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SEAS5 RM - 245 - Meet Shania Duggal & Neena Mann - The Real Estate & Mortgage Chicks!

November 30, 2023 | Posted by: Michele Cummins

SEAS5 RM - 245 - Meet Shania Duggal & Neena Mann - The Real Estate & Mortgage Chicks!

Watch Segment One Here - Meet Shania Duggal & Neena Mann - The Real Estate & Mortgage Chicks!

Watch Segment Two Here - Latest Real Estate Market Trends and Valubale Mortgage Tips!

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Curtis Pope 0:35
Well, it's time it's a Saturday morning. It is time for the REMAX Magnolia show but we do not have Michelle Cummins Michelle Cummins is on vacation or I don't know somewhere anyway, but she's not here. But we have a couple of lovely ladies here to talk real estate we have Shanaya. And we have Nina. Thank you guys for coming in today.

Unknown Speaker 0:51
Thank you for having us.

Curtis Pope 0:53
Thanks for having us. It's gonna be great talking to you ladies, because I understand that you guys for starters, have a bit of a different take on how you do things that you're both real estate agents and mortgage brokers. Yes,

Speaker 1 1:04
that is right. We are with Westmont lending. We do mortgages. Okay. Yeah, yeah. So we can get our clients pre approved. We take care of our clients by getting all the income documents everything before we can find them on property. So it just saves them having to go and look for a mortgage broker. Yeah. So

Curtis Pope 1:23
if you add a notary to that you can be a one stop shop and get my notarization I can get my mortgage, I can get my Hey, this is perfect. Let's do it. Now that must make life easier though. Because yeah, you can get the pre approval you know what their setup for it must make the process probably a little easier. You

Speaker 1 1:41
know what I'll clients absolutely love it in it. They absolutely like it a lot because then they just call us and they'll say, you know, which kind of get approved for and what can I get in on the market at this time in it? And then that's how we work it.

Curtis Pope 1:54
Yeah, very cool. Now noon on detecting a slight accent. Yeah, yeah. Birmingham, Birmingham, England. Right. Okay. Very cool. So what's your what's your football club?

Unknown Speaker 2:04

Curtis Pope 2:05
Liverpool. Okay, my brother in law would be so happy right now that his team, he'd be great. I was a Chelsea fan, but he's beaten down to me. So now that's a question for you. Now, how are things different say in North America when it comes to real estate versus what they're like back home in England?

Speaker 1 2:25
You know why? In England, it's the market doesn't do work to solve a here you buy a house. And it only goes up with inflation in it. So a lot of people are aware they will buy a property, put it on rent and just leave it and have that passive income coming. And you can buy a property there for like $100,000 in it. Oh, wow. Yeah, yeah, I've got two over there. Perfectly and people are comfortable. Everyone has an own house and they can just live not like over here. You buy a house for you know, half 1,000,002 years later. It's a million in it. You don't see that over there at all.

Curtis Pope 2:58
So you know, that's amazing me because there's a lot less land England's not a huge place when you compare it to Canada. Yeah, but but yet the price of stave just go up with and that's amazing. It does.

Speaker 1 3:09
It does. And anybody can afford a house over there any.

Curtis Pope 3:13
Okay, interesting. So if I want to move to England, yeah,

Speaker 1 3:16
like $50,000 and you can buy yourself a nice flat in Birmingham.

Curtis Pope 3:19
Oh, there we go. Well, my grandfather was from Manchester. I probably have to go there.

Speaker 1 3:23
Yeah, love Manchester. Not too far. Yeah, but I'm also a

Curtis Pope 3:27
Beatles fan. So Liverpool be cool. But that's you know, that's a whole other story. Okay, so now you guys course are as being mortgage brokers and real estate agents. We've been going through so many changes here in the Lower Mainland over the last few years. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Are we getting in a better place?

Speaker 2 3:46
I would say so. It's high right now. And then we're hoping it like slows down in the springtime. So it's like hibernation time right now. So no one's really making any moves. There's not much on the market. And then buyers, like you know, like we mentioned before, they just want to wait.

Speaker 1 4:01
And I think you know, if you're snoozing, you need to pack it in. And you need to get in on the market now. Because the thing is, with all the interest rate hikes, we've got a lot of properties that have been dropping their prices in it. Now I've got one on my row where I live in it. The couple they have to sound out because now they can't make these mortgage payments, and they've dropped the price by $300,000 in it. Wow. Now's the time to buy and if you don't buy now, don't say I never want

Curtis Pope 4:27
yeah, it's one of those things too. There probably never is the perfect time to buy you're always going to come up with a reason why not to Yeah,

Speaker 1 4:34
everybody's afraid of you know, making mortgage payments, but you're making rent payment. You're already making a mortgage payment. It's just not your mortgage in it and

Curtis Pope 4:41
the mortgage payments. Yes, they're high right now but the prices are down a bit right now. You wait the prices are going to go up,

Speaker 1 4:47
they're going to go up once those interest rates start coming down again, prices are gonna go up and the price of rent right now it's ridiculous. If you've got a little bit of money or you've got even 5% down We can have a look at your credit and a Rufina. Because Satya for you,

Curtis Pope 5:03
that's right. And I mean, there's different aspects. I mean, we're talking often the dream is the detached home having that property that white picket fence that that dream of a place. But let's face it, there are condos, there's apartments, there's, you know, all kinds of different places you can get people into right

Speaker 2 5:18
100% Yeah, I mean, condos a nice place to start, like, get your foot in the market. And then after that just saw then upgrade if you want, like, you know, just I just have something.

Speaker 1 5:25
We've got some in the market now in Abbotsford, starting at 299. Like pre

Speaker 2 5:29
sales, like, you know, follow the path. Even your pre sales are good. Yeah. And they're like, they incentivize buyers and as agents as well. So just buy a pre sale. Right? Even though it's like you're buying a vision, but at least you're buying something right. And then just like if you don't want to live in it, just sell it.

Speaker 1 5:43
Right. Yeah. And even with pre sell Chanel, what we're seeing right now is that so many assent incentives, developers are giving so many free upgrades and so forth. Yeah, you put 5% down, now, you've got a vision. Now, six months later, you put the next 5% down, you don't have to worry about that mortgage for two years, potentially.

Speaker 2 6:04
Some of them will give you like, $100,000 off or like $35,000, depending on the area of Vancouver. Of course, they could be like $100,000 off. There's one in Abbotsford. I believe they're giving like $35,000 off. I'm not sure which one it was, but like, you know, they're attracting people. And I think people should jump on that.

Speaker 1 6:22
Yeah, so all these buyers, they need to wake up, stop snoozing. Don't say we never told

Curtis Pope 6:26
you. We're wanting people now. But yeah. Why now

Speaker 1 6:29
give us a call. And we can take care of you, we'll get your mortgage done, when we find you the place that you want.

Curtis Pope 6:35
And the thing is to like when we talk about condos, or townhouses or apartments and things like that. Now, maybe they don't appreciate quite at the same levels as a detached house does, but they're still going to appreciate they're still gonna increase value, and you're going to make money off your investment, right? Absolutely. Yeah,

Speaker 1 6:48
you see these dips on along the way, but it's up here marking you're never going to lose in the housing market in it. And even with the stress test, it was in place to warn people that this is you're paying 1% Now, but it's gonna go up to say this interest rate, are you still gonna be able to manage those mortgage payments? And for the most part, we've been alright

Curtis Pope 7:07
in it. Yeah. Yeah. No, I

Unknown Speaker 7:10
made it through. Yeah, no, I

Curtis Pope 7:12
mean, it is it is tough to take that step, though. For people being you. It's a daunting task. It's a big mountain in front of you're like, Yeah, I have to go into debt for $1.2 million to buy the house that I want to buy. And you kind of can't see the light at the end of the tunnel going, how am I ever gonna pay this off. But the fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter, you know, with inflation and wages, if you went back to 1969. And people were buying houses for $40,000. But what they were making for their income, they're also going, how am I ever going to pay this off? You know, it's just a matter of the way it works. But like you're saying, you're telling folks now, you got to get into the market, you got to take that step. Because if you're paying rent, you're just paying somebody else's mortgage. You're not getting

Speaker 1 7:56
that. Yeah, you're still making a mortgage payment. It just ain't yours in it. Yeah. Which

Curtis Pope 8:00
is really isn't really good business. No, no. Why

Speaker 1 8:03
would you want to work so hard? When you can just build your own equity. And look how many times people have sold their properties and made money? Yeah, happens and it's gonna continue happening.

Curtis Pope 8:13
Now we're into that time of year where I guess things kind of quiet down a little bit. But how's it been the last I say a couple of weeks, as we're heading getting a little closer to Christmas,

Speaker 2 8:22
I would say, um, it's steady. Like I've closed a couple deals. I mean, some people are acting on it, because like, you know, there's not much inventory. So people just like they put their houses on the market. So like, you know, their property kind of stands out, so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. But otherwise, it's been somewhat slow, but it just depends how much like how we work, I guess, right? Yeah. So like, you know, if you're out there every day, like, you know, you're gonna be busy. If not, then you're not right. So,

Curtis Pope 8:51
it was November 2020. When I decided we me and my wife and I were going to sell our house, thanks to Michelle. And she sold it in four days. And I was like, nobody's gonna buy a house in November. No, Boy, was I wrong. And then that put the pressure on to find a place, you know, for us and we found one beginning it just took us like three weeks and we found the place and all that so it worked out really well for us. And a lot of people were doing that that seemed to be the thing in the pandemic let's sell and buy a new house.

Speaker 1 9:19
Exactly. Oh, yeah. Yeah, the pandemic we had a Yeah, I bought during the pandemic too. I bought it for like $890,000 in it went up to 1.5 Couple years ago. I'll find out oh wait now on the same street with selling for about 1.3 but I'm still gonna wait. You've still made money. Oh, yeah, I made money I lost a little bit and I'm gonna make it but

Curtis Pope 9:42
no, when it comes in terms of investments to like say if you want to make an investment in the stock market or you wanting to things like that, real estate has been that safe option. You're not going to necessarily get those huge things you might make off of a stock like if you bought stock in Uber when they first came out, or Tesla or something like that, but the same time, you know that over time real estate is gonna bring you back a return. Absolutely.

Speaker 1 10:05
And you have to live somewhere to live in it. You have your roof over your head and it's your own. You'll make your money and you're living a good life in

Curtis Pope 10:15
it. Yeah. And if you can afford an investment property like you have some in England, apparently and things like that, yeah, yeah. Then you've got people paying your mortgages and maybe a little extra in your pocket too. If you can afford to go that route. That's what me and my wife are looking at now we're like, we really kind of want to get an investment property. We're not quite there yet. But I

Speaker 1 10:31
kind of shied away from investment rental properties. The two properties that God gave one to my son of one to my daughter. My daughter lives in the one in Birmingham right in the city. And then my son has put his on rent because he just moved back home now. I've got married

Curtis Pope 10:45
well, we're thinking more of a vacation property than straight rental property. Yeah, that was in America somewhere. That'd be great. I mean, I got a friend who's got a police down in Phoenix and got another friend who's you know Michelle's got her place in in Sasquatch resort. She's got her place down in Oregon where she is right now. And you're like, you know this is cool. I think I kind of want one of these.

Speaker 1 11:08
Yeah, what was too Yeah, Arizona. New Mexico I was

Curtis Pope 11:12
just gonna say beliefs or your beliefs. Oh Dubai or Dubai. Everybody's point I've never been to Dubai.

Speaker 1 11:18
A lot of people are mainland a buying in Dubai right now. Yeah, look into it. People from here again. We had some agents go down look at properties out there interesting because Airbnb and they're not even that much $150,000.

Curtis Pope 11:35
I'm going to look into the bottom right about now while I look into that it's probably a good time to take a break. We're going to take a commercial break and we'll be right back with more right after this.

And we're back to segment number two of the REMAX Magnolia show of course, it's Curtis open. I'm joined by these two lovely ladies, we have Shanaya and Nina here, who are of course part of REMAX Magnolia, but you're also mortgage brokers. We talked about that. And what's the mortgage broker company worked with?

Speaker 1 13:01
Westmont lending in Surrey? Okay, they have an office in Abbotsford as well. All right.

Curtis Pope 13:05
So that covers the basis we know where you come from, and your background and things like that. Now, Nina, you were talking off the air a bit about you have experience in different aspects of the industry as well, like, where did you start out?

Speaker 1 13:16
I started off at TD Bank, when I first got here, and I worked at TD Bank by 20 years. And I left TD Bank as a financial advisor. So I've got a lot of experience with mortgages. And I've joined the brokerage channel for about two years now. Yeah.

Curtis Pope 13:32
Because that must give you a little extra insight into what you do. Because you got background in the finance part of things and and understanding the mortgages and things like that

Speaker 1 13:38
absolutely really does help because I can tell right away when I look at pay stubs, and people's income and their lifestyle, where they should be cutting back and what they can, you know, save one, two, so they can get their downpayment together. I'm a big fan of pre sells for the younger ones. If you've got really good credit, it does work for some people, but you really really got to know if you can make those payments, because we've had people that have taken a line of credit put it towards the pre sale, power time that was come up for purchasing, they had already paid off all their loan or credit, they were alright. There's some people that can pay off, right. But if you've got good credit, and you've got a good job, there's always ways you can get in on the housing market. And I look at a lot of and I see people that are making really good income, and then I never can't get the downpayment together. Well, why don't you borrow the money and get a pre sell you making the money? Why don't you pay that back button, the mortgage comes up, you'll be alright then any. And that's worked while I have the TV.

Curtis Pope 14:44
That's interesting, because, you know, I look at you know, I have three kids and I'm like, how are they ever gonna be able to afford to get into this market? But a pre sale is is a great way to probably do that. I mean, you're putting some money down before something's even built. But it it must. It must be a worthwhile endeavor. I'm thinking Definitely

Speaker 1 15:00
I support it. If you can't get in right now you don't have the full 20% down. Whatever money you have, or whatever you can borrow, just get in on it. The next six months, you have a vision, you got something you got to work towards. If you're making over 100,000 A year any, why can't you just put a little bit aside? So you don't want six months from now? I have to make that next 5% deposit. And it's doable. You got to just be disciplined in it.

Curtis Pope 15:26
Yeah. So you guys have joined the team at REMAX Magnolia and how are you finding it going so far? I know it's a Michelle just start to put this together. I know the offices have been taking a little longer than you guys have wanted to get all set up. But the light is, is the lights are just about ready. Come on in there. So how's it going over there? Oh, it's

Speaker 2 15:44
amazing. I absolutely love it. The team is amazing. Everyone in the office is amazing. Everyone supports each other. They're there for each other. So it's a really nice team environment. And yeah, it's exciting to just like, you know, bounce ideas off of each other.

Unknown Speaker 15:58
Very new. You've been here. This is day two.

Curtis Pope 16:02
You're gonna do the radio show. Yeah. So it's a great team, despite the fact that James is part of it. Exactly. I don't know why. Pick on he'll open the door. He's got an opening the door. Oh, yeah. Okay. So we serve James,

Unknown Speaker 16:20
the owner of the biostore.

Speaker 2 16:22
Yeah, we do like a realtor tour every Tuesday, like twice a month. And then we just like see a bunch of properties with other agents and either mission or Abbotsford. And then, yeah, we just like get together, look at houses and then just let the listing agent know, the opinion of how it's priced? Pretty much. Yeah.

Curtis Pope 16:41
No, is it? Is it nice to be part of a team than say being out there solo? Just you know, working under under a brokerage? Is it nice to be part of something a little bit bigger?

Speaker 2 16:50
I would say so. Um, because like, you know, like, when you're on your own, you just feel like, you know, like you're on your own right. You don't want to like ask your managing broker or like any of your superiors anything like in a team environment. You just, like I said, you just bounce ideas off of each other. And everyone's there for each other. Yeah, so that's really nice. And

Speaker 1 17:09
you know, what hand on heart know where to lie. For me, this is very new. I've, I'm a go getter. I'm very independent. I can do a lot of work. But this is something new. I'm trying. So Oh, no, I'm in a contract for one year, you have this team environment works out. It's very new to me,

Curtis Pope 17:25
yet. Well, I know the leader well, so you guys are gonna be in good shape. I mean, we've been doing this show now for I guess, five years. Michelle is sold my old house and she helped us, you know, find our new one. So I know how she works, both from this experience behind the mic to also you know, working with her in a professional capacity. So

Unknown Speaker 17:44
I'm a team player, for the most part.

Speaker 2 17:48
Like to be I was solo when I first started out, I would say my biggest regret is not joining like a team environment, like right off the bat. So I'm really excited how this is gonna go. I've only been with Michelle since oh, gosh, first September. So I mean, like, no complaints so

Curtis Pope 18:02
far. Yeah. And I mean, he's, he's a good person to have there to kinda, you know, motivate you, but also mentor you too, because she's just, I hate to say nice things about her when I always tease her. But she's just one of these people who seems to be for lack of a better word, just a natural 100%. Yeah, like, there's just something about her. She just knows that. Everything just kind of just flows right to her or she pretends anyway, real well, maybe that's the acting background. She makes you think she understands everything that's going on? Even if maybe she's panicked about something, you know, you'd never know it. Yeah,

Speaker 2 18:32
even like other players like Christina and her for almost a year and a half. Like she's always there for me. And then like, managing broker Rebecca, like, if you have a question, you can call her at 10pm. And like, you know, she'll be like, Hi.

Curtis Pope 18:45
And she can identify what bug you have walking around. Yeah, she was telling me all about the bugs. That was kind of a cool thing. And it's interesting how everybody has a different background coming into this. I like, for example, here I am in radio, but I know if you look at a bunch of people in the Lower Mainland doing real estate, there are old radio people, that that's where they moved on from radio for whatever reason. And it's I don't know why that's a natural fit for people, I guess. Because you have to talk and you have to be able to, you know, whatever. But

Speaker 1 19:11
I think the REMAX on its own, they have so many networking events of the orful coming up in Vegas. And there's always different events that they're always hosting. And I think that's one thing that I really, really looking forward to

Speaker 2 19:23
networking is always great. You know, you get referrals and then you meet new people. And it's I got an idea how like their markets doing like we did kickstart Well, actually we met at kickstart, and

Speaker 1 19:33
I was with REMAX and then I left. That's what I first started. And then I left and now have come back to REMAX. Yeah,

Curtis Pope 19:41
and I guess like that networking is important, too. Because yeah, if you do have a client that you've bought and sold some house and all of a sudden they're like, Yeah, I want to buy a rental property in Kelowna. And you're going, I have a referral for I have a personnel I work with. You can go talk to this person. They're going to help you find that lakefront property that you want. Yeah, especially

Speaker 2 19:56
if you established a relationship with another real estate agent. in a different city, right, you know, like your clients in good hands. Like instead of just like googling some like real estate agent and sending hope for the best right for your client just go to this agent, right? So I feel like it's nice to have that established. So yeah,

Curtis Pope 20:12
no, I asked you earlier off here, but I do. I'm gonna say take a shot in the dark that Shanaya your name comes from Shania Twain. Now I'm going to take another shot dark, and you probably know what Shanaya means. Sunshine

Unknown Speaker 20:25
to me. No,

Curtis Pope 20:26
no, you don't need me to think about this. Because this is something that we just don't I don't think widely known. But I've been working in country radio long enough. Yeah. Should I actually it's a lovely name because it means on my way. Really? Yes. Interesting. So it's a very positive sounding name, like my name is means courteous one. What do you know Curtis means courteous one that's really hard to figure out. But when you look at name, origins, and stuff like that, I know this because my eldest son was born on Shanaya Twain's birthday. Oh, if he was a girl, you were gonna name him. Should I do all this?

Unknown Speaker 21:03
Is that your legal name? No. Should I? It's

Speaker 2 21:06
on my identification. Like I was given that birth, but my real name is carshare. I don't really go by my first name. I just like I've mentioned it since day one. Why

Curtis Pope 21:17
not? Especially in this country? I mean, she's an icon. Yeah. So I totally get that. Okay. Well, it's been great chatting with you ladies. Now, we've talked a lot about about the market. And we've talked things about that. Any last words of wisdom you want to pass on to the listeners? Get your

Unknown Speaker 21:32
foot in the market now? Yeah, no, don't

Speaker 1 21:34
be snoozing any wake up, wake up. While the interest rates are high, using these lower prices, this is the best time to buy.

Curtis Pope 21:43
And what's that first step? Like? What's that first thing you got to start thinking about? Like, right this minute, they've heard you say, Don't snooze, you snooze, you lose. What are they gonna do right now when they when they walk away from the door to

Unknown Speaker 21:53
call us so we got to get their mortgage? pre

Speaker 2 21:55
approved, like know your budget, don't start looking at like million dollar houses. If you can only afford like, what? Let's

Speaker 1 22:01
have a look at your documents. Let us let you know what we can advise you on. And if it's a pre sale, let's get you in on a pre sale. There's so many incentives to perfect.

Curtis Pope 22:10
And of course they can find you at the website and I forgot Michelle's website, the new website. Oh gosh, it's I'm gonna have to figure this out. You know what, I'll figure that out. And I'll get the listeners because I can't reach REMAX man. I don't know. I think I think so.

Speaker 2 22:25
I wouldn't I wouldn't be I mean, even if you just search up REMAX That's right,

Curtis Pope 22:28
we're there. Yes, just Google it. Because I'm gonna have to do the same. Or Google Michelle Cummins, and you'll find it'll all be there for you. Or Instagram page or Instagram or Facebook,

Speaker 1 22:40
Nina man and Shanaya do Google digger. GG Al.

Curtis Pope 22:44
There you go. All right, ladies. Well, thanks for coming in. And it was a pleasure chatting with you. Yeah. Thanks for having us. And join us again next week when we will talk real estate in order to unlock your real estate potential on the show real estate is maximized. Thanks for listening

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