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Bought my mansion & didn't live in it for over 2 months!

September 2, 2020 | Posted by: Michele Cummins

Happy September 1st 2020 to you! If you're like me, you're not ready to let the Summer we won't! 

It's a frustrating market right now for buyers and actually sellers too who are so caught up in their current property that they can't see through the fog to realize that their next bright future is just a decision away, an attitude I was.

Take it from me, DON'T let your current comfortableness ruin your exciting, new, wondering, dreamed of, hoped for, envisioned future!

There was a reason you decided to prepare your home to sell and go through the steps to list your home and a reason you decided to start looking at what's out there for you. We all truly need change. Positive change. Changes from how we've been living. If your thoughts are bringing you into a daydream world about a different place, that means that something is drawing you to better, more favorable things. You are meant to make a positive change, but it can't happen if you're so caught up with what you 'think' is so important with your 'now'.

Take it from me who lived in a property for WAY TOO long, thinking I was fine and just going through the day to day life thinking 'This isn't so bad' but yet I had the opportunity to grow, the opportunity to have more, to be more, to see my dreams come true!! BUT somehow I was stuck living in a home I was done with while I owned my mansion, my dream property for over 2 MONTHS!!!!!! All because I was stuck in a rut. I was stuck in what I knew and honestly was scared about what was to come (even though I had owned it already and it was sitting empty, waiting for me for over 2 months!!!!) 

It was in November, I remember it all so clearly...Richard and I were in the airplane flying down to Southern California to visit my family over the US Thanksgiving holiday as we do almost every year. I finally had time to think, time to reflect. Out of the blue I turned my head and said to Richard 'I'm booking our movers so that we are forced to move'. Now you have got to imagine, Richard and I have lived in our current property for over 10 years. We were comfortable with it. We adapted to it. Now mind you, we didn't like the fire trucks going by with their loud sirens or the kids throwing their trash in our yard because we were down the street from a convenience store, or our fence being beat-in by midnight trouble makers or finding men in black hoodies trying to break in when we arrive home after 11 pm one night, or the homeless trying to wash our windows for money just so they can peek in the windows to see what we had. Sounds bad, doesn't it?! But we somehow got used to the loud traffic and the guy selling drugs across the way or the drunk drivers who would crash into our neighbors in the middle of the night. SO many things happened that we ALLOWED ourselves to get used to and even slightly comfortable with (as creepy as that is) yet we owned this beautiful, one-of-a-kind post and beam mansion acreage on the water with the most amazing views surrounded by acres and acres of beauty, quiet, peaceful and private farmland.....WHAT WAS WRONG WITH US?! You may say it too, 'What's wrong with them. I would never stay in a place like that'. But I say to you that YES YOU WOULD and YES YOU DO if you've been thinking of something different, something you've always wanted, something that suits your hobbies or lifestyle better. A better quality of life. That is SO important. A better quality of life for we live such short lives, it's important to do all you can to have a good quality of life and especially when you live in a God-blessed place like we do here.  

If you have thought of something better or thought of somewhere different to live or something better for your hobbies and dreams and yet you are still living where you currently than you are doing what we did. You are not controlling your life but you're letting your current circumstances control you. 

Well, if anyone can understand sellers stuck in a rut and stuck in a feeling of not being able to let go or 'move on' no matter how FINE they think they have it at the current time, it's me. But the day has to come when you are better than your comfortableness. You have to do better. You are the only one standing in the way of your hopes and dreams. It's you and only YOU. Make the change, decide today. JUST DO IT. 

When I stepped onto my new property months after I owned it and could have been living there, I breathed such a sigh of relief that it could have flown a sailboat from here to Australia! That was how big my sigh of relief was. 

Why did I wait so long? For what? I'm SO glad I finally made myself do something that scared me but that I knew, in the end, would be good for me. (told to me by my gut) you gotta listen to your gut, not always your head.        

Positive change is always hard to do. It's always hard to decide on. Anything worth doing is scary to do. It takes courage. If it was easy than EVERYONE would be successful. Then EVERYONE would be happy. But to do anything that brings successful and joyful and outstanding and lasting positive results always has some discomfort with it so don't expect things that are the best choices in life to be easy or smooth going choices. That just doesn't make sense because it's not real. To be authentic you have to be real and you have to be realistic. Trust me. Just be true and be willing to make the hard choices in life and then your life will be worthy of living. Then, your life will have significant meaning and you would have tried all you can and by doing so, you would have made more choices that end up in more positive changes then by making no choices at all because doing nothing. Staying the same. Doing the same thing. These things don't change your life or give you any extraordinary experiences or results. Your life can be so much more if you only say yes to progress and yes to positive change. Nothing remains the same. If you don't grease it, if you don't clean it, if you don't maintain it, if you don't freshen it up, if you don't learn, if you don't grow, if you don't experience, if you don't know more, than you just remain the same and what good is that?! 

We were meant to grow, learn, give, experience, be, live! 

May you live to your fullest because you don't let fear cripple you. 

Here's to saying yes to change that has been on our hearts!!!      

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