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SEAS: 5 EP: 225 Michele Talks Tips, Wine and New Listings

June 5, 2023 | Posted by: Michele Cummins

SEAS:5 EP:225 - Michele Talks Spring/Summer tips of all kinds as well as is your Mortgage portable? Pre-payment penalties? Cash back? Restrictions on refinancing? It's a competitive mortgage environmnet and we have tips for you! 

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Curtis Pope 0:23 Saturday morning and look who's back after a little trip south and she's raring to go. It's Michelle Cummins of course because it's the Cummins real estate show in my name is Curtis Pope. Well, it's good to have you back after a couple of weeks. Unknown Speaker 0:34 Thanks Curtis. It's good to be back. Curtis Pope 0:36 Although that one text you sent me that was kind of weird the jellyfish in the in the beach down in Oregon, Michele Cummins - PREC 0:40 the beautiful blue sea through jellyfish. They were all over the place you I just was trying not to look down because inevitably you're gonna step on them. There was 1000s of them. It was crazy. Every time I'm down there, it's different on the water different on the beach. The beach is always different. Curtis Pope 0:55 Very interesting. So cool. Yeah, as long as they're not man of war ones that are gonna sting you or anything like, Michele Cummins - PREC 1:01 I don't know. Hopefully not. No, Curtis Pope 1:02 I think those ones are usually in the South Pacific somewhere, I think are they? I don't know. Michele Cummins - PREC 1:06 Well, we're on the longest stretch of beach on the Oregon coast. So you can walk for like 45 minutes worthless depending on how fast you walk. But like you can go walk all the way to Walmart or all the way over to what Yeah, hats. It's amazing. It's really awesome. And so I usually wear shoes as I'm walking because I try I go pretty far and but then you take off your shoes you know you throw them aside and then when you come back you grab them it's fantastic. We just renovated the beach houses so pretty. Did you see the photos on my social I did it's all white now and I got the the beach front deck viewing deck and then all the firepit and all the chairs and then inside all new flooring and oh my gosh, I'm so happy. So the photos I'm going to update soon. Very nice mine. Curtis Pope 1:51 No, it's a great spot. I mean, I love the Oregon coast. I've said this many times. It's one of my favorite places and I just love the fact that you know here we look at the ocean we see Vancouver Island the distance you don't see anything except water there. Michele Cummins - PREC 2:04 It's amazing. The whales or dolphins I thought they were sharks at first and then I took a video and my sister said I think those are dolphins Michelle, the it's amazing. The whales and the dolphins out there and yeah, it's really really cool. There's only Curtis Pope 2:17 one way to tell it you just have to put your sister in the water and see if it's a shark. Michele Cummins - PREC 2:21 Well she and her husband have a sailboat in Stockton. In fact, I was going down to visit my niece their daughter for her high school graduation. So I thought I'm just gonna do a hop, skip skip and a jump to the beach house. Stay there a night or two and then go down. It's like eight hours to the beach house eight hours to Stockton. And it was a great drive beautiful. The beaut most beautiful drive I'm telling you is from that y'all hotter Oregon coast to Stockton. It's amazingly beautiful. But anyways, yeah, so they have the their sailboat I got to say for the first time there that he has more there and he's now a member of you know, so we're Oh, it was just so cool. I love the ocean. I love boats. I love water of course. And so one day they're gonna they're gonna sail it to the yachts probably more in Waldport Yeah, it'll be it'd be fun. Curtis Pope 3:11 It'll sail to Michele Cummins - PREC 3:13 their places. Awesome. They're fixing it all up and renovating the boat. It's beautiful. So yeah, that's what I was busy doing the last little while and that's why we had a couple of repeat shows. But how about you? Curtis Pope 3:24 What's been going on? You know, just usual. Same old same old same old same old playing some softball, try not to get hurt. Michele Cummins - PREC 3:30 Good idea. Don't get hurt again. I took Curtis Pope 3:35 a line drive into the calf last game because it was just I was playing second. I had almost no time to react. Just kind of turn to put the glove down. But then sometimes you think you're 16 Again, but I gotta block it. Michele Cummins - PREC 3:47 Actually, I think you're safer behind the microphone there. Curtis Pope 3:50 I probably am not smart enough so but it's okay to hit me right in the muscles. So it's not like in the shin would have really hurt but it got me right in the muscle with like the cap. So it's a little bruise. It's fine. Yeah, it looks nasty. Everybody. It seems like oh, we got up. Chasing the ball. Oh, okay. He's fine. Michele Cummins - PREC 4:07 Shin. Oh, yeah, that's cool. So next week, there is a special property for sale here in Abbotsford we were talking a bit about it before we started the show this morning and next week there's a VIP realtor event I get to go to I'm pretty excited. But seaside Pearl winery is up for sale. Have you been there yet? No. I Curtis Pope 4:29 have not so you're buying a winery now? Michele Cummins - PREC 4:31 Well, for 9.7 million. Curtis Pope 4:34 You know, you might need a partner to Yeah, I Michele Cummins - PREC 4:36 don't I love partners. You know good partners. Of course partners are good. When when it's vices and this would be perfect for a partner because it's got not only the winery and this cute little chapel as the tasting room. It's amazing. But they've got horse facilities. They've got riding ring barns. I mean this is pretty fantastic. The house is Is night is pretty nice. I know I'm gonna go see it next month for 50 bucks. I'll tell you all about it. Speaker 3 5:07 dollars the crowd source a whole bunch of partners to how many that would be that joint venture would be huge. Curtis Pope 5:14 Well, there's a challenge in itself. Michele Cummins - PREC 5:17 Oh, I do like challenges you do know me well. But after I do it okay, I'll let you know. All right. Yeah. Yeah, Curtis Pope 5:24 maybe I'll go in for 100 bucks. I get a little easier for you. Michele Cummins - PREC 5:28 100 bucks. That's like when Richard goes, Oh, yeah, that carb or whatever our first 1968 Dodge Charger that we were buying? Was it a carb? No. Anyways, he goes, Oh, yeah, cost 50 bucks. And I literally thought $50 I guess that's like a saint for like, $500 or something. I don't know. Some of them are five bucks. He said five. That was five bucks or something. Yeah. Anyways, there's a Slingo, you got to know. And yeah, so Paul hogi is a colleague. He's from Sotheby's, and he has this property listed. And so yeah, I'll tell you all about it. Next week. Curtis Pope 6:04 I'm looking forward to this. And then yesterday, Michele Cummins - PREC 6:07 I got to tour another realtor event I love when we we haven't had realtor events for a while and they're picking up again. But I want to give another shout out to a fellow colleague and he's a broker owner of homelife advantage Realty in Abbotsford and the Chilliwack. One, Kevin Brown, and he had a realtor lunch in yesterday. And it's this executive property in East Abbotsford. It's such a beautiful one. It's perfect for a blended family because it has three living spaces. And the two like carriage house above the humongous workshop I think is like 5000 square feet. And it has a huge kitchen. And it's this whole the the it's farmhouse, it's think of a high point property but in East Abbotsford. And so with that, you know, high point is over $5 million for property there. This one with this humongous workshop and the three living spaces a pool, a hot tub, a 4000 square foot deck, outdoor kitchen, very, very private, this property, it's 3.3 million. So that's a great one. If anybody is looking for something really nice and East Abbotsford, that's very private. You never want to leave this property you want to entertain there because it's it's just perfect. And I would have to like if I was buying it, I'd have to I first thing I asked him before I saw it was kind of have horses. He's not really conducive to horses. I said I'm out then. But it is a really nice property. And it's a builder who built it. Like he built it and loved it. Seven years is how old it is. So and this builder is like it is concrete. It's not built out of concrete. It's really western style posts, like wood beams. And it's farmhouse is beautiful. But really solid, like really solid home. So anyways, yeah, that was really cool. And I wanted to talk this segment about Okay, have you heard Curtis about the bombshell commission lawsuit in the States? Curtis Pope 8:02 I think I have but I don't think I think I saw a little something on one of our show prep websites I go to about it, but I didn't really read into it. So my goal, it's the US I only didn't worry about it. But I read a line or two about it. Yeah, Michele Cummins - PREC 8:13 it's interesting. You say that because so many things that happen in the US, though, tend to crawl itself. Canada, right. And so yeah, after years of fighting, it looks like the battle is about to spill out into open court. And you know, the whole public court proceedings that happen with my sisters have followed it. And my dad did for who's the character the guy on the pirate movie? Johnny Depp, thank you very much Johnny Depp's whole thing. They follow that and then Curtis Pope 8:49 break into my Captain Jack. Interesting. Michele Cummins - PREC 8:53 Right, Captain Jack? And then now Jen and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt back at me. Curtis Pope 9:00 Are they fighting over like their winery or something? Yeah, Michele Cummins - PREC 9:03 yes, that supposedly She sold her share and they had a contract saying that she couldn't suppose that is what I've heard. And he was supposed to have first tried to purchase both of them if either of them wanted to sell it makes perfect business sense. And I guess she sold her share without letting him have Curtis Pope 9:21 like a Russian oligarch or something like that. Yeah, so which makes it even like he's even more mad about it. Michele Cummins - PREC 9:27 So that one should be pretty good to watch as well. I'm thinking so. But yeah, so this one is it's in regards to sellers offering buyer's agents commission on MLS so the their realtor their listing agent and brokerage, actually advertising buyers commissions on the MLS and how they are fighting for the right to post on MLS without having to offer a commission to buyer's agents. And as we've mentioned, like here in Canada, we have, I mean, a lot of things do kind of spill over here. We kind of keep an eye on it and if it works then we'll implement it. But Canada we have the one full commission that pays for both sides of the transaction agents and it breaks it down. So the MLS our agreement with the listing agent with the seller in it says this is the full commission, then it breaks it down. This is what your realtor will get with their brokerage. And this is what the buyer's agents real term brokerage will get out of it. So it'll be interesting to see the public court proceedings and the rulings what what it'll be, it'll be interesting. So yeah, that's a little bit of news. So with that, I guess we can have our break if you Curtis Pope 10:36 want. I guess we could take a break. Why not? Michele Cummins - PREC 10:39 If the wine not, Curtis Pope 10:40 why not? If we get a one track mind today, between the winery between Brad Pitt and Angelina, we're definitely wine heavy. Not that we're drinking the wine that would be against some CRTC rules. If we pull out more information about your listings and things like that, where can they go? Michele Cummins - PREC 10:55 Michelle Curtis Pope 10:57 We're back with more right after this. Unknown Speaker 11:49 See Curtis Pope 12:03 and we're back to segment number two of the company's real estate show with Michelle Commons and myself Curtis Pope. So we are back. We talked a lot about wine, the first segment that we're going to talk more about wine or Michele Cummins - PREC 12:13 let's keep the wine going. Because you know, next Friday is Michigan's downtown sip and stroll. Curtis Pope 12:19 So perfect. It's a nice little segue. Exactly. Michele Cummins - PREC 12:23 And you do have to register for this event. But with the registration, you get that glass of wine and a goodie bag with some fun stuff in it. And then you get to go downtown mission. Oh, and you get discounts. And you get to enjoy different things. Wine, as we spoke about maybe some beer, there'll be some water as well. So all the different businesses that participate we'll have artists out. And we'll we'll be serving the this and it'll be a great time in downtown mission. That's next Friday, the second. Curtis Pope 12:55 Okay, now before I forget, I should probably get an update. How's the office going? When's the new office going to be opening admission? Michele Cummins - PREC 13:01 Well, I was going to participate as a business downtown. But we aren't quite open in time. So it looks like it's going to be realistically end of July. Because my contractor Whew. He is working on the order the brick and some other Oh, the glass walls and just some things you know, so it's still in renovation state? Curtis Pope 13:24 Well, no, I'm thinking the Michelle Cummins 29th Birthday Bash, opening up her new office. Oh my Speaker 3 13:30 gosh, you're right. That is July 31. Yeah, Curtis Pope 13:33 I mean, it sounds perfect, right? Michele Cummins - PREC 13:35 Why not? Let's just celebrate it Curtis Pope 13:36 all. Or you can change it. There'll be the Michelle Cummings Grand Opening sip and stumble. Be strong. That's exactly what it would be. So there's some timing there. We could work out real well for you. Michele Cummins - PREC 13:49 Okay, I like that. A big old cake. A couple cakes. So or maybe a pie anyways. Um, okay. So also what's really fun in the real estate world is next Friday as well, but during the day well 10 to five in Vancouver at the Hyatt Regency is the home Expo which is brought to us by Rei. So I'm a member of Arias Asian Real Estate Association of America. And they have this annual home Expo and I went last year and it was fantastic. Hugely. Oh, Michael Jackson's Realtors gonna be there who helped Michael Jackson's Neverland? I think so nice. Yeah. So I've never met him. So I'm going to meet him on Friday. He's going to speak and it's going to be a lot of fun and economists and that's always really, really good. Yeah, so that's good. There'll be the lunch is included. So if you want your ticket, I think it's $150 That's pretty cool. And yes, you can just contact me or Google ARIA AR EA home Expo. Vancouver 2023. Okay, so I there's some tips in real estate tips that I wanted to help Have our listeners with so first let's talk about the posted rate versus best rate for interest rates. Okay, so as mortgage rates have climbed over the past year, we've experienced a competitive lending environment it pays to shop around for the best rate. But even though a great rate may attract attention, be sure to review the mortgage options, which include prepayment privileges. This is important if you're in a term, especially, as well as prepayment penalties. And portability isn't an option, you want to make sure it's an option because what if your rate like so many people right now a client the other day I talked with the rate is like 2.7% or something, they're able to port that mortgage, which is amazing. And then whatever else is remaining on their new purchase, because they're buying up? You know, is that the new rates, but portability is important. cashback as well. You know, there's some cashback clawbacks, they call it, which is really incentives to get their mortgage and restrictions on refinancing. So Are there restrictions to refinance or the collateral clause. So in this competitive environment, how much a lender is willing to negotiate the rate can depend on how close they are to meeting monthly mortgage lending volumes, what competitors in the market are offering, what strings are attached to this specific type of mortgage as well as your credit rating. As interest rates are paused and predicted to head lower, we may begin to see a widening gap with more wiggle room. So that's just some tips on your mortgage. So posted rate versus best rate, of course, I just did on my social media by Jessica Oates, mortgage broker. She posted what their rates are. So you know, mortgage brokers, different banks, they have just don't go into your bank and that's it shop around, you know, get a mortgage provider, a specialist, I should say, outside of the bank, maybe you go to I always say a local like prospera credit union, right? Try the credit unions and then also go to a mortgage broker. So that's a tip on the mortgage side. So now pest controlling plants, this is an interesting one. Okay, so what are pest controlling plants that also make great dinner options, dinner additions? So I got this tradition that I send my clients on their birthdays, and realtors that I work with seeds. Yes, yeah, you've forgotten those before. Yes. And then you can grow and eat them. I mean, they're just good for like one salad or once a buzz. It's fun. It's fun. So okay, so if you're preparing the garden this spring, consider adding a few pest repelling plants that can also liven up a dinner recipe like basil. It's one of the best pest deterrence. It helps repel mosquitoes, house flies, aphids, and spiders. And then dill in time, are great companion crops that keep pests out of the vegetable garden. And then chives, garlic, leeks and shallots help keep rabbits Japanese beetles, and mites away. Rosemary helps repel fruit flies, cabbage moths and mosquitoes. lemongrass and peppermint. are also mosquito repelling plants. They also help keep bedbugs away. Yuck. Lavender has a sweet, relaxing fragrance that some critters avoid. It's also great for repelling spiders and moths Curtis Pope 18:28 and my daughter because she's allergic to it. Unknown Speaker 18:30 No lavender. Oh, I Curtis Pope 18:33 know she hates the velvet things to be allergic to Yeah, because he loves the smell of lavender. But because we had lavender plants in her old house and Michele Cummins - PREC 18:41 yeah, they have such a nice smell. Yes, she's not happy about that. Yeah. And then the next tip why insurance companies like smart homes. As more of our homes get connected, we benefit from the convenience of automation. An added bonus is that smart technology is helping to reduce physical damage to property monitored smoke and intruder alarms connected to cameras enable us to see what's going on inside and outside water alarms can instantly alert us of a burst pipe and actually shut off the water. Temperature alarms can signal if the furnace has malfunctioned. And smart locks can allow neighbors or emergency responders quick access to fix and help. less damage is a win for homeowners because it's a win for insurance companies. Speak with your insurance broker to be sure you're getting the advantage of any premium discounts available for your connected home. Definitely do that. So micro clover, this is a fun one. And by the way, this is all in my you get this to my my newsletter. I do my mail handling. Curtis Pope 19:51 I'm kidding Are you kidding me? I'm kidding. Oh, Killing, Michele Cummins - PREC 20:00 you're killing. This is great information. It comes like every couple of months in your mail, you know, that's a mail out. So okay micro Clover a lush alternative to long grass. Now, this is interesting because Okay, I'll just read it. With the sunny days. Sounds of lawn mowers and weed whackers are filling neighborhoods, homeowners want beautiful green lawns but it takes constant maintenance. While artificial turf is popping up at home improvement centers. It hasn't actually caught on as an alternative. However, this is an eco friendly grass alternative that is just as good looking and much easier to maintain. Micro Clover needs a little watering and requires only on occasional trim. It's not as durable as grass. So not the best for heavy traffic but it is good for shady areas and is more resistant to burns from a pets bio breaks. Clover absorbs nitrogen from the air so it doesn't need fertilizer to keep it looking fresh and it crowds out invasive weeds. Plus, Clover produces natural fertilizer which can help to feed the surrounding grass in addition to microbe clover, filling gaps in enhancing the green hue of the yard and creating unique and inviting texture in your lawn. It's economical and easy to maintain. You know, so get out the clovers. Interesting. Yeah, so. And with that, I am really excited to go to my Open House this afternoon. I'm going and please come and visit me. It's between 12 and two o'clock it's on Mount Woodside in the community of Harrison high lands. It's where you live and play. There'll be three open houses in the community today. And I will be at the show home so come out. It's gorgeous views. Amazing, majestic views. The Eagles soar. Mount Woodside is where the hang gliders jump off. It's just going to be a beautiful day today and a great time I'll have some snacks and some water. So come on out and see these tacular homes. Okay, my new listings, and then we must end our show for the day. So the first one is actually right next to the radio station here, Curtis, it's in Wedgwood. It's a 55 plus building, Curtis Pope 22:22 because there is only 55 Plus buildings Correct. Michele Cummins - PREC 22:25 Jeopardy, and rentals are fully allowed. Because there's no more restrictions on rentals. The only there is no pets allowed in that complex. So if you don't like the loud barking of dogs, or the tapping of the cats above you, then this is the place for you. Curtis Pope 22:41 I can tell you this complex is very quiet. I've been living while I've been working next to it for 16 years is a very quiet complex it Michele Cummins - PREC 22:49 is it is and the gate closes at night. It's secure. It's got huge waterfall inside. I'm telling you it has a gym. It has a hot tub. It's got a bike storage, it's got a great workshop for everyone to use. And this unit is on the nice side. It's got the trees out the back balcony, the balcony. So it's west facing the balcony you can get out and from the living room and the master bedroom. It has an updated air conditioning inside. Yeah. And it's the strata fees include everything. Electricity, gas, hot water, everything. And so yeah, so that one's on 388 is the price. It's a two bedroom, two bathroom. It's unit 307. So that's the new listing and then one out in little on little mountain in Chilliwack. So this one is adjacent right? On the golf course that's Meadowlands golf course. And there's mountain views. It's spectacular. So cool, funky, nice 70s house, and it's 10088 Ken's wood drive. It's a five bedroom, three bathroom, double extra large garage, over 3000 square feet of space. Very, very private. It's on for 1,386,000. And then last but not least, is a new home. It's only a couple years new it is split craptacular it's like pizzazz. It's off ouvert Avenue in Michigan. It's gorgeous views because it's just nothing behind it. It's getting very private love these ones just under 4000 square feet. And it's a true two story. And it's perfect if you have an add home business got a separate entrance for the huge area that's attached that you use for a business if you want or make it another bedroom. So that one's on for 1,599,000 999. So you could check those out at any time. And yeah, I don't have a quote for today. You don't have a quote? Oh, unless I have my Shania Twain quote. Did I already do that one you did? Should Curtis Pope 24:45 I did? Well, I mean, I could go back to, you know, an old Yogi Berra one. It ain't over till it's over. to true. Yeah, Yogi Berra had a great grasp for quotes like that when he was a I'm playing and managing with the Yankees through that theory so it ain't over till it's over, but it's over now because the show is over. If people want more information about your listings and things like that, where can they go Michelle And join us again next week and we will talk real estate in order to unlock your real estate potential on the show where real estate is maximized. Thanks for listening

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