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The Sensitive, Yet Insensitive Realtor.

Posted by Richard Cummins on March 19, 2015
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michele cummins hilarious real eastate meme


Sometimes humour can tell more of a story than boring facts.. but as we can chuckle at the truth in the funny (and original!) meme above - and yes, I've seen it happen - far too often it can not necessarily just be good intentions poorly executed, but can cross over into a non proactive outlook.


And how in real estate?

Over time people get accustomed to things - or to be blunt: in a rut. People are creatures of habit. Suddenly, you are going through the motions and your responses automated.


The thing is in Real Estate, everybody is unique, and like your fingerprint - no two are alike.


Realtors who dole out the same worn out routine without proactively engaging in a clients specific needs is no better - and just as useless - as not knowing the difference between loss of hearing, and loss of mobility. They may think that because something worked for somebody else that it must work for you, with the greatest of intention, not understanding the bottom line: it's even offensive.


One of the core values at Cummins Real Estate Group is embracing the vast and enjoyable diversity thrown at us. We immensely appreciate it!


You, our remarkable, unconventional & extraordinary clients bring new & challenging aspects to us on a daily basis; and we're the better for it.


And you deserve the same unique & singular service in return.


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