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SEAS5 - 239 - Michele talks the Top 3 Places to Invest in Canada for 2024 w/ Special Guests!

October 13, 2023 | Posted by: Michele Cummins

SEAS5 - 239 - Michele talks the Top 3 Places to Invest in Canada for 2024 w/ Special Guests!

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Curtis Pope 0:21
Well, here we are. It's a little different because it's a Sunday morning but we're having a special edition of the Cummins real estate show with Michelle Cummings and myself Curtis Pope. Good morning, Michelle.

Michele Cummins - PREC 0:32
Good morning, Chris. Guess what? What we it's not the company's real estate show anymore. It is now the REMAX Magnolia show

Curtis Pope 0:41
the REMAX Magnolia show. Okay, well, you could have warned me about that.

Michele Cummins - PREC 0:45
Well, we were gonna wait till next week, but you know, we changed the sign already behind you last week. So

Curtis Pope 0:50
which is funny because the sign fell down yesterday.

Michele Cummins - PREC 0:54
Oh, no.

Curtis Pope 0:56
I have to get some more double sided velcro apparently. But it's here.

Michele Cummins - PREC 1:01
Do what it takes. Yeah, it's here,

Curtis Pope 1:02
but I just like walked in the controller when something's not right. Something looks off and I'm like, wait a minute. The slide is down. The velcro still up the velcro held.

Michele Cummins - PREC 1:14
We'll definitely have to get some more Canadian made Velcro. Maybe that's the problem. That is I'm sure of it. So this whole week I was at REMAX activate. That is our Canadian conference. It's It was held this year in Vancouver. So in our own lower mainland, and we got to stay at the historical Fairmont Hotel downtown. It was so beautiful. I just love the old historic buildings. Amazing. And we got a you will love this credit. Rick Mercer was our keynote speaker. He is so amazing. Hey,

Curtis Pope 1:48
Oh, he's so funny. That's awesome that you got to have him as your keynote speaker.

Michele Cummins - PREC 1:53
Yeah, what a guy he has a he has a great story. He wrote a book after during COVID. And it's I've never read it, but he was mentioning and talking about it. But he he tells his story. Like only Rick Mercer, Ken. I mean, if you were to put in chat, GBT men talk to me about this or tell me this in the Rick Mercer way. I think it would come out pretty cool. Because he's got his own way of speaking. He's a pretty great guy. Well,

Curtis Pope 2:20
he's an interesting guy, because he's so funny. But he's also so incredibly smart to

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:26
he is he is such an inspiration. And his stories where he just said yes to things and opportunities when he was younger. He's like, ignorance is bliss. Sometimes, like in his words, he was like, sometimes what you don't know how hard it's gonna be. And you just say yes, and do it. It opens up opportunities for you. And so that was really encouraging. It was really, really great. But today's show is not only special, because it's on Sunday instead of Saturday. But it's special, because it's we're talking about our top three places to invest in 2024. And yes, we are already in the last quarter of the year. And before you know it is 2024. It's around the corner, October 1 Is tomorrow. And so we're seriously in the last three months of 2023. You can't believe how fast to win.

Curtis Pope 3:15
I know time flies when you're having fun.

Michele Cummins - PREC 3:17
It's true. And one of the best investments you can make is of course buying real estate. And you know, it's just not me saying that. It is true. And not just in a buyer's market but in a seller's market too. And not just when interest rates are giving you free money being under two and 3%. And how we've had it lately, or previous to the rate hikes lately. But when they're higher to them, I mean, they've been higher, they're higher now than they have been in 20 years. But it's still a good time to buy. I always say when you can buy and you're able to buy and you find the right place to buy, you should buy those are my three, you know, questions to ask yourself when you're thinking about buying or investing. So one of our other keynote speakers, though, I wanted to talk about this week at the conference was my favorite economist ever. It's not the kind that you yawned at. And you know, you're you see economists, you go to these things, and you yawn and you get heavy eyes. But no, not this man. He is so funny. But he's so smart. And I just kept on waiting for the, for the fruit of the piece of fruit he was going to give you next time you're always on the edge of your seat waiting for what he's going to say. And the graphs he's going to show you next. funny and smart Benjamin Tao, chief economist with CIBC. He was amazing. We had the pleasure of having him for the second year in a row at the REMAX activate annual conference and the fact that things are normalizing, he said and just just a quick, quick couple bullet points before we start getting into our top three places to invest. There's a 5050 chance he says rates going up again, but that it stabilized and it should stabilize By spring of 2024, and within 12 months thereafter or mid 2025, rates just start coming down again. But to be prepared that they may never go under that 3%. Again, there's a possibility it may not be in the 2% range again, but that's okay. We will all adapt. So I will, and I would, I would like to thank everyone, too, for donating during our conference, you know, ReMax is partners with Children's Miracle Network and I, it was just so inspiring these, the group of Realtors, they're just so they do lots of fundraising and they can so much the Children's Miracle Network and our new office REMAX magnolia. We are a miracle office and you might wonder what's a miracle office and you see these toppers on our for sale signs that say this is a miracle home. And what that means is that out of every transactions are Realtors do a portion of that they give to the Children's Miracle Network and your local Children's Miracle Network. So ours goes to the BC Children's Hospital and it saves so many children's lives and it helps their quality of life, but it also saves their lives. And it's so important. And with that I also want to thank everyone who hiked last weekend at our mission hospice, for our office, and we raised and we got to our goal. So we thank everyone who donated and hiked on behalf of our local mission hospice. And so with that, I really want to get into our topic, the top three places to invest in Canada for 2024. And our first guest is here with me once you're with me in Vancouver at the conference. We have our it's our own area in DC, Victoria. So from Victoria, we have here today Mick Tandy of REMAX generations right in Victoria. Hello, Mick.

Unknown Speaker 6:58
Hi, Michelle. Thanks for having me on.

Michele Cummins - PREC 7:00
Absolutely. I'm so excited that you came on and to give our listeners and advice and your take on why is Victoria, why do you believe it's in our top three places in all of Canada to and that's for 2024? You know, that's

Speaker 3 7:15
a great question. A lot of reasons. And I'd say the main one is people. And I mean that in the sense that people are always moving to Victoria. In a slow market, hot market, people are always coming there, whether it's for the weather, which is one of the most mildest climates across Canada, or for work, being the capital of BC. A lot of your jobs, whether it's in health care government are all based out of Victoria. And we also remember one of the biggest industries in Victoria has always been tourism. So there's always been reasons for 1000s of people to flock to the city. And that's the main reason people keep coming.

Michele Cummins - PREC 7:54
Well, what okay, what is on the horizon, then for Victoria as well? Like, why, why the future looks so great. And the surrounding areas of Victoria, because it's all connected.

Speaker 3 8:05
Yeah, it is all connected. It's a really nice thing. Victoria is the is the kind of the hub of the island. But there's so much to offer, you know, you got places like Sue in Shawnigan and the collagen and up to you know, Tofino and Comox Valley. So if you're looking for a city hustle bustle Victoria does that hit for you, but if you're looking for some more privacy and acreage, you can hit up Island and find that as well. If you're looking for oceanfront, we're on an island. So it's not hard to find oceanfront and whether you're talking about pre development, new construction, pre sold, you know, resale homes and acreage is it's got the full bag, a big mix of the new ends. Yeah, the mix of the new and old and I think that could be on the signs, as you enter into Victoria, is that kind of old British town. But it's also now flooded with a lot of younger people, younger people, younger families. And instead of you know, tourism being the number one industry, if not actually been taken over by tech. So you're actually now have a new wave of new money, younger money. So people now are investing into, you know, a penthouse, or a two bedroom condo, instead of maybe that house in Oak Bay. So people are still buying houses and obey, but it's a little bit different than what it used to be historically.

Michele Cummins - PREC 9:25
So with these new construction, and we're all throughout Canada, low on inventory for housing, what type of bylaw changes, or like building development changes. Do you see coming up in the future that they're talking about in order to help affordability? Yeah,

Speaker 3 9:42
good question. So we've seen a lot of new construction and pre builds happening in Victoria and just outside in the West Shore communities of Langford for instance. I've been a part of almost 300 new doors there in the last eight years. A lot of first time buyers, a lot of new Canadians but also people from the mainland are Alberto who are coming to park money, even for now as a rep short term rental, but perhaps somewhere where they eventually want to retire, because that is the end goal destination. A few changes that may adjust, Steph is with all the rumors and talks of banning short term rentals and Airbnb, that's a big market and Victoria, especially downtown in a in a few, you know, two, three block radius, there's an area that's referred to as a transient zone or the hotel zone. And the majority of these units up to about 1600 units are for short term Airbnb only. And there are talks of reducing or limiting or getting rid of the Airbnb rental market, allowing 1600 units to come to market as full time rentals. So that's the conversation we're having with clients now of why are we looking for full time rental short term rental? Or what's the motivation of the purchase?

Michele Cummins - PREC 10:55
Oh, that brings me to another question then. If you were from out of town wanting to invest and not live, but like to invest? Yeah, what type of property would you suggest someone consider that would be the best investment in your opinion?

Speaker 3 11:10
You know, whatever it comes down to best I was asking, what's your motivation? Because sometimes bests can be different for different people. But I would say right now, you know, there's still a lot of great new construction and pre sales happening in Victoria and Allen to the west shore, you can, you know, I would highly recommend getting into a one or two bedroom unit, somewhere close to new schools and close to the water, and it's great for current rent, and it's a home you can move into eventually or flipped down the road, and you're gonna be in good hands.

Michele Cummins - PREC 11:42
It's interesting. You say a lot of young people are living there, because and then you say it's a place that people want to retire. Who doesn't want to retire on an island?

Speaker 3 11:50
Well, the old adage used to work in tourism as well. And the old adage they used to call Victoria, the city of the newlyweds and the nearly deaths. So that kind of still plays in a role so that it is as beautiful mix of where people have retired, they want to retire and they're moving to still. So it has this good climate of the culture and the art scene and food and drink in the university. But it's also a calm, quiet place to live, you know, so it's got that attractiveness to it.

Michele Cummins - PREC 12:24
Is there anything else you wanted to share with us about Victoria and the surrounding areas? Well,

Speaker 3 12:28
the nice thing about Victoria and the areas around it is there's a whole island to explore. So it's not just Victoria. You want to be close to a lake, beautiful lakes, you want mountains, we got that you want to ocean, plenty of it. So you have a lot of options. So instead of having a narrow look, sometimes I've only maybe Nanaimo or Victoria. I think having an over broader vision to what's on islands is worth a look and spend some time like the mountain the ski map. Yeah, you got Mount Washington, you got a lot of hiking and biking trails. You know, you want to go fishing. It's got everything. So

Michele Cummins - PREC 13:04
it's quite beautiful. Is life a little bit slow on the island? Is that true?

Speaker 3 13:09
You know what, it's slower when you want it to be but if you want to pick it up a little bit, and hence why I think a lot of younger people are moving to the island. You can live a faster life if you like, but you don't have to. And that's the real sweet spot.

Michele Cummins - PREC 13:24
Well, thank you so much. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 13:25
thanks for having me. Appreciate it.

Curtis Pope 13:28
All right, Michelle, with that I think we should probably take a quick break here. If people want more information about your listings and the services you provide as a realtor where can they go? Michelle come

Michele Cummins - PREC 13:38

Curtis Pope 13:40
We're back with more right after this.

And here we are we're back with segment number two of the Wait a minute. The Magnolia REMAX real estate show. Wow. Two times. That's gonna be a tough one for me to remember. But you know, we're Special comments, of course, is the star of the show. And I'm Curtis Pope. And I know we've already talked about one of the hot places to invest in real estate. Now I understand you have another one to talk about Michelle.

Michele Cummins - PREC 15:10
I do and this is also and I'm not being biased but it's also in BC in our beautiful province, beautiful British Columbia, its caseloads. And we have on our show today on line from Camus calling from Kamloops is Erin Crawford from Remax Kamloops welcome Aaron

Speaker 4 15:33
hey thank you happy to be here. I'm so glad I'm so glad I get to talk to you but I'm sad I missed the conference because the speakers like you say it was an amazing lineup

Michele Cummins - PREC 15:42
mazing don't just don't miss next year then because it should it's going to be like Yeah, he'll Benjamin will be back. If it wasn't me, like Aaron just so you know, Chris, Aaron is my go to agents for getting my my clients and family and friends. A great Realtor in Kamloops to help them so Aaron's my partner in that like he's he's the guy if you're wanting to buy in Kamloops so I definitely was my first call. And it was a little last minute because he wasn't here and I was like Aaron, Aaron Are you available? You got to do this show and share with us your insight on on why is Kamloops one of the top three places to invest in in 2024. So Aaron Yeah. Tell us a bit about yourself first and then yeah, why you believe it's a great place to invest?

Speaker 4 16:37
Sure, I've been doing real estate in Kamloops since 2010. And it was a strong buyers market at that time. And we all know what happened in the last few years where it launched into just a crazy seller's market and now we're coming out of the far side of that. And so I've seen a lot of change happened in Kamloops, Kamloops and just hit 100,000 population. Two years ago, it was always hovering hovering around 85 for a decade, but now there's 100,000 People in Kamloops. And it doesn't have the same kind of peaks and valleys as some other cities I've found because it's such a multi industry, city. There's not only two large mines nearby, there's also the Center for the Health Authority, or everybody from the North. They're coming down this way and the supporting all these smaller communities. There's Thompson Rivers University, which has a new law school, which is the first new law school in Canada and over three decades. And so there's huge growth at the university as well. Golfing it's huge 16 golf courses and a lot of people look at Kelowna, and they dream of Kelowna Kelowna want to be on the lake and I love Kelowna grew up going there all the time. But then when they expand out a little bit, they realize, oh, you know what, at the hour north of Kelowna and Kamloops where there are lakes, you're 45 minutes here and shoot Rock Lake, your 90 minute drive if you want to go and jump into Okanagan Lake. There's a lake called Kamloops Lake that you can see from the highway that people can go wakeboarding and skiing and all the fun things that they like to do. And they realize, oh, wow, this is that lifestyle that I was dreaming about in Kelowna. But the price is significantly less and so Kamloops just saw things take off just like everywhere else during the pandemic, and a lot of it was people who are cashing out from the Lower Mainland and actually able to retire early. But coming up here, and I don't know how many people in their 50s sold their place down in Langley, Surrey. Abbotsford. Chilliwack cast out at the top and came to Kamloops and decided, hey, you know what we did so well on are placed on there and we can buy something in candle to house for 650. And we're more retreated and away we go. So it's really been interesting.

Michele Cummins - PREC 18:54
I've had a lot of clients as you know, yeah. Corneria curious, you're just gonna say something?

Curtis Pope 19:00
No, I was just, you know, I was listening along here because I'm thinking I spent a lot of time with cannabis growing up. My uncle lived up there. So we usually spent a week or two there in the summer with the family on and off. You know, and so I know the area well, I definitely no, it's grown a lot over the years. And for all the reasons that that were mentioned.

Michele Cummins - PREC 19:18
I haven't been there. myself. I have to go not that far away from the Fraser Valley.

Speaker 4 19:24
Really, you're in. You're in Hoboken. And then you want to do a day trip to Kelowna. It's easy. If you want to get up at seven in the morning, mid morning, you're in Vancouver, having lunch, you can do your thing and still drive back if you want. Or if you want to go to bath you can leave in the morning and you can be having lunch one o'clock you're in bath so it's so central. I think that's a big part of it. And the it's so easy to find a job here I think everywhere is hurting for people to work, but our unemployment rate for accountants is so low and the vacancy rate is super low as well which drives investment because I mean you could sell buy a condo right now for under 300,000 right beside the university and if you have a kid who's going to university, why wouldn't you buy that for their four years and then sell it at the end or buy it for a great rental and get a good return? Because rents are extremely high here which is hard for tenants but Investors love it.

Michele Cummins - PREC 20:18
What's on the horizon for Kamloops? Do you think like what's new coming in the near future that they're talking about?

Speaker 4 20:26
Well, they've just developed a very nice Marina out on an award winning golf course called tobyhanna which is 15 minutes outside of Kamloops. It's right on Kamloops Lake. So that Marina has just taken off previously had to go further out if somebody wanted to have their vote in a flip and be able to enjoy voting all summer. Lots of multifamily that's going up and a big thing people are waiting for is snapping up all the corner lots because if this goes through from the province saying you can have four units on one piece of dirt, then there are a lot of large flat locks in Kamloops that are going to have for plexes or duplexes, etc, sprouting up and so a lot of people are buying those anticipating that they're going to be able to develop them probably in the near future. So lots of those things are happening. It's an interesting time to be in Kamloops. That's for sure.

Michele Cummins - PREC 21:25
If you were from out of town, and you wanted to invest, I mean, you did mention, like a condo by the university and such, or these corner lots with the expectation that you can rezone or just develop them. What would you if you were buying this year before the end of the year? Let's say for it, what would you buy? What would you suggest in your opinion?

Speaker 4 21:51
Well, it's a good question. And there, there is a possibility for people who are a little more sophisticated or have builder connections, etc. To buy, knock a house down and completely build from scratch. But there's also a huge opportunity for folks that maybe aren't as into the development mindset that they can buy a house that backs onto a laneway and build a garden suite there, which you can put out a garden suite city of canvases passing them like crazy or a carriage house or garage in the bottom living quarters up above. And those are going to become super popular so that a parent or a kid who needs some independence can be in it or it could simply be a rental property for you. And there are so many flat spots in Kamloops in the valley bottom anyways, that those are not hard to develop, you can build one for 250,000. So Wow. Word for building. You can buy hosts still and countless are in the five hundreds, add another 250 Now you have two residences for in the seven hundreds and all the amenities. So it's lifestyle combined with lots of different opportunities, whether someone's investing or simply want to have a slower pace or have their money go further. We don't have ocean front like your last guest was talking about. But there's a river you know, at least in water

Michele Cummins - PREC 23:11
and not too far away from Vancouver to get to the ocean.

Speaker 4 23:14
No, absolutely. To do some, some peaks as a second. If you measure how many what the total kilometres are the ski runs in Canada, Sun peaks as the second most number of kilometers of ski runs and there's two hills within 40 minutes to Kamloops so just a recreational multi season. No traffic. 20 minutes is the longest drive from one side of town to the other that you can ever do. That's what pulls people in three songs on the radio and you're at your destination done.

Michele Cummins - PREC 23:47
The population growth that you said countless is that is over 100,000 Now around 100,000. What how many? What's the age range? Do you see like is it? Is it a lot of career minded like age middle aged? No, not snowbirds that. You know, empty nesters first time homebuyers like what age ranges and type of buyers are buying there that you see is an

Speaker 4 24:14
awesome question. And it's amazing how evenly spread it is. Because you have people who dreamed about having a house and they don't want to have to buy a condo a first time homebuyer buy a condo and maybe to a townhouse and then a decade later buy a home. They can buy a house as their first property here if they've got a dog are they starting a family etc. And so you have a lot of that and then you also we track the postal codes of people that are buying in Kamloops every single deal that goes through our real estate office. The postal code is tracked so we can see that during the pandemic, that single family homes in Kamloops 36% were from Fraser Valley and greater Vancouver, usually in Kamloops. That's 12% So we're three times the amount of people that were coming to Canada and the law I'm, we're saying, I can either buy a townhouse or I can move to Kamloops and buy a house or they're selling down there, where you're at and then come into cameras where obviously, your dollar goes a lot further. And then the flip side of that is a lot of Kamloops people moved to Calgary because awesome cannabis houses are selling for more and calorie looks cheap. So it's just this shift that we've seen over the last three years. It's been crazy to watch. I'm a nerd on the numbers. And so I look at the graphs and the numbers and all this and it's been it's just like a wave Vancouver to here here to somewhere cheaper.

Michele Cummins - PREC 25:35
But thank you for giving us your insights Aaron on that. And I'm sure you'll be getting a lot of buyers calling you regarding that investing there. So thank you so much.

Speaker 4 25:45
My pleasure. Nice chatting with you. Have a good afternoon.

Michele Cummins - PREC 25:49
I'm chatting with you, too. You too. Thank you. Okay, and then Third on our list and is Windsor, Ontario. I mean, I'll just say it it's it's on the other side of our country, and not in BC. And so we're but we I wasn't able to get us an agent from Windsor at the conference or over the phone. So but I did ask and interview a few agents from Windsor so that I can share some of the combined information that I got from them with everyone. So so let's just dive right in. So Windsor, often referred to as they say the automotive capital of Canada has been experiencing a steady economic resurgence over the past few years. So the city boasts a strategic location sitting at the crossroads of international trade routes with direct access to the US market. So this game changer for businesses looking to expand and thrive in the global market and but that's just the beginning. They say one of the key factors driving Windsor's appeal as an investment destination is its robust workforce with a highly skilled labor pool thanks to its proximity to procedures educational institutions, businesses in Windsor have access to a talented workforce that's ready to meet the demands of the modern economy. And now let's talk about the real estate because that's what the show is all about. And that's what we want to know. So Windsor offers an incredibly attractive market for investors, the city has seen a consistent rise in property value. So it still remains significantly more affordable than other major urban centers in Canada. And this means a lower barrier to entry for investors and potentially higher returns on your investment. I know I have a lot of clients who have bought in there one in particular Vaughan quite a few properties there and he's doing very good at renting his houses. So when there's diverse economy is another compelling reason to consider investing. While it has a strong foundation in automotive manufacturing and the city has been actively diversifying into sectors such as technology, healthcare and advanced manufacturing. So this diversified economy provides a stable foundation for businesses looking to thrive in various industries, which is bringing in workforce which is bringing in population and let's not forget about the quality of life there Windsor offers a high standard of living with excellent healthcare, education and recreational facilities. I mean, the city's commitment to green spaces and community development has created that attractive environment for families and professionals and that makes it an ideal location for attracting and retaining top talent. So that's that's some of that So, but, you know, the elephant in the room is the border. So Windsor's proximity to the US is that unique advantage. The Ambassador Bridge and the Windsor Detroit tunnel provide seamless access to the US market. So it's making it a strategic hub for that international trade. With an ever increasing demand for cross border commerce. Windsor's location is a goldmine for business aiming to expand their research. So that's some of the top reasons why the realtors in that area feel it's a great place to invest. And it did make these aren't just my top three. They are mine. But I've I've talked with many I've looked at many surveys. And these are some of the top three places to invest in all Canada for next year and right really now because there's only three months into next year. So the early bird gets the worm they say and so if you're the earlier one to invest in these places, you are going to benefit. And I wanted to mention just you know, our contests. So our contests, we've been having some great contests and I don't know who won our last one yet. So I don't know that I think that's been announced from Remax Canada but I do know our new contest is on so Netflix nights just gotten better. So you got to enter now for your chance to be one of To 20 Lucky people to win two years of Netflix premium so just go onto our website at REMAX magnolias Instagram or Facebook to enter it's all there you can find it there and have checked that out and then quickly before we go I do want to mention a new listing of mine. It's at 15 at Woodside place in Agassi up on beautiful Harrison high land surrounded by mountains and eagles soaring and paraglider gliding. It's a beautiful area. It's over 6000 square foot lot lots of parking double garage house built in 2010 It's a three bedroom three bathroom, but the great thing is it's a rancher with a with a law like it's a one and a half story is the technical term for it. But the the main floor has a primary bedroom, beautiful walk in closet and huge ensuite, and it is brand new white, beautiful kitchen only beautiful lighting throughout the house, a fenced backyard. So that price on that one is 904 Just under 950 so 949 888 and call call me today for access or questions about that it's over 2000 square feet. So that's our beautiful new listing out in Agassi really met Woodside close to Harrison Mills right across the Rosedale bridge right next to Harrison River and Harrison hot springs and beautiful Sandpiper Golf Resort is a great area. And then we have an open house at a new listing. New Listing 2839 Ash street this is first week on the market and our first open house, four bedroom two bathroom in Abbotsford. It was built in 1968. It's got a really big, deep, deep fenced yard. It's over 12,000 square foot lot. And that one's price at 1,199,000 888. And that's a split entry home renovated in the old Claiborne lower 10 Oaks area. So really the downtown area of Abbotsford so we got to open house today from two to four. Of course our show is on Sunday here so yesterday. You know if you went to a great earthquake, get in there today between two and 4pm. And thank you so much for listening. And that's our show today and thank you for our guests. Now I know Mick went Nick only had a 25 minute harbor Air flight to get home and it takes me longer than that could probably get to mind Vancouver condo,

Curtis Pope 32:30
probably you're probably right. Now I know we tell people to go to Michelle But you course do have a new web place to go. A new home on the web, where would that be?

Michele Cummins - PREC 32:41
It is REMAX Magnolia

Curtis Pope 32:45
And join us again next week when we will talk real estate in order to unlock your real estate potential on the show real estate is maximized. Thanks for listening

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