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Let me introduce myself to you as I start a personal journal that you have the key to

May 13, 2020 | Posted by: Michele Cummins

Oh boy, here I go.....JUNE 1st and every 1st of the month you're going to hear about my month....starting, right, now! 

This is the first of many so get ready to know me better...

I've decided I am going to start writing a personal blog at least once a month here on my website (call it a public journal) to share with you my life through the eyes of being a REALTOR, Wife, Radio & Podcast host, Friend, Certified Mentor, Neighbour, Colleague, Boss, Christian Believer in one true God, Leader and out of the lens of every other part of what makes me me. You will either hate me, like me or love me but you will get to know me raw and gritty, rough around the edges and with some sweet cream in the center ;-) 

As you read, please put up with my writing skills as I'm a trained negotiator, not a writer. I'm a certified mentor, not a writer. I'm an 18-year licensed Sales Agent, not a writer. I'm an Actress, not a scriptwriter. I may be a radio host but I'm not a writer. Ok, you get the point... 

There's a lot to say to catch you up with this 45-year-old experiences (yes I'm female and I gave you my age) but I'll try not to overwhelm or bore you (no promises) 

Hello, Hi and How are you?! Feel free to comment with your raw truth about how you are today and after reading my blog...I would love to connect with you and correspond in this way. We are now 2 and 1/2 months into a serious pandemic. My husband says 'Event 201'. If you don't know, Google it or find it on Youtube. It's worth considering why they haven't talked about that but let's leave it at that for now...


Marshmellow fields hay fields


Today I have the windows open in the house, I hear the tractors outside and see the lovely marshmallow fields. I LOVE where I live, work and play here in the Chilliwack and Fraser Valley areas of beautiful British Columbia Canada. And that's what I enjoy helping my clients obtain too. If you can, then live where you play I like to say! 

I've been working ALL DAY from my home office here in Agassiz, BC. If you don't know this 125-year-old adorable, historical little town in the District of Kent where our backyard is also home to Harrison Hot Springs, Harrison Mills, and Rosedale then you are missing out because it's amazing! We have the most amazing views of Mt Cheam and the surrounding mountainscape as well as the deadly and mighty Fraser River at our doorstep. Working from home has been the norm these past 2 months since the Coronavirus raised its ugly invisible virus at us. I haven't gotten up off this chair since 8:30 am unless it was to get a coffee, water, or grab a snack & when mother nature called. My butt has been stuck on this chair all day and I wouldn't allow myself to even work out until I did this blog. I told myself that I'm making more positive changes and commitments in my life and sharing with people is one of them. Sharing my experiences and life. Sharing the ups and downs. This year 2020 was supposed to be about our 2020 Vision and in many ways it's forcing us to see things clearer so it's coming true, but not in the way I expected!

My 'Word of the year' for 2020 is CONNECT. To connect more with my clients, husband, know, connect with the humans I live on this planet with. Connect even with the stranger in line at the grocery store or serve me coffee. CONNECT which means BE AWARE of my surroundings. So before I get up off this home office chair to clean my house (it's a Tuesday thing) and make sure I get my minimum 10,000 steps in (thanks to Fitbit) I am going to start off with an introduction Blog so you quickly sciff the surface of who I am (if you didn't already know)

And then from now on, I will come to you every 1st of the month with my rants, feelings, emotions, things I've learned that past month, struggles that I or the people I know have been through, Real Estate and life tips and advice and anything I can think of that I can share with you to help you and hopefully give you value for taking the time to read my personal blog posts.

So off the bat, forgive me and give me grace (since I'm not a writer) but also challenge me if it calls for it. Comment with questions, concerns, thoughts, your tips and advice to add. But please know, that if you don't have something positive and helpful to say and share with us all then you can move on. Oh, that reminds me of a song my husband King Rich....ah, I mean Sir Richard just wrote to give hope and inspiration to all Canadians everywhere due to what Covid-19 has caused us called 'Carry On Canada'. Listen to it with your speakers up!  

Ok, let me break my 170 PDS self down really quick for you first...oh my gosh I did it, I told you my weight now too...this is getting very personal!

- I am 5' 9 & 1/2' tall and a size 10 & 1/2 size foot (my life is in wholes and halves I know) I was born in Mission Viejo, California in 1974 and come from a family of 7 girls and 1 boy I call us Eight is Enough...remember that tv show?! We are the 'other Kardashians' called 'The Hartunians' (truly full of drama with never a dull moment to be had) 

- My mom is Judy Lynn Hope and she's Norwegian and Irish (where I get my spunk and the 'anything I want to do I can do mindset') while my father Wayne George Hartunian is full Armenian (where I get my work ethic, no complaint attitude and drive from). 

- On August 1st, 1998, the day after my birthday...I'm a Leo, hear me roar...I got married, moved into a new country (Canada Eh!) and started a new job. That was a big BIG day!

- I was home-schooled through my high school years because when I was 13 my family moved from Southern Orange County California to high desert Bend Oregon where we were thrown into a life of 20 acres, horses, chickens, 4-H and running a Candy & Gift store. 

- I am a full union Actor and while I'm so blessfully busy with my Real Estate career, I truly love acting and miss auditioning and taking on roles but for now, I consider it a hobby until maybe I'm old and grey...I've got some greys but not enough yet....timing is everything in life (I've done some professional stunt work as well) See my IMDB profile here

- You most likely already know that I'm the host of the only Real Estate Radio show in the lower mainland on Saturday mornings 8 am (after the rooster crows) and I have the best co-host who happens to be the #1 Country radio DJ Curtis Pope and the #1 Country Channel Country 107.1FM (love my extended family there) 


Curtis Pope Michele Cummins and John Sheehan at Country 107.1 FM control room



- After so many years of Real Estate, I decided to become a Certified Luxury Marketing specialist, new home construction specialist and Certified Mentor to help other Realtors who are either struggling or new to this crazy world of being a REALTOR!  

- I am honoured and privileged to be the #1 Agent year after year in my office out of all 5 offices at RE/MAX Little Oak Realty (it's a lot of work and sweat off my brow to keep that title) and regularly make it into top 10 of Agents in Western Canada (I do sleep believe it or not) and being named in the Top 50 Elite Women in Canada (I'm surprised every day). I am blessed beyond measure for my clients, staff and colleagues. 

I am on a challenge to do more and be more, to live more and have more in love, care, knowledge, wisdom, experience, relationships, goals being met, dreams coming true and more, and I'm going to take you on part of the journey with get ready for Michele's Life Blog is happening now! 

There is so much to talk about, ask you and share with you so hold onto your horses because if you listen to my radio show or listen to it through the Podcast then you know I can talk fast and a whole lot so when I say get ready, I mean it, hold onto your horses because we're off to the races...

So you know, I'm an introvert. 

One of my favourite listings right now:



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