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August 1st personal journey through Real Estate and Life!

August 3, 2020 | Posted by: Michele Cummins

It's already August! These last 5 days have been amazing. They've been adventurous, fun, and relaxing all at the same time. We had a great 2020 CREG BREW CREW event. We hit 5 breweries and wore these awesome T-shirts that said 'Real Estate Advice for Beer'. It's funny how many of them got nervous that we actually expected free beer ???? ???? !!! Between the COVID newly in place restrictions of only 6 at a table and NO mingling or you'll be kicked out...we all thought they should lighten up a bit in their attitude and explanation of the scenario. We were very obedient but right from the get-go all of the breweries were the same...very negative, no smiles, very aggressive and strict. They don't want to lose their licenses so I completely understand but you don't have to be mean about it or melancholy. You are a service-oriented business serving craft beer for goodness sakes, smile! It won't spread COVID, believe me! 

We as a group had a great time relaxing and having fun. You are the maker of your emotions and therefore attitude so no matter what bad attitudes and negativity are around you, don't let it affect your mood. Stand up against negativity and doom and gloom and refocus that energy to be positive, smile, care, be good and do good. Be kind. None of those breweries knew but I was going to promote them on my radio show on Saturday but because they were all negative Nellies, they didn't get the great spotlight that I had planned on giving them. It was going to be fun but it seemed like I had to really work at giving them Real Estate Advice because they were so not living in the moment and they weren't grateful for what they had which was a large group of patrons so remember this in everything you do: Be Kind. Smile. Believe the best in people. Care. 


I started this annual event last year to celebrate my employees and those who have made a difference in the year's career goals. It's an all-day adventure with an overnighter at our Eagle Tree Lodge. The next morning we have Richards Breakfast wraps and just relax for the day. That ended up being my 46th birthday this year and boy was I ever spoiled by my friends and husband. Then Saturday was my 22nd year Anniversary to being married to a creative, fun and adventurous man who many know as Richard the Lionheart or King Richard ;-) 

I believe our marriage has lasted because of God's grace to us and his Mercy. I believe it's due to being friends. Respecting each other's gifts, likes, and goals in this life. It's a short life so we should encourage people to do what they want and how much more so then your spouse! Being there for each other through the thick and thin. Through sickness and health. Love them as yourself. There's lots of sadness in the world and in our lives but if you realize you are not alone then you can turn the sadness into caring for one another. 


So on our anniversary, we decided to go where the wind blows and that was in the General Lee. We had a great day of cruising (only our second time out with our General). 


So if you recall (I know I do), my July goal was to get my closet and library done. Well, I have to say I wasn't successful at those two things but other things sure got done, as well as Real Estate has been Hot and busy and therefore I had to put my energies into my clients and preparing for our annual event and there's only 24 hours in a day and they say you should sleep some of it ;-) I'm sure I'm not alone in not completing goals. However, I do have some to attain to and now they've been added to August. I will get the library and my closet done this month, trust me! Next month I will report it done and share photos....accountability is important and hopefully this blog will keep me accountable to my personal and business goals. 


Speaking of goals I have and recently found out Richard has too is....get ready for it....getting our motorcycle licenses and getting motor bikes!! I'm super excited to study the book and take the course sometime in September and then maybe I can have one of these beauties.....


Or maybe a less expensive one to begin with but WOW (wonder of wonders), isn't he a beaut!!!! I wonder how I can get my Real Estate signs around with one of these....or show up for a listing appointment with bike gear and hair?! Hmmmmmm, I may have to stick with my Daytona or truck for appointments such as those....I wonder why most of us obsess about having a bike and riding one....I wonder what it is....


Well, the sun is still early this morning. I knew if I didn't get up at 5am and write this blog I just might not get to it and I couldn't allow for that to happen. Especially since I'm new to the personal blogging world. So here I am, sharing my guts. Which, by the way are hungry...I'm taking a break to eat some fruit...and maybe some of last nights tuna steak with buttered rice dinner...yum yum...did I mention Richards the cook of the house!


Ok, I'm back with a yummy tummy and ready to take on the world - or maybe just one blog at a time....


So our beach house in Oregon. I miss it. Curtis, my co-host for my radio show, asked me about a month or so ago if I missed it and I said no, I'm good. I can wait it out I said. But now I realize how much I miss it and am looking forward to going down and visiting hopefully soon. I have to get my US passport updated though...that should be on my August to-do, get done goal list so here I add it. 

I'm very thankful though as ever since they opened up vacation rentals down in Lincoln county it's been booked solid. It's booked right into mid-September. I hope to visit maybe early October so we'll see if they open up the borders as scheduled August 30th...only time will tell...


So what can I say about Real Estate Life this month but brace yourself for the rollercoaster of Real Estate. Since I got my license in 2003 it's been a roller coaster. Real Estate is just that, there's highs and lows. It's always extremes and seems to be nothing in between but I've found that it's how you establish your business and attitude and workload as well as priorities during the downturns that make for that gap to go by like nothing happened. Be prepared. Be ready. And you will get through any type of market with grace, boldness and confidence. This month has been like June, busy busy busy. I believe August will be a bit slower then June and July but only time will tell....But I am ready for it. 


So I wasn't going to say anything but I feel I have to get it out....I need to be honest and share the bad with the good to be real. So, I have frustrations and anger like anyone I have to deal with from time to time. I have a short fuse sometimes when people don't do what they say they will do and you're paying them to do a service for you and they do a bad job, lie, don't follow through, and don't communicate well. Maybe it's because I'm extremely busy and I don't have time for nonsense and kindergarten behavior with professionals. I don't have time to babysit. And I surely don't have time to continually watch over people and question/wonder their every move. But I've been having to deal with this from a very well known service provider who is #1 in their field but somehow, for some reason, they've been failing on so many levels with us. Sometimes you wonder why? How? Is this really happening? Why lie? Why say you will do something and then not? Why pretend when it only causes anger and frustration? Why should I have to remind somebody a hundred times when it's their job to do something you are paying them to do? If you know me, you know I'm not a micro-manager so when I have to all of a sudden be, it erks me to no end. I hate it. Just do your job people! 

It hurts, especially when you care about the people/company that's doing it to you. That's when it really hurts emotionally because you're shocked they would treat you that way. You love them but then they treat you poorly or badly or not at all. 

Hopefully, the anger/sadness and disbelief is out of me after writing this blog....or maybe after a glass of wine tonight sitting in front of the fire on my finally finished deck after almost 5 months of living in a war zone just for a redone deck!

I should have taken heed....before we commissioned our deck to be redone my sister-in-law said it took hers 2 weeks to be done. I laughed and was amazed that her deck would take 2 weeks. Well, the laughter is on me because mine took almost 5 months!!! I still am in disbelief. Why did this happen? I don't have time to figure it out but I do have time to move forward and onward in life. Here's to today, tomorrow and this month ahead! 

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