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SEAS5 EP234 - Michele Talks About Her Exciting New Listing, Upcoming Events, Stats and More!

August 18, 2023 | Posted by: Michele Cummins

SEAS5 EP234 - Michele Talks About Her Exciting New Listing, Upcoming Events, Stats and More!

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Michele Cummins 
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Curtis Pope 0:22
Well, it was about that time it was time for another edition of the commons real estate show with Michelle Cummings and myself Curtis Pope. Good morning, Michelle.

Michele Cummins - PREC 0:30
Good morning, Mr. Pope.

Curtis Pope 0:32
Now I know you must be extra excited. I know you're always excited to be here because the coffee helps. But I know you're also happy to be here because we're gonna get to stats at some point. today.

Michele Cummins - PREC 0:41
We are and last month you did the stats. It was not pretty.

Curtis Pope 0:45
No. got through it. I stumbled my way through. Yeah, you didn't videotape yourself? No, because you didn't want to see all the confused looks on my face going on my reading this right. And I think that's sure okay. Yeah. No, yeah. No, it's better to to not be on camera for that one. Well, I

Michele Cummins - PREC 1:01
got you on the podcast and the blog. We got we got it though. That was awesome. I well, it

Curtis Pope 1:07
was funny, because, you know, you gave me the stats. And the first time like, it was just numbers on a screen to me and I'm like, oh, okay, I see how these read. And I'm like, okay, but I'm like, but just, you know, hadn't done it. So I didn't have that Michelle Cummins experience behind me to read them. And really be confident in the numbers like you are you did just fabulous. Well, that's just me being a sort of professional, just fumbling my way through. But again, you understand what all the numbers mean. I just pretend I do.

Michele Cummins - PREC 1:37
You know what I'm going to do. I'm really excited. This next week, I am having the cinematography drone video and everything done the media out a new listing of mine in Michigan off of Richards Avenue, and it's going to be the first one. We've decided we're partnering here where you are going to do the voice over

Curtis Pope 2:00
that's what I'm told. And we'll see how many takes it takes for me to do that excited about it. It'll be it'll be fun. It'll be interesting to see this property too because it sounds like an amazing property and why you wouldn't just buy it because it's your husband's name. You know, he'd have too much fun with that. Oh, yeah, it's my street.

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:17
Yeah. Everybody off my street. I'm the only one here

Curtis Pope 2:21
the guy three houses down his name is Richard

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:25
all Richards on Richards Avenue. No, I'm really looking forward to that though. So I can't wait and so listeners keep an eye on that one that will be uploaded probably I would say a week and a half an hour or so.

Curtis Pope 2:36
That might be the last time Michelle has me voice. We'll see.

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:40
Yeah, I don't think so. We'll

Curtis Pope 2:42
see how many digs I can put in the video.

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:45
So I'm very excited to because REMAX Magnolia is now officially

Unknown Speaker 2:53
a brokerage

Curtis Pope 2:54
it's a thing Uh huh it's official it's official that's cool.

Michele Cummins - PREC 2:57
It is official and yesterday my everything is it's official I'm okay, so mission fast is coming up one of the first events now we're not going to be quite open the doors for the public at that time but boy we're really excited to be part of all the Downtown Association all the events and and really support the community and be in the downtown core being involved and supporting our local businesses in the community in an exceptional way so very excited and of course will ask for everyone to come to our grand opening that's going to be later on in the fall sometime in the fall we'll do that but yeah, so

Curtis Pope 3:35
with all this office space in a new bigger place and all that does that mean you gotta hire some like assistants and stuff for you? Oh

Michele Cummins - PREC 3:42
yah, yah, got conveyancer have admin, broker manager in place. Absolutely. Because I'm, I sell real estate. I'm a realtor. That is what I do. That's my specialty. That's what I love. And so I'm not about to, you know, do that other stuff. That for the professionals.

Curtis Pope 4:01
We've got a whole team coming in as

Michele Cummins - PREC 4:02
well as team. Yes, they're amazing. They're absolutely amazing. So I'm very excited to introduce them. We've

Curtis Pope 4:07
always done a great job of hiring people in the time that we've been working together. The only problem is you seem to go through assistants like Murphy Brown. It seems like every couple of months is like and my assistants moving on to this job. I have to get a new one.

Michele Cummins - PREC 4:20
No, that's just because of how it happened. My last three it was anyways it was my last week. I had them at the same time. No, the my assistants six year, six years.

Curtis Pope 4:35
The same time was

Michele Cummins - PREC 4:36
the Yeah, those those three were just November December January just happened to be one after the other. But it was actually perfect time you know things happen in your life and you just have to know that something better for everyone is coming out of it right? So you don't you know want to push people and do what you want or vice versa and everything will work out and it did was perfect. I'm like, yeah, it's all times you

Curtis Pope 5:03
have to look at it as a team perspective, right? It's like, okay, I my team members are moving on, they've got me, maybe I helped get them there and then you know not be not dwell on the negative part about that you're losing them. But that, you know, Hey, maybe I had something to do with them growing as a person and now they got a better Greg

Michele Cummins - PREC 5:18
Yes. And because life changes and we grow and we change and things happen and, you know, so you got to go sometimes with the flow of life.

Curtis Pope 5:28
And worst case scenario, bring Richard into being an assistant.

Michele Cummins - PREC 5:31
And he's, yeah, he's good at what he does. Well keep them in that. Doesn't sound

Curtis Pope 5:37
like an endorsement. Yes. Yes. Richard can be my assistance.

Michele Cummins - PREC 5:42
I will have his his beautiful band. Band. Yeah. Play at the grand opening. Yeah, we're gonna hire him to do that. Oh, by the way, speaking of events, okay, so the mission fest is happening next Saturday, downtown August 19. In mission, there's going to be a zipline. Oh, that's cool. Yeah, really cool. So you can go to Fest, to find out that but talking about Richard and his, his personal music, not Beatles, but there's the free local musician event. And Curtis, we've hosted them before, it's called the same sun, Summer Jam. That's the same sun like the sun shining down on you, Summer Jam. And this year, it's an older Grove. And it's right off the 2/64 exit. And then you could only have so many people at this at this venue. So they have Eventbrite for you to get a ticket. So how many tickets you want, it's a family event. It is free, you don't have to pay for the Eventbrite. But you just have to get a ticket so that because they could only have so many people at the venue. So there's going to be there's some drinks, there's food, there's fun. I think there's going to be local market like people, locals that make soaps and all sorts of things and musician is going to be on from 430 to 730. Richard is one of them. So come out and have some fun with me.

Curtis Pope 7:02
That sounds like a good time.

Michele Cummins - PREC 7:04
Yeah, it's gonna be good. So a couple things before we get into the stats,

Curtis Pope 7:09
well, I know we're not getting the stats till the second segment, because you know, you can't get everything fit into like the time we have left. No, not at all. Not at all. Dr. And you can talk real fast when you want to,

Michele Cummins - PREC 7:19
I talk fast my podcasts I actually have on on like one and a half times to two times when I listen to podcasts because I like to listen fast. Like I like to talk facts, but I try to slow down for the show. I try to slow down so you can understand me. But, okay, so it's funny, a lot of people go, you know, realtors advertise, you know, those who advertise a lot of market a lot. A lot of times if they do a lot of business or whatnot anyways, you know, there's always the number one, you know, when you see number one, I'm number one. I'm number one, number one everywhere. Everyone's

Curtis Pope 7:51
everybody's number one.

Michele Cummins - PREC 7:53
How can everybody be number one? You wonder, right? Well, it's honest advertising. But you gotta read the fine print, fine print, you can be number one male or number one female in your office have to or in your office of 200. Okay, that makes a difference, a big difference. Or you could be number one in your brokerage, a whole brokerage across for one on one or office by yourself, or one on one, you'd be the number one under the age of 20. Or, you know, there's all sorts of it's kind

Curtis Pope 8:27
of like radio, whenever you hear radio ratings, you always see every station claiming they're number one or number one, and we're number one, we're number one. But the funny thing is, sometimes you'll see a station say they're number one, you're looking at the ratings book, and I can't find anywhere there number one, and of course, the breaking in all demographics and things like that. And then all of a sudden, you find like, you know, 12 to 18 year olds between 7pm and midnight, they're number one with ladies or something they find they'll find the one spot and we're number one. Don't say where we're number one,

Michele Cummins - PREC 8:56
it could be very valuable and important information when you know exactly what they're number one at because you know, what if they're the number one, you know, condo seller of strata, and they're so wise in strata, and they've done it forever. And they're on the strata board of this. And you know, they could be the most amazing at what they do. But it's kind of nice to know what is it that they are number one? Yeah, if you

Curtis Pope 9:17
win the lottery and suddenly you're looking at luxury homes, you want somebody who's certified knows what the heck they're doing

Michele Cummins - PREC 9:22
certified glad you said that I am a certified luxury marketing specialist.

Curtis Pope 9:27
I was aware that you needed certified luxury marketing people to look at those homes and stuff because it doesn't make sense. There's there's different aspects to that sale than just regular home sales

Michele Cummins - PREC 9:37
is the target buyer. Who are they? Where are they? How do you advertise? How do you get to them? What are they thinking? What are their thoughts? You know, how do you sell to them? All that?

Curtis Pope 9:47
Watch my lottery dream home on HGTV buying? They won $500 million. They're buying a $200 million house and you're like, wow, but you need someone who knows what they're talking about? Yeah.

Michele Cummins - PREC 9:59
Oh, there's a show. About in Montana where they build cabins or whatever I watched a couple shows up. Love Montana. Okay, so the next something I wanted to talk about was, is real estate can't scams to be aware of and a big one is title fraud. So you know, encroachments and permits get title insurance, home insurance, mortgage insurance and title insurance are all very different. So don't think that on your statement of adjustments at your lawyers or notaries on the day you go in to sign off on the sale or the purchase of your property, where it says insurance on there, that's typically mortgage insurance for the mortgage, not actual insurance to protect you if somebody's going to be fraudulent and take your title from you. So especially if your mortgage free it really listen up. If you don't have a mortgage on your on your property. Go and get title insurance right away. Call Jonathan Fowler lawyer and mission contact Simpson notaries in Abbotsford Chilliwack, contact somebody, your lawyer or notary and have them put title insurance on your property. It's so it's so much easier to get your mortgage if it's more or your title if it's mortgage free. And so you just want to protect yourself. A little tip for this too, is if you don't have a mortgage, what you can do is put a private mortgage on your title, where because they always reach out and notify the mortgage, any one holding the financial encumbrance on the title. They reached out to them, you know, prior to transferring, obviously because every mortgage needs to be paid out. So title fraud happens when it happens. Mostly mortgage free properties, titles. So yeah, that's a little tip I have and with that, we'll talk about this hot neighborhood coming up on our next segment.

Curtis Pope 11:57
All right, we'll take a quick break here and we'll come back and get all that information. Now if people want more information about REMAX Magnolia, where can they go?

Michele Cummins - PREC 12:05
They can go to Magnolia REMAX Magnolia You're gonna

Curtis Pope 12:11
send them over to the the Gaines family there for a second. Okay if they do buying property in Texas, very cool.

Michele Cummins - PREC 12:21
I do have amazing Realtors from Magnolia Realty over there too to make sure that you have a good realtor in Texas if you're thinking to buy in there, or are REMAX magnolia. They're actually Magnolia Texas. There's a REMAX in Magnolia Texas. But we are REMAX Magnolia in the beautiful Fraser Valley. Well, no, I'm confused

Curtis Pope 12:41
but hopefully you've got to just Google Michelle comments. That's what you got to do. We're back with more right after this.

We're back to segment number two of the commons real estate show with Michelle Cummins, our local Rockstar realtor and myself Curtis Pope. So I know you want to get to the stats. But first you have a hot neighborhood now we talk in temperatures because of the heat you're getting. You're talking that they're all really attractive people, or is this a hotspot for real estate hotspot for real estate. Okay, that makes more sense hot neighborhood

Michele Cummins - PREC 13:49
in the Fraser Valley.

Speaker 3 13:51
So if you're on the lookout for the hottest neighborhood, well, we've got you covered here it's laying Lee's

Michele Cummins - PREC 13:56
Willoughby heights. It's still a hot spot with its family friendly atmosphere and close proximity to amenities. And Abbotsford historic downtown area is also gaining traction due to its revitalization efforts. And for those seeking luxury living. Don't miss out on the stunning properties in South series, Morgan Creek beautiful area. It's all about location. And we'll keep you updated on the neighborhoods that are buzzing with activity and a Local Business Spotlight. So let's shine that spotlight on somebody I know personally. She's amazing. She's built this business and it's fantastic. It's the Fraser Valley scene and this week we're gonna highlight Elizabeth Pratt designs. A boutique interior design firm specializing in creating stunning spaces that enhance the value of homes. Their innovative designs are truly transforming properties across the valley. You gotta follow Elizabeth, Instagram. It's very inspiring it It's a beautiful and reach out to her at any time. She's a great person to connect with. And she'll give you of course a free consultation. So don't be shy and do it because you'd be surprised at what a great design will do for your overall well being how you feel your energy, just your quality of life. Let somebody else do it. And with that, whew, I think it's time to go into our stats.

Curtis Pope 15:24
All right, buckle up, grab a coffee. Michelle's got the stats.

Michele Cummins - PREC 15:28
So these stats are from July and they shocked me so they're gonna shock you. July's new listings were down by 16.6% compared to June, but 19.7% higher than July of 2022 levels and virtually on par with the 10 year average. active listings continued to climb increasing by 4.3% over June. So this is a message from Marinda Baynes, our Chair of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board. Summary is typically a slower period for the real estate sector and the higher interest rates are contributing to the market slowdown. We're seeing less traffic and fewer multiple offers his buyers and sellers put it pause on decisions, and we expect this trend to continue until the fall cycle. And then baldy Gill at the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board says with rates at their highest levels for over 20 years and inflation still elevated. Buyers and sellers are taking time to reevaluate their objectives. Now Abbotsford detached properties are currently at for the benchmark price at 1,246,800. That's down from last year by 4.3%. Because it went up just point 1% From June to July, but it did go up in the summer, which is shocking townhouses in Abbotsford at 645,800. That's down from last year 13.9%. But up point 7%. From June. Apartments are at 449,700. That's down from last year of 3.9%. But up 2.7% From June to July. And detached properties benchmark price and mission are at 1,056,000. That's down 2.3%. From last year but up 3.8% From June. Townhouses at 672,200. That's down 10.6%. From last year. But up 1.5% From June and apartments at 450,500. That's down 8.4%. From last year but up 1.8%. From June. White Rock and Salsbury. Sunny there as it is sunny here today. Detached properties for benchmark prices at 1,994,000. That's down point 6%. From last year. Up 1.4%. From June townhouses at 972,900. That's up 1.3% from last year and up point 2% from the month before apartments is 636,700. Up 2.1% from last year and exactly the same as the month before laying these detached benchmark prices at 1,638,000. And that's down 5.4%. From last year and up 1.2% from last month and townhouses at 848,300. Down 7.7% from last year, up 1% From June apartments at 612,900. That's down 1.4% from last year, but up 1.3% From June. And then city of Surrey combined detached properties benchmark price $1,683,300 That's down 2.6%. From last year, up 1.1% from the month before, townhouses at 893,000. That's up 1.3% from last year and up point 3% from the month before and apartments at 553,300 Up 2.9% from last year and down a little bit 2.3% from last month. But you see overall most everything has been up from June to July, which is shocking

Curtis Pope 19:14
for summer make a lot of sense being it's summer and interest rates where they're at exactly. It doesn't make a lick of sense. But it's there and numbers don't lie.

Michele Cummins - PREC 19:22
Numbers don't lie and the new listings are down. And so it's supply and demand. There's more buyers than there are listings. And those buyers know interest rates seem like they're going to continue going up for a little bit longer and they just want to get into a place before they go up higher maybe. Well, it's still you know, we need housing and we people are still you know, needing to make that move. So it's our area. There's a lot of people I have noticed though, my clients and referrals from Realtors coming in, for me are based on the fact that people are moving to Calgary. They're moving to Edmonton. They're moving to the island. A lot of people who are here who have been here Hear, they're sort of like saying, maybe it's time for us to move. So it is a bit unaffordable for people who are here. And but it seems like we still have a lot of people coming here. And they're not coming from different countries really I'm not seeing that. That's not happening. I know foreign buyers, you know, are not allowed to purchase in Canada for another, I think it is two years, something like that. But there are a lot of people still moving here into the Lower Mainland, even though prices are where they're at. But they're, they've started to go up and maybe August maybe have gone down a little bit we'll see in a few weeks when that stat comes out. But it seems like it's a bit slower in August than it was in July. And but you know, September is going to be probably quite busy again. And and maybe we'll have more listings in September. And more buyers at that too, though.

Curtis Pope 20:52
Well, again, it is a traditionally slower time of year for real estate to you know, in the summer because people are doing their own thing. They're not thinking about selling their houses and buying a new one. I guess it's more of a fall spring thing. But you know, around here, we also don't really have as harsher winter and stuff. And so I guess maybe it is more of a year round place.

Unknown Speaker 21:10

Michele Cummins - PREC 21:11
yeah, it's true September, I'm sorry. Spring, typically is the best time to sell and fall is the second best or very close. And there's reasons for that. And winter is usually the the worst time to sell. And some are usually the second because usually buyers and there's not a lot of movement, because people are out, you know, galavanting across, you know, Canada going on summer vacations and

Curtis Pope 21:33
trips in the winter, and it's miserable. And you're like I don't want to move right now. I

Michele Cummins - PREC 21:36
don't want to move. Yeah. And they're hibernating, like bears. Pretty sure it rained when we moved to

Curtis Pope 21:40
another Think About It was cold and rainy. So yeah. So talking

Michele Cummins - PREC 21:43
about some listings, I've got this really great corner townhouse unit and open house is today between 11 and one. So you can come out and have a look at it. But what's really exciting for that one is it just had a price reduction. And it's a good price reduction. It's at 667 for this beauty. And it's a two storey townhouse with a basement, fully finished, it's a corner, and you walk out from the dining room, onto into your yard. So you could see the kids play. It's a fenced yard. There's the artificial turf, so you don't have anything to have to mow. It's beautiful. It's always green all year round. The property was built in 1974. And the interior is beautiful. Go online, have a look at it. It's at number 732817 Marshall Road, of course, it's on my website, and my social media. But today's open house from 11 to one, it's four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, the master bedrooms down in the basement, and then there's the three bedrooms upstairs, which is great if you have teenagers or you want that separation, and it's almost 2000 square feet in size. And the strata fees are only $337.90. So that's a good price for this place. And it's near the hospital to great location. Really good location. So that one and then actually well I already told you about Richards Avenue coming up though we're doing the video next Wednesday. I'm really super excited about advertising, getting that one out and showcasing it and showing people at and so yeah, that one will be next week. So I coalesced luxury property of mine to in East Abbotsford Snowmass mountain views of Mount Baker and the valley gorgeous, the open that's open houses today as well between two and four and tomorrow. So come out and have a look at that too, if you'd like and again, just go on my website or social media to see the address and information on that one. It's a brand new home with amazing structure. Definitely custom home. It's got a suite, it's got three laundries, you got to see why it's got two TV spots for the living room, nano windows doors that open up huge, multiple decks. The views are outstanding. It's just everything you think of like high end, that's what this property is. So come out and have a look at two to 14 tomorrow. And I've got a quote, of course, and the quote is today, what the hand does, the mind remembers. So journal write down your thoughts. They say before you go to bed just write down all your thoughts. No screens for two hours before you go to bed. Maybe just pick up a book and pick up a notepad and just write down all your thoughts your dreams, your hopes.

Curtis Pope 24:38
What am I supposed to tick tock?

Michele Cummins - PREC 24:41
There's always time to tick tock okay. But not two hours before you go to bed. Hand does, the mind remembers.

Curtis Pope 24:54
Oh, you're right Curtis. I'm gonna remember that

Michele Cummins - PREC 25:00
That's David Kawasaki, you know from Rich Dad podcast. It's one of my podcasts that I really like. I like that one. Some other ones I like is in the house podcast. And that's with realtors extraordinaire, Tony Singh and Ginny. One. They're amazing. And another one is the real estate guys investment talk show. I like that one, too.

Curtis Pope 25:21
I like the common real estate podcast,

Michele Cummins - PREC 25:23
cuz you're smart. That's why you're so wise. You know, my

Curtis Pope 25:27
problem is, I listen to too many. Every comedian on the planet has like three podcasts now. So I find myself listening to all of them. Well, you know, good things come in threes, apparently like they all have like, and then they just all the comedians are all circling around on each other's podcasts. That's fun. That's like all day. Oh, they're hilarious. And that's what I listened to. But yeah, that's what I've been kind of stuck on but I'll, I'll try to be more professional and listen to things that might help me here. If people want more information about your listings, and what you do as a realtor, all that fun stuff, where can they go? Michelle And join us again next week when we will talk real estate in order to unlock your real estate potential on the show where real estate is maximized. Thanks for listening

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