a lot of fun. Especially when the parades happen because you have to try to keep up with what numbers and everybody and What number is this. People don't put the numbers where they're supposed to see you're like I'm looking for 119 this isn't 119 this is 12 Which one's 12 And everybody it's a lot of fun. No, it's chaotic, but it's fun. Well,

Speaker 1  17:20  
we are covered and we have heaters. Well now they have heaters. Yeah. So I'm really excited about that. I remember

Curtis Pope  17:26  
the one year they were handing out those those like hand warmers that you break and we were just stuffing in our pockets and you know, in our jackets everyday to try to stay warm because it was like with the windchill I think it was like minus 18 or something. I'll

Speaker 1  17:37  
make sure I bring my heated gloves just in case but I don't know what the weather's gonna be that cold this year. Yeah, I don't know. i It's kind of a bit far. Oh, it's I haven't even checked the weather for that. That's next weekend.

Curtis Pope  17:45  
It's far enough away where it could change drastically. Yeah.

Speaker 1  17:48  
I like the weather. Wait five minutes. That's right,

Curtis Pope  17:51  
living in the Lower Mainland. There's, you know, that's one of the consistencies that things could turn in a hurry. Right? Yeah. Okay, so we've talked a little bit about your home and rotary now you touched on a couple other charities and stuff that you're involved with as well, what were those,

Speaker 1  18:04  
um, it's just pretty much that. And then we do the Children's Miracle Network, the office. So each agent donates part of their commission to the rotary or the Rotary, the Children's Miracle Network. And I'm also part of the GA, every every office has a G. It's a general advertising committee. And so I am the representative for our office. So then I go and be a part of that once a month. And that's kind of deciding with a whole group of people where the dollars get spent for REMAX all over so you'll see us you know at the BC Lions game, or whitecaps or we just did a REMAX night at the Canucks game. It's everywhere. So we saw I really enjoyed doing that, too. Yep. And then I report back to the office.

Curtis Pope  18:53  
Alright, well, that sounds like it would be an intriguing part of the job too, because now you're dealing with all these other offices and figuring out what you're gonna do.

Speaker 1  19:00  
Yeah, we get to meet all the other like, just a realtor. It's only you're only allowed to have one represent one representative from each office. So you get to meet a lot of people and kind of have a say. So it's pretty fun. Sounds

Curtis Pope  19:12  
like it would be an interesting time to say the least. Now the new office. I mean, it's, it's almost open. And how are you enjoying being part of this new team?

Speaker 1  19:20  
I love it. I just cannot wait to get into the office. I'm going to have my own office for the first time outside of my home, which is great. And I originally when I first became a realtor, Michelle was my mentor. So I just kind of shared her office with her. And now and then now I've just been at my own office, and I'm going to be having a new office and I have wallpaper and just so excited. Yeah,

Curtis Pope  19:44  
wallpaper. Yes, that is exciting. Yes, that is very cool. And I know that it's gonna be you know, I've met a few of the of the people involved now here with remix magnolia. I mean, I think you'll have a it seems like you're gonna have a pretty good team. There are a lot a lot of fun for sure. Oh,

Speaker 1  19:58  
yeah, for sure. We've I've known a few of them for a while to already so it makes it easy easy transition.

Curtis Pope  20:04  
Well that's what we want the easy transition now eventually the doors will open. Oh, we can't wait everyone's just so excited. I like to tease Michelle a bit because you know, the fact that you know, it's there's always a little bit more of a delay a little bit more of a delay when she's, we're gonna open it by this time. We're gonna do by this time, so I like the teaser a bit about that, but I know that opening will be coming sooner than later and, and you guys are in a good spot. There. You got you know, we're right in downtown mission. Yeah. Perfect. Very cool. Well, I know you probably have some listings to tell us about.

Speaker 1  20:31  
Yes, I have a listing up and coming. It's number 521587 5/25 Avenue in so Surrey White Rock. It's a manufactured home. Super cute under 500,000. So goodbye. 55 Plus no rentals. It's wonderfully run. It's called see rich Bayes. So that's coming up. So watch for that. And I have an open house this weekend at 1213 6/250 Street in Maple Ridge. We just did $100,000 price drop so it's now listed at 1,099,000 And should I have from our office she's going to be hosting that from two to 4pm for

Curtis Pope  21:18  
Goshen. I was on the show last week, so she's gonna be out there people can meet her in person. Yep. Very cool. Okay, well, is that all the new listings we have right now? That's it all right. Well, I appreciate you coming by and chatting with us today and helping people get to know you a little bit so they know more of what's going on there at the at the office. Did you give her a you got a quote? Michelle give me a quote or do

Speaker 1  21:41  
you give me a quote I picked a quote you picked it picked a quote fitting for the office okay. Or the station? You probably no Jelly Roll

Curtis Pope  21:49  
course no jelly Artists of the Year Absolutely. Yeah. And amazing speech to You heard us call it that already. I think I know this.

Speaker 1  21:55  
The windshield is bigger than the review rear view mirror for a reason. Because what's in front of you is much more important than what's behind you.

Curtis Pope  22:03  
Absolutely. His acceptance speech is something to go online and look at because he started preaching. Yeah, it was it was amazing. It was really good and deservedly so. I mean, he's a he's a he's every I've never met him. And a lot of people who have and they say he's just this big old teddy bear. He's just as big sweetheart. So good to see good things happen to good people. Absolutely. Well, thank you for coming in today. And And if people want more information, you know the website if you got it memorized? No, no.

Speaker 1  22:30  
What's the website? REMAX? Oh, no, I'm wrong.

Curtis Pope  22:35  
It's secure clothes. CA

Speaker 1  22:41  
I don't know because I haven't been there. You haven't been there? No, sorry. I know my website. Christine Allen.

Curtis Pope  22:50  
Well, that's way easier. All right. Well, we'll go with that one.

Speaker 1  22:54  
Maybe it's REMAX magnolia. There we go. I just clued into the real team. That's the part I always forget. But call either one or messaging either one. And

Curtis Pope  23:05  
join us again next week when we will talk real estate in order to unlock your real estate potential on the show real estate is maximized. Thanks for listening

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